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  • Who is Fintech Horizons Media?

    We are a subscription-based online news and data service. Our audience includes venture capital, private equity, corporates, and industry dealmakers.

  • What do we cover?

    We cover Fintech startups, with a focus on insurtech, payments and blockchain/distributed ledger. We also cover companies in capital markets technology, wealthtech, alternative lending and AI.

  • How are we unique?

    Fintech Horizons does not focus on news that has already broke. We provide a forward look and never lead articles with information already in the public domain. Our goal is to report information that may not be disclosed for days, weeks or months. This lets our readers stay ahead of their competition and gives them an inside track on securing potential advisory opportunities.

  • What value do we provide?

    We provide insight on the strategy of companies through interviews with Fintech executives. Our articles focus on company growth strategy, including on topics such as capital raising, international expansion, M&A, and partnerships. Our content is written for busy professionals. It is concise, but also packed with actionable insights.


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    We do not share or sell your information with third parties. We also do not display your private information to other users.

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-An extensive database of Insurtech companies including executive info, contact data and social media links.


-Over 800 articles derived from executive interviews

-Over 150 articles on Insurtech startups in the last seven months.


-Links, articles and contact information for Fintech executives

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