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Gusto An article that tells the meetings of Kim and Lee, the human resources team of Gusto to launch a plan to attract women engineer... The Unicorn of technology that targets female engineers 2018-02-13 Susan Adams
Gusto An article that narrates an interview with Joshua Reeves, CEO and co-founder of Gusto. Interview with Joshua Reeves, CEO and co-founder of Gusto 2016-03-04 Adam Bryant
Gusto Payroll Fintech Gusto Hires Square’s Information Security Head as It Inches Towards an IPO Tatjana Kulkarn
Gusto An article that describes Gusto as the first company in California to extend health coverage of fertility treatments. Gusto, San Francisco Startup is the first in the state to cover the fertility of workers 2016-08-03 Marissa Lang
Insurity An article announcing that Philadelphia Insurance Companies is now operational through Insurity Inc. Insurity Announces Philadelphia Insurance Companies is Live 2018-12-04 Ross Blume
Insurity An article reporting an update on Insurity Inc.'s "Workers' CompXpress Suite". Victory Insurance completes the implementation 2018-11-15 Businesswire
Bright Health An article mentioning insurtech company Bright Health in their plan to enter the New York's Medicare Advantage market. Intends to sell Medicare Advantage plans in NY 2018-07-13 Jonathan Lamantia
Bright Health An article where Bright Health will present its innovative model of partner care health plan in tennessee in an expansion that includes the regions of nashville, memphis and knoxville Bright Health announced the details of its market expansion in three key markets in Tennessee, where it will offer individual and family plan plans. 2018-10-24 Bright Health
Bright Health An article describing Bright Health's plan to expand across four states in 2019. Bright Health Announces Expansion Across Ten Markets 2018-07-11 News provided
Metromile An overview of Metromile and other startups that are developing technology based solutions and changing the insurance industry. Technology Transforms how Insurers Calculate risk 2016-04-06 Quentin Hardy
Trov Trov Debuts White-Label Insurtech Platform; Forms New Partnership With Lloyds Banking Group Samantha Hurst
Ripple It’s time to bring an end to the rumours about Ripple’s anonymous co-founder Isabel Woodford
Ripple MoneyGram officially using XRP through Ripple’s xRapid for cross-border payments Omar Faridi
Ripple Ripple: 5 More Banks & Fintechs Will Use XRP Cryptocurrency
Ripple US Banking Giant PNC Starts Using RippleNet for Cross-Border Payments Marie Huillet
Ripple Ripple’s Xpring, Outlier Ventures Back $4 Million Raise for Agoric Nikhilesh De
Ripple Chilean remittance firm goes live with Ripple’s technology Darryn Pollock
Ripple Ripple to Give Away 1 Billion XRP in Massive Bid to Fund Online Content Leigh Cuen
Ripple loses Goldman Sachs veteran to Ripple Celia Wan
Ripple Euronet Subsidiary Ria Turns to Ripple Tech Seeking Faster Money Transfers Yogita Khatri
Ripple Ripple Adds SBI President To Its Board of Directors Yogita Khatri
Ripple Xendpay Joins RippleNet to Expand Global Money Transfer Services Max Boddy
Ripple Open Letter From Ripple Asks US Gov’t For Fair Crypto Regulation William Suberg
Ripple Mercury FX CEO: We’re sending tens of thousands of dollars weekly through xRapid Tim Copeland
Ripple US Blockchain Firm Makes ‘Ripples’ In S’pore: Doubling Headcount, Working With Gov’t Victoria Sek
Ripple Former SWIFT chief KO’s Ripple staffer in thrilling war of words Tim Copeland
Ripple Hackers reportedly stole nearly $10M worth of Ripple (XRP) in GateHub hack Mix
Ripple Major crypto firms have raised $781 million through a platform called Bnk to the Future, which runs public offerings via complex offshore funding vehicles. How crypto heavyweights including Ripple and Circle pulled in $781 million using a little-known crypto funding tool Ben Munster
Ripple The deal is an extension of the initial agreement for MoneyGram to use Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. Ripple to Invest Up to $50 Million in MoneyGram Paul Vigna
Digital Asset Holdings Digital Asset Names New CEO to Succeed Blythe Masters Ian Allison
Digital Asset Holdings Blockchain Firm Digital Asset and ISDA Eye Smart Contract Use in Derivatives Trading Marie Huillet
Digital Asset Holdings Australian Securities Exchange Confirms It’ll Go Blockchain in 2021 Helen Partz
Digital Asset Holdings An article describing the rise of Blythe Master her impact in the blockchain world. Meet the ex-JPMorgan Blockchain Trail-Blazer Shaking Up Wall Street 2018-03-20 Robert Hackett
Digital Asset Holdings An article that announces a sudden departure of Digital Asset CEO, Blythe Masters. CEO of Blockchain Startup Digital Asset Steps Down in Surprise Departure 2018-12-18 Jeff John Roberts
Digital Asset Holdings Digital Asset Integrates With Amazon, Hyperledger Fabric And R3 Corda Hank Tucker
Digital Asset Holdings An article discussing a follow up to Digital Asset's Blythe Masters' departure and its affect on the Australian Securities Exchange. Australian Securities Exchange Is ‘On Track’ to Roll Out DLT-Based Settlements 2018-12-19 Nikhilesh De
BitPesa An article focusing on BitPesa as well as few other upstart African tech startups. Bitcoin’s Big Opportunity In Africa 2015-03-15 Fast Company
BitPesa An article on a rising star in the the tech world and the non-traditional manner in which her company has become a major player in the the blockchain and remittance worlds. Elizabeth Rossiello Describes How BitPesa Slashes International Payment Fees 2016-06-15 Laura Shin
Auditchain An article talking about an appointment by Kadena. Kadena Brings Blockchain Forefather Stuart Haber on Board 2018-10-09 Mike Dalton
Auditchain An article highlighting ten promising blockchain startups. #8 Ten Promising Blockchain Startups 2018 2018-01-07 Robby Schwertner
Golem Network An article reviewing Golem's trading price in the past month. Hopeful Golem showing green pastures in the red bloodbath 2018-12-03 Rebecca Leighton
Golem Network An article discussing Golem's recent trading performance on the exchange market. Golem (GNT) Market Cap Hits $63.14 Million 2018-12-11 Rob Hiaasen
Golem Network An article focusing on an interview with Julian Zawistowski, founder of Golem. Golem creator Julian Zawistowski will answer all your questions 2018-05-14 Georgina Ustik
Golem Network Golem Execs Depart to Pursue ‘Riskier’ Research With New Non-Profit Christine Kim
BlockCypher An article that lists certain blockchain companies that act as effective tools to the blockchain world. HyperLedger is a Platform-Agnostic Toolset For Building Blockchain Apps 2018-10-30 Jeremy Glassenberg
BlockCypher An article announcing the launch of a new startup company, Squarelink, whose aim is to recover lost private keys securely. Squarelink Access Tool for Blockchain Apps and API have Launched 2018-11-08 Janet Wagner
Blockstack An document outlining decentralized internet where users own their own data. A new internet for decentralized applications 2017-01-01 Blockchain
Blockstack An article explaining the recent decline in funding for blockchain companies. Crypto Winter is here, but the next wave will be massive 2018-11-26 Pescante babayan
Blockstack An article evaluating blockchain's ability to revolutionize the world. Researchers link realism to blockchain's promise 2018-12-28 Princeton University
Blockstack Development could give young cryptocurrency businesses a new fundraising template SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offering Paul Vigna
Blockstack Japanese internet giant Recruit Holdings makes strategic investment in Blockstack Steven Zheng
Blockstack $50 Million: Blockstack Files for 1st Ever SEC-Approved Crypto Token Sale P.H. Madore
TrustToken TrustToken Launches Stablecoin Backed by Canadian Dollar Max Boddy
Blockchain loses Goldman Sachs veteran to Ripple Celia Wan
Blockchain Blockchain Firm Planning to Build ‘Smart City’ Buys Matthew Leising
Blockchain An article introducing the Lockbox Hardware Wallet. Blockchain and Ledger Present the ‘Lockbox Hardware Wallet’ Unique Security Gadget is Available for Pre-Order 2018-11-01 Luka Kapetanic
Blockchain CEO on millennial uptake, institutional doubts and running the world’s largest crypto wallet provider Isabel Woodford
Blockchain An article highlighting the performance of Riot Blockchain. Latest Performance: Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ: RIOT) 2018-11-01 Jake McWilliams
Blockchain Branson-backed cryptocurrency firm launches a super-fast exchange to take on Coinbase Ryan Browne
Blockchain Blockchain Adds PAX Stablecoin to Mobile Wallet Leigh Cuen
Blockchain An article that talks about how Blockchain has announced the launch of a custom hardware wallet. Blockchain Launches Hardware Wallet 2018-10-25 Jamie Redman
Blockchain Blockchain Wallet integrates BitPay for easy Bitcoin payments Tim Copeland
Ethereum ConsenSys Founder Joe Lubin: Everything About Ethereum Must Improve Gerelyn Terzo
Ethereum Grayscale Gets Regulatory Nod From FINRA for Ethereum Trust to Trade on OTC Markets William Suberg
Ethereum Why Bosch is jumping on the Ethereum blockchain Adriana Hamacher
Ethereum Just 376 Individuals Hold 33% of All Ether Cryptocurrency: Chainalysis Yogita Khatri
Ethereum Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior Owner Unveils Blockchain Platform to Verify Luxury Goods Tnomas Simms
Ethereum World Bank Leads Secondary Market Phase of Bond-I Blockchain Bond William Suberg
Ethereum Joe Lubin and Jimmy Song sort details of high stakes blockchain bet Ben Munster
Ethereum Polymath and Ethereum Co-founder Team up for STO Blockchain Aziz Abdel-Qader
Ethereum Microsoft Launches Decentralized Identity Tool on Bitcoin Blockchain Leigh Cuen
Ethereum ConsenSys Spins Off Ethereum Startup Truffle To Take Blockchain To Big Business Michael del Castillo
Ethereum A 'Blockchain Bandit' is Guessing Private Keys and Scoring Millions Andy Greenberg
Ethereum Vitalik Buterin Proposes Higher Staking Rewards for Upcoming ETH PoS Algorithm Adrian Zmudzinski
Ethereum Binance Births its Own Decentralized Blockchain to Challenge Ethereum Joseph Young
Ethereum Binance wants crypto projects to migrate to its chain from Ethereum, and the firm’s massive trading business could help Frank Chaparro
Ethereum Bitfinex launches peer-to-peer OTC trading on Ethereum-based partner platform Isabel Woodford
Ethereum Panic As Vitalik Buterin Leaves Ethereum Over Centralization Issues in Epic Joke Ufuoma Ogono
Ethereum Auditor EY Unveils Nightfall, An Ambitious Bid to Bring Business to Ethereum Ana Baydakova
Ethereum Ethereum is halal, conclude prominent Muslim scholars Robert Stevens
Ethereum Decrypt Guide: The future of Ethereum Tim Copeland
Ethereum Microsoft releases new tool to verify Ethereum smart contracts Nawaz Sulemanji
Ethereum Ethereum Is Losing Its Luster And Its Market Share Olga Kharif
Ethereum Vulcanize CEO Rick Dudley: Ethereum’s roadmap isn’t ambitious enough Adriana Hamacher
Ethereum $1 Billion Valuation May Elude Ethereum Co-Founder’s New Blockchain Polkadot Leigh Cuen and Wolfie Zhao
Ethereum Samaritan developer returns $500,000 worth of Ethereum to rightful owner Priyeshu Garg
Ethereum A $100 Million Crypto Fund Opens With the Promise of Going Long Matthew Leising
Ethereum Ethereum Startups Team to Offer ‘Banking-Grade’ Wallet Security Ian Allison
Ethereum Laura Shin
Ethereum Ethereum Has Already Scaled Quite Significantly: ConsenSys’ Joe Lubin Olivia Capozzalo
Ethereum The Tron founder was accompanied by a man dressed as an avocado. Justin Sun crashes Vitalik Buterin’s keynote speech at Token2049 Nick Chong
Ethereum Multimillionaire 25-year-old crypto king Vitalik Buterin speaks to the Star about the future of Ethereum Michael Lewis
Ethereum The cofounder of Ethereum has stepped down, but not out. Vitalik Buterin absent from Ethereum’s next upgrade Robert Stevens
Ethereum An article talking about Ethereum's upgrade. Ethereum Upgrades as Hard Forks Activate on Blockchain Christine Kim
Ethereum Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 set to launch on 3rd January 2020 Isabel Woodford
Ethereum Kakao says its blockchain mining process is up to 15 times faster than Ethereum Yeo Jun-suk
Ethereum Decentralized Video Platform Built on Ethereum Raises $8 Million Daniel Kuhn
Ethereum Decentralized Video Platform Built on Ethereum Raises $8 Million Daniel Kuhn
Ethereum MetLife Plans To Disrupt $2.7 Trillion Life Insurance Industry Using Ethereum Blockchain Steven Ehrlich
Ethereum Breaking: Ethereum Developers Postpone Constantinople Hard Fork, Price Plunges Josiah Wilmouth
Ethereum Ethereum Classic’s Next Crypto Code Upgrade Set for September Christine Kim
Ethereum Meet Alternateth: A ‘Friendly Fork’ of the Ethereum Blockchain Christine Kim
Ethereum Blockchain startup Audius aims to make dapps easier to use with Hedgehog Guillermo Jimenez
Ethereum The author is the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys Facebook’s cryptocurrency is a centralized wolf in decentralized sheep’s clothing Joe Lubin
Ethereum Constantinople redux: Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork will happen after all and it’s spawned a twin. It can’t happen fast enough for Vitalik Buterin. Adriana Hamacher
Ethereum Ethereum Devs Propose Activating Constantinople Hard Fork in Late February Christine Kim
Ethereum Tornado Cash lets you make private Ethereum transactions. But it’s complicated. Transactions as anonymous as cash are now possible on Ethereum Rebecca Campbell
Ethereum They are partnering with financial experts to show that Ethereum smart contracts can be halal, or compliant with Islamic banking rules. Ethereum Leaders Are Slowly Courting Gulf Coast Royals and Investors Leigh Cuen
Ethereum Kakao Claims Its New Blockchain Is 15x Faster Than Ethereum Daniel Palmer
Ethereum Singapore’s Stock Exchange Backs New Ethereum Security Token Platform Wolfie Zhao
Ethereum Shell Invests In Ethereum Hybrid Giving Real Power To The People Michael del Castillo
Ethereum SEC Gives YouNow’s Ethereum Token ‘Props’ Reg A+ Approval Daniel Kuhn
Ethereum 0x DEX Protocol Suspended Because of Vulnerability, Funds Safe Adrian Zmudzinski
Ethereum German Regulators Approve $280 Million Ethereum Token Sale Ian Allison
Ethereum German Regulators Approve $280 Million Ethereum Token Sale Ian Allison
Ethereum Meet Vitalik Buterin’s Mom. Her Mission Is Inclusion, Not Ethereum Leigh Cuen
Ethereum ConsenSys-Backed Truffle Is Taking Its Dev Tools Beyond Just Ethereum Christine Kim
Ethereum China ranks Ethereum, EOS and Tron way above Bitcoin Darryn Pollock
Ethereum What the Next 4 Years of Ethereum Look Like Christine Kim
IOTA An article describing the characteristics of a new coin IOTA and how it differs from other cryptocurrencies. A beginner’s guide to IOTA 2017-12-27 Linda Xie
IOTA An article highlighting recent IOTA prices. IOTA (IOTUSD) Price Watch: More Bulls Waiting Here 2018-08-28 Sarah Jenn
IOTA IOTA announces software upgrade to silence decentralization critics Adriana Hamacher
IOTA An article describing the a significant new addition to IOTA Foundation Welcome Hans Moog To The IOTA Foundation 2018-08-28 Last updated
Lemonade An article that covers Lemonade exec talks about efforts to imitate its approach. Who’s the #1 Lemonade Copycat? 2017-09-05 Daniel Schreiber
Lemonade An article describing Leomonade's increased value due to recent events. Lemonades valuation Jumps to 600 million in SoftBank Deal 2017-12-19 Uliya Chernova
Lemonade Lemonade vaults to $2bn valuation after its latest funding round from Softbank. The afticle outlines the company's plans to continue expanding in the US and Europe. Fintech Insurer Lemonade Valued At More Than $2 Billion After $300 Million Funding Deal 2019-04-11 Forbes
Lemonade Selling Millennials Home Insurance Is Lemonade’s Novel Pitch 2018-08-02 Bloomberg
Lemonade Insurtech Lemonade Expands into Germany in Advance of IPO JD Alois
Lemonade Online insurer Lemonade taps JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs for IPO Anthony Noto
Lemonade An article announcing Lemonade's new product, Zero Everything. Lemonade Shakes up the Insurance Industry 2017-09-28 Maria Terekhova
Bought By Many An article introducing Steven Mendel, founder of Bought By Many, and his rise in the insurance industry. Meet the entrepreneur shaking up insurance 2017-03-10 Jack Torrance
Bought By Many An article announcing the recent funding round received by insurance technology startup, Marsh. Marsh invests in Bought By Many 2018-07-04 Terry Gangcuangco
Insureon An article that discusses the constant changes in insurance companies. Insurance through Amazon and eBay 2018-04-27 Lucy Hook
Insureon A snapshot of RingCentral's announcements at the recent Connect Central 2018. Key Announcements from #ConnectCentral18 2018-11-16 Dominic Kent
Friendsurance An article reviewing and forecasting the global insurtech markets. InsurTech Market to 2023 Featuring Friendsurance 2018-12-05 Research and Markets
Insure.VC An article describing Pillar Technologies' recent seed funding of $425,000. Pillar Technologies Secures $425,000 Seed Funding to Fuel Product Development and Growth 2016-07-19 Marketwired
Coinbase An article discussing Coinbase's wallet app. Coinbase’s Wallet App Is Getting Bitcoin Support This Week Yogita Khatri
Coinbase A monthly snapshot of the cryptocurrency market. This Month In Crypto: SCOTUS, Facebook, South Korea, and more 2018-06-29 Coinbase
Coinbase was founded by Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong. Crypto to Venezuela's rescue? A non-profit uses digital coin to ease crisis Grete Suarez
Coinbase Coinbase Adds Cross-Border Wire Transfers for Whales in Europe and Asia Nikhilesh De
Coinbase Coinbase CEO Names Three Things Crypto Needs for Mass Adoption Ana Berman
Coinbase Coinbase Now Lets Merchants Accept Payments in USDC Stablecoin Yogita Khatri
Coinbase An article highlighting Coinbase's recent investment. Coinbase raises $100M Series D led by IVP 2017-08-10 Brian Armstrong
Coinbase The inside story of the Coinbase crypto OGs and Wall Street guard power struggle Frank Chapparo
Coinbase Fraud and unfair competition claims were thrown out though. Coinbase Must Face Negligence Suit Over Bitcoin Cash Launch Joel Rosenblatt
Coinbase Exclusive: Coinbase Buys Xapo Custody for $55 Million, Eyes Lending Business Jeff John Roberts
Coinbase Coinbase Loses 3 Senior Executives in 6 Months as Dan Romero Quits Position William Suberg
Coinbase Coinbase Introduces Debit Card Linked to Cryptocurrency Balances for U.K. Customers Jimmy Aki
Coinbase Coinbase Launches Mobile Push Alerts for Crypto Price Swings Daniel Kuhn
Coinbase Coinbase hot wallets are now backed by a $255 million insurance policy Ben Munster
Coinbase VP of Engineering Tim Wagner Becomes Latest Exec to Leave Coinbase Brady Dale and Zack Seward
Coinbase Coinbase Shifting Focus Due to Growing Institutional Investor Interest in Crypto Gareth Jenkinson
Coinbase Crypto Exchange Coinbase Acquires San Francisco-Based Tech Startup Blockspring Ana Alexandre
Coinbase Coinbase Is in Talks to Launch Its Own Insurance Company Ian Allison
Coinbase Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital snags Coinbase OTC head Aislinn Keely
Coinbase Payments are replacing trading as stablecoins’ major use case, and companies like Coinbase want to ride the trend Celia Wan
Coinbase ShapeShift’s New Platform Aims to Make Crypto Self-Custody as Easy as Coinbase Zack Seward
Coinbase Former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan Joins DeFi Blockchain Project Findora Daniel Palmer
Coinbase Crypto cards under the spotlight: A pricey thrill-ride for an insiders club Isabel Woodford
Coinbase Coinbase Custody to List YouNow’s Props Token Daniel Kuhn
Coinbase An article announcing Coinbase's new index fund. Announcing Coinbase Index Fund 2018-03-06 Reuben Bramanathan
Coinbase An article outlining Coinbase's recent accomplishments according to CEO. Coinbase Q2 Update 2018-07-25 Brian Armstrong
Coinbase Coinbase in advanced talks to acquire Xapo: sources Larry Cermak
Coinbase Coinbase loses another executive; its product counsel for institutional products rejoins CFTC Yogita Khatri
Coinbase It's a fintech frenzy — top venture pros spill why the $11 billion party won't end anytime soon Madeline Shi and Dan DeFrancesco
Coinbase Coinbase data shows Americans are Googling Bitcoin. A lot. Aislinn Keely
Coinbase Barclays Is No Longer Banking Coinbase Ian Allison
Coinbase Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan is leaving the cryptocurrency exchange Frank Chaparro
Coinbase Coinbase-backed, crypto collectible card game Gods Unchained has lured in Magic: The Gathering’s game director in a push for mainstream adoption. Gods Unchained levels up, hires former Magic: The Gathering executive Guillermo Jimenez
Coinbase Bitstamp Hires Ex-Coinbase Trading Head to Court Wall Street Money Anna Baydakova
Coinbase An article describing Coinbase Index Fund's investment updates. Coinbase Index Fund is Open For Investment 2018-06-12 Reuben Bramanathan
Coinbase Everyone’s favorite decentralized oracle provider was just listed by Coinbase Pro. Chainlink lists on Coinbase exchange Adriana Hamacher
Coinbase Coinbase expands USDC trading to 85 countries in a bid to onboard more customers Celia Wan
Coinbase An article discussing the departure of a Coinbase executive. Coinbase Loses Chief Policy Officer Michael Lempres Julie Verhage
Coinbase Gemini is Chicago-bound after Coinbase’s exit, but who made the right move? Frank Chaparro
Coinbase Coinbase-Backed Stablecoin Startup Reserve to Launch ‘Venmo Style App’ in Venezuela Adrian Zmudzinski
Coinbase Coinbase UK Dropping Support for Cryptocurrency Zcash Daniel Palmer
Coinbase Coinbase expands by opening shop in 11 new countries Stan Schroeder
Coinbase Coinbase Adds DAI as First Stablecoin in Crypto Exchange’s Earn Program Zack Seward
Coinbase Meet Coinbase’s rising stars: Max Branzburg and Dave Farmer Frank Chaparro
Coinbase Tennis Star Serena Williams Reveals Investment in Coinbase Daniel Palmer
Coinbase Coinbase launches its cryptocurrency debit card in six more countries in Europe Elizabeth Schulze
Coinbase Coinbase is pulling the plug on a project to upgrade its platform, and it could result in a multi-million dollar loss Frank Chaparro and Isabel Woodford
Coinbase Coinbase Custody Now Has $1 Billion of Crypto Under Management, CEO Says Sam Ouimet
Coinbase Coinbase CEO Wants Firm to Move Beyond Trading in Next 5 Years Helen Partz
Coinbase Coinbase president and COO Asiff Hirji departs the firm Frank Chaparro
Coinbase Coinbase Pro Lists EOS, Augur’s REP and MakerDAO’s MKR Tokens Anna Baydakova
Coinbase An article talking about GIC's investment in Coinbase. Singapore Wealth Fund GIC Invests in Crypto Exchange Coinbase Alastair Marsh, Julie Verhage
Coinbase Facebook Hires Two of Coinbase’s Former Compliance Managers Marc Hochstein
Coinbase Coinbase and Circle will no longer be the only platforms to issue and redeem USDC, in new bid to boost stablecoin adoption among institutions Isabel Woodford
Coinbase SEC’s Top Crypto Cop Joins Coinbase’s Law Firm Daniel Kuhn
Coinbase Ex-Coinbase CTO Is Behind Mysterious, Sources Say Brady Dale and Zack Seward
Coinbase An argument for why Coinbase's recent valuation for it platform suggests the cryprocurrency market is unvervalued. Why an $8 Billion Coinbase Valuation Indicates Cryptocurrencies are Undervalued and Oversold Steve Lubka
Brave Gab is serious about forking Keybase, replacing Stellar with Bitcoin Guillermo Jimenez
Brave An article discussing Brave Software's launch of an advertising program. Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising Program 2018-06-18 Samuel Haig
Jetty An article introducing Jetty, a digital insurance and deposit company. Blackstone's New Relationship With This Startup Reflects The Future Of Property Management 2018-01-11 Champaign Williams
CoverWallet Zurich, insurtech firm partner in online platform for SME insurance Matthew Lerner
Clover Health Link..
Augur Binance Research Analyzes Irregularities Discovered on Augur
Augur An article profiling Augur. Augur Price: REP in Prime Position to Buy? Monday, November 5th 2018-11-05 Gene Cotillo
Augur Coinbase Pro Adds Support for Three New Tokens: EOS, Augur and Maker Ana Alexandre
Augur Especially to the DApps, that had presented big falls in their quotation. However, on January 17, one of them presented a surprising increase of 38% in its price; We are talking about Augur. Augur is a decentralized market prediction platform, based on the Blockchain of Ethereum. It was launched in 2018, promising a fast and accurate experience when predicting the possible behavior of the market. The surprising 38% rise in Augur's price in less than 24 hours 2019-01-19 AURI DÍAZ
ZhongAn Insurtech ZhongAn Online Shuffles Executive Leadership JD Alois
Ant Financial Jack Ma Slams Bitcoin Speculation While Launching Remittance Service Built on Blockchain Stella Yifan Xie
Ant Financial An article discussing an investment by Art Financial. Alibaba’s Ant Financial Invests Undisclosed Series B+ Round In Chinese Clothes Rental Platform MSParis 2018-10-30 Violet Tang
Ant Financial An article discussing how Ant Financial has invested another $210 million into Zomato. Ant Financial puts another $210 million in Zomato 2018-10-13 ET Bureau
Insly An article interviewing the CEO at Digital MGA Marketplace Ltd. Will the entire insurance industry soon move to APIs? 2018-11-29 Jason Contant
Kabbage LG Using New Blockchain DApp Platform From Korean Internet Giant Kakao Thomas Simms
Kabbage Link.. Ingrid Lunden
Hyperledger Brazilian Banks to Implement New HyperLedger-Powered Digital ID Platform Marie Huillet
Hyperledger An article announcing Hyperledger's recent expansion in the US, Europe, and Asia. Hyperledger Adds to its Global Community with 11 New Members 2018-06-27 Hyperledger
Hyperledger An article discussing Auchan's recent TE-FOOD blockchain solutions expansion in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Senegal. Auchan Expands Blockchain Tracking Solution to Five More Countries 2018-12-04 Helen Partz
Hyperledger Microsoft, Salesforce Join Hyperledger Enterprise Blockchain Consortium Anna Baydakova
BitPay BitPay Says It Has ‘Paused’ Processing Bitcoin Payments in Germany Adrian Zmudzinski
BitPay Crypto cards under the spotlight: A pricey thrill-ride for an insiders club Isabel Woodford
BitPay Glen Braganza Joins BitPay as Chief Financial Officer
BitPay An article discussing how BitPay announced it will begin to settle payments worldwide with stable cryptocurrencies. Enable Bitpay Settlement Settings In Cryptoptops 2018-10-15 Genny Diaz
BitPay An article interviewing BitPay CEO, Stephen Pair, an the future outlook of bitcoin. BitPay’s CEO Stephen Pair Thinks Investor’s Speculation is the ‘Big Component of BTC Price’ 2018-12-14 Tabassum
BitPay US Income Tax Payers Can Now Get Refunds in Bitcoin Yogita Khatri
BitPay Blockchain Wallet integrates BitPay for easy Bitcoin payments Tim Copeland
BitPay Corporate Traveller Partners with BitPay to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments BusinessWire
Coincheck Coincheck plans to launch IEO platform to help firms raise funds via utility tokens Yogita Khatri
Coincheck An article announcing Coincheck's reinstatement of its services. Coincheck Resumes All Pre-Hack Trading 2018-11-27 Samuel Haig
Coincheck Monex Reveals July Start Date for US Exchange as Coincheck Reports $15 Mln Loss in 2018 William Suberg
Maidsafe Zephyr Peacock-backed fintech firm MPOWER raises debt from Goldman Sachs Ankit Doshi
Maidsafe Former Mt Gox CEO Karpeles Launches Startup to Build a Blockchain OS Daniel Palmer
NEO An article that he speaks of what people seek to invest due to the high performance offered by Neo in assets increasing... The predictions of the 2019 Neo prices 2019-02-23 Andreas Kaplan
NEO An article that talks about that during the event where co-founder of Neo speak project the community hear about important developments that take place on Neo... Neo co-founder talks about the future of Neo and Blockchain Tech... 2019-02-23 Jose Antonio Lanz
NEO An article that talks about that is shared the preview of what this called "Neo 3.0" which is made to include some technical improvements in the platform... Neo plans is to make developers of Microsoft. NET applications in Blockchain do 2019-02-21 David Canellis
CoinDesk An article announcing a recent funding round for Ethereum startup, ConsenSys. ConsenSys supports a financing of $ 2.1 million 2018-11-29 Anna Baydakova
CoinDesk An article announcing the world's first blockchain phones, Finney which will be released this December. The Blockchain phone 2018-11-29 Brady Dale
CoinDesk An article talking about Coindesk's data being available on GitHub. CoinDesk’s Crypto-Economic Data Is Now Accessible on GitHub Nolan Bauerle
Syscoin An article describing Syscoin's recent update on its upgraded platform. 3 Reasons Why Syscoin (SYS) Could Be the Go-To Platform for Business on the Blockchain 2018-08-04 Ollie Leech
Kik Interactive The 8 Biggest Bombshells From the SEC’s Kik ICO Lawsuit Brady Dale
Kik Interactive Kik says SEC’s charges are based on “flawed legal theory” Ben Munster
Kik Interactive The SEC Case Against Kik’s ICO Appears Strong, Experts Say Nikhilesh De
Kik Interactive Kik’s troubles mount as SEC files suit claiming securities law violation, lawyers say Celia Wan
Kik Interactive The SEC Is Suing Kik for Its 2017 ICO Nikhilesh De
Kik Interactive Kin Launches $5 Million DefendCrypto Fund to Take on the SEC Laura Shin
Kik Interactive An article announcing Kik's recent office move to Waterloo. Kik Interactive 2018-06-29
Kik Interactive Kik Says SEC Lawsuit ‘Twisted Facts’ About Startup’s $100 Million Token Sale Nikhilesh De
Kik Interactive An article describing recent events of Pantera Capital CEO joining Kik’s company-wide meeting. Kik Interactive 2017-11-21 Kik Interactive
Kik Interactive An article on some new features from Kik Kik Launches New Ways to Earn and Spend Kin 2018-06-27 Kik Interactive
Kik Interactive SEC Cyber Unit Chief That Pursued Actions Against ICOs, Kik to Resign Daniel Kuhn
Kik Interactive A press release announcing Kik's launch of a new chat feature. Chat themes now available on Android! 2018-06-27 Kik Interactive
Kik Interactive Under Fire from the SEC, Kik’s Crypto Project is Going to War Wes Messamore
Kik Interactive Blockchain Association Takes Over Kik’s ‘Defend Crypto’ Crowdfunding Effort Nikhilesh De
Kik Interactive Analysis by a policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives. The SEC Can’t Keep Kik-ing the Crypto Can Down the Road Diego Zuluaga
Kik Interactive The supporters listed on Kik’s DefendCrypto fundraiser are not all sponsoring the company, but they do support it “ideologically.” ShapeShift, Messari and Coinbase weigh in: Kik’s lawsuit is “brutal,” but still worth fighting for Ben Munster
Bittrex An article highlighting Bittrex's launch of a trading platform in Malta. Bittrex launches 'international' trading platform in Malta, less US customers UU 2018-10-30 Ana berman
Bittrex Bittrex set to block US residents from 32 crypto assets Frank Chaparro
Bittrex New York Denies Bittrex BitLicense Application Citing Inadequate Compliance Aaron Wood
Bittrex 792/5000 Bittrex, the cryptocurrency exchange recently announced that they will release new updates for their platform on Wednesday, February 27, which should allow for faster transaction time, in addition to making their platform more scalable, but the company's team also announced that Your platform will not be available during the process. This announcement also includes a series of side effects, since their services will be partially deactivated during the process of the updates, in fact, the team announced that their clients will be able to access their online account to check their balance through and, but the functionality of the portfolios will be disabled since customers will not be able to make deposits or withdrawals. Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange announces new updates 2019-02-25 CryptoEconomia
Bittrex Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara told him that the South African market has an enormous untapped potential. Investor VALR Michael Jordaan, of Montegray Capital, mentioned that VALR's support of 50 cryptocurrencies will offer the most diverse range of assets of any African exchange when it opens to the Public this March 1. Ehsani said that a partnership with Bittrex will offer the new global exchange liquidity and competitive prices for the trade from crypto to crypto, while his team works to activate the access ramp to South African banks during the summer Bittrex leads a $ 1.5 million round for the crypto exchange in South Africa VARL 2019-03-01 Russ
Bittrex Bittrex and Bitfinex appear to step up KYC controls in wake of regulatory entanglements Frank Chaparro
Bittrex Bittrex to Expand to Euro Markets, Lowers Trading Fees for US Customers Ana Alexandre
Bitfinex Bitfinex and Tether Obtain Stay of Demands From New York Supreme Court Ana Alexandre
Bitfinex Amples announced as first token offered on Bitfinex/Ethfinex IEO platform Aislinn Keely
Bitfinex New York Court Rules That State Attorney Has Jurisdiction Over Bitfinex Aaron Wood
Bitfinex Judge Punts on Decision in NYAG Case Against Bitfinex and Tether Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex New York users can still use Bitfinex with a minor fib and a click of a button Aislinn Keely
Bitfinex How US Investors Are Buying Bitfinex’s Blocked LEO Cryptocurrency Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Bitfinex Claims ‘New York’ Customers Cited by NYAG Are Foreign Entities Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Tether loaned USDT to investors and illegally traded in New York, say investigators Ben Munster
Bitfinex Bitfinex to Use 27% of Tokinex Revenue to Burn LEO Tokens Max Boddy
Bitfinex Bitfinex Repays Tether $100 Million of $700 Million Loan Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Major Crypto Exchange Bitfinex to Briefly Go Offline for Upgrade Next Week Adrian Zmudzinski
Bitfinex Although Bitfinex registers a total of monthly operations that exceeds USD $ 5,000 million, the platform still has problems finding reliable banking partners. After almost two years since Wells Fargo suspended the processing of withdrawals by four Taiwanese banks that operated with Bitfinex, the exchange still remains among the 20 platforms that register the highest volume of commercial operations. Exchanges News Reports detail that Bitfinex established alliances with at least six banks during 2018 2019-01-29 Shadowargel
Bitfinex Yesterday, the news portal CCN published an article denouncing an alleged leak of personal information at Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex and Binance exchange offices . In the article it was reported that last July of 2018 a hacker published in the Darknet an offer of sale of personal documents - such as passports and driver's licenses - of the clients of said exchange offices, information that would have been extracted by means of a vulnerability in the security of these platforms. The supposed personal information of the users would be commercialized in only 10 dollars for 100 documents and discounts of up to 1 dollar per thousand documents if big purchases are made. Likewise, the hacker assures that he has personal information of people from different parts of the world who are registered in the exchange offices. Bitfinex speaks out against possible leak of personal data of its clients 2019-01-21 Andrea Leal
Bitfinex Bitfinex Is Starting to Buy Back and ‘Burn’ Its LEO Exchange Token Daniel Palmer
Bitfinex Bittrex and Bitfinex appear to step up KYC controls in wake of regulatory entanglements Frank Chaparro
Bitfinex Bitfinex launches peer-to-peer OTC trading on Ethereum-based partner platform Isabel Woodford
Bitfinex Bitfinex is looking to launch Tether on the Lightning Network by the end of the year, and an exec says it’s ‘one of the coolest things’ they’ve ever done Frank Chaparro
Bitfinex Rumor: Bitfinex mulls token fundraise Ben Munster
Bitfinex Bitfinex Covered $850 Million Loss Using Tether Funds, NY Prosecutors Allege Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Nearly $185 million in bitcoin and ether was withdrawn from Bitfinex’s cold wallets
Bitfinex Tether Hits Back at Claims Its Reserves Were Used to Cover $850 Million Loss at Bitfinex Rhomas Simms
Bitfinex A look at Crypto Capital, the company serving both Bitfinex and QuadrigaCX Tim Copeland
Bitfinex Bitfinex Needs ‘A Few Weeks’ to Unfreeze Funds, CFO Tells Shareholder Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Billionaire Bitfinex Shareholder Hints at Exchange Token after $850 Million Tether Scandal Joseph Young
Bitfinex The crypto market should brace itself for the “tsunami” of tough regulations heading its way, according to CipherTrace CEO. Tether “fraud” is just the tip of the iceberg, says crypto intelligence firm CipherTrace Guillermo Jimenez
Bitfinex Bitfinex reveals stablecoin is only 74% backed by cash, says it’s ‘simultaneously addressing’ requests from NYAG, DOJ and CFTC Celia Wan
Bitfinex Crypto ATM Operator Postpones Tether Buying ‘Until the Smoke Clears’ Anna Baydakova
Bitfinex Bitfinex Shareholder Provides More Details About Potential $1 Billion Token Sale Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex The story of Crypto Capital’s dark past and its deep ties with the crypto industry Tim Copeland
Bitfinex U.S. Government requests detention for defendant at center of Bitfinex imbroglio, describes ‘Master US Workbook’
Bitfinex Chinese Crypto Exchanges List Bitfinex Token Futures after $850 Million Tether Scandal Joseph Young
Bitfinex ‘Other stable coins are not serious contenders at this stage:’ High speed traders don’t see an alternative to Tether Celia Wan
Bitfinex An investor in the Minnesota Vikings, the Arizona businessman was trying to finance a new U.S. football league. But the feds say he was a mastermind in a vast money-laundering operation at the heart of the crypto industry. The strange case against Crypto Capital-connected Reginald Fowler Ben Munster
Bitfinex Bitfinex issues details for $1 billion token sale; exchange plans to use money to cover frozen funds Celia Won
Bitfinex Bitfinex and Tether respond to NYAG in court saying that there is no ongoing fraud, and no victims Larry Cermak
Bitfinex Crypto Capital accounts were seized in Backpage sex-trafficking bust Guillermo Jimenez
Bitfinex NYAG: Bitfinex Should Be Made to Disclose Tether Deal Documents Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Bitfinex Releases Official White Paper for $1 Billion Exchange Token Offering Wolfie Zhao
Bitfinex The Bitfinex IEO, how did we get here? Robert-Jan den Haan
Bitfinex Bitfinex Token Sale Has Lined Up $1 Billion in Commitments, Shareholder Says Wolfie Zhao
Bitfinex Bitfinex IEO token LEO shares its name with Crypto Capital shell company Guillermo Jimenez
Bitfinex Blockstream’s Liquid Network goes live on Bitfinex, with BitMEX integration coming soon Nawaz Sulemanji
Bitfinex Bitfinex CTO says the company successfully raised nearly $1 billion in a private token sale Larry Cermak
Bitfinex When the Dust Settles: The Bitfinex Probe Reveals Structural Weaknesses Noelle Acheson
Bitfinex Bitfinex and Tether Ask Court to Loosen NYAG’s Fund Restrictions Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Bitfinex preliminary injunction modified to last 90 days, Tether’s ability to extend credit line still frozen Ryan Todd
Bitfinex Bitfinex Will List Its New Exchange Token Starting Monday Nikhilesh De
Bitfinex Bitfinex Enters the Initial Exchange Offering Race With Tokinex Brady Dale
Chronicled An article describing a Russian art gallery's recent efforts in gathering donation using its own blockchain app. Tretyakov Gallery to Use a Blockchain-Powered App to Raise Funds 2018-11-23 Mark Townsend
Kraken Kraken is Offering Preferred Shares, Raises $6.8 Million in a Day Arnab Shome
Kraken Kraken Futures snags a former OTC trader to attract big investors with enticing rebates Celia Wan and Frank Chaparro
Kraken An article describing Kraken's recent strategy in obtaining capital via a fundraising round. Kraken Is Seeking ‘War Chest’ Investment at a $4 Billion Valuation Nikhilesh De
Kraken Over 2,000 Investors Back Kraken Crypto Exchange’s $13 Million Crowdfunding Daniel Kuhn
Kraken An article about how Kraken has been chosen to help with repaying money lost in Mt. Gox hack. Trustee moves to Repay Creditors in Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange 2014-11-15 New York Times
Kraken Binance, Kraken delisting Bitcoin SV sets a bad precedent, say critics Guillermo Jimenez
Kraken ShapeShift to Delist Bitcoin SV, Kraken Considers Following Suit Ana Alexandre
Kraken Following Community Poll, Kraken Delists Bitcoin SV Aaron Wood
Kraken Kraken is offering itself to customers in chunks as small as $1,000 for its fundraising round Aislinn Keely
Kraken More Tether ‘Reflective’ of Real Dollars Coming Into Bitcoin, Says Kraken CEO William Suberg
Kraken Kraken Acquires Futures Startup In Deal Worth At Least $100 Million Pete Rizzo
Kraken Kraken Boosts Institutional Offerings With Acquisition of Dan Held’s Interchange Daniel Palmer
Bitcoin Magazine 21 Lectures (named for the bitcoin cap of 21 million) is the only course for bitcoin core developers in Switzerland, and Betschart is hoping that the high-profile nature of the teachers — including James Chiang, Christian Decker and Jonas Schnelli — will attract students from around the worlFor Betschart, starting a program like this is an expression of confidence in the future of Bitcoin. Bitcoin itself didn't change, he told Bitcoin Magazine. It's still the censorship resistant, internet-native alternative to central bank money and, therefore, still very appealing to me from a technological as well as ideological point 21 Lectures Offers Bitcoin Developer Courses by Schnelli, Decker and Chiang 2019-02-11 Jessie Willms
Bitcoin Magazine The UnionBank of the Philippines, one of the leading financial institutions in the country, has launched a two-way bitcoin automated teller machine (ATM), according to a story in local media outlet Philstar. This is the country's second crypto ATM that provides users with the ability to sell and purchase digital assets like bitcoin for pesos, the country’s official currency. The country's first bitcoin machine was installed in Manila by BitCoiniacs in 2015. UnionBank Launches Two-Way Bitcoin ATM in the Philippines 2019-02-11 Jimmy Aki
Stellar The news comes barely a week after Paysend launched its Pays XDR stablecoin. Paysend Acquires Australian Blockchain Startup Rapid SD Aziz Abdel-Qader
Stellar Gab is serious about forking Keybase, replacing Stellar with Bitcoin Guillermo Jimenez
Stellar FCA Regulated Payment Platform Launches 26 Fiat-Backed Cryptocurrencies On The Stellar Network Rachel Wolfson
Stellar Smartlands Launches Its First Security Token Offering (STO) Aziz Abdul-Qader
NEM An article that talks about that as of October 2017 NEM will be the seventh cryptocurrency of almost 2 billion capitalization more large worldwide... ¿That offers us NEM? 2019-02-07 Jacob Bushmaker
NEM An article talking about NEM Foundation. NEM Foundation Charts Path Forward After $8 Million Rescue, Major Cutbacks Zack Seward
NEM An article that talks about the new program as a new year's plans and major projects... The new update of January 2019 NEM 2019-01-12 JULIAN
NEM Top-5 Crypto Tokens Pronounced 'Dead' — NEM and BCC Head the List Elena Perez
Lisk Lisk (LSK) had a bad time of 24 hours as the cryptocurrency decreases $ 0.00861 or 0.72% trading at $ 1.1882. According to Global Crypto Analysts, Lisk (LSK) aims for a target of $ 1.30702 on the way to $ 3.52894. LSK quoted for the last time in the HuobiPro exchange. It had a maximum of $ 1.21328 and a minimum of $ 1.18221 on March 3-4. The open was $ 1.19681. Lisk is a cryptocurrency platform and decentralized application. As a cryptographic currency, like Bitcoin and other alternatives, it provides a decentralized payment system and a digital money network. The price changes of Lisk (LSK) have been crazy during the 24 hours of March 3-4 as they weakened by 0.72% 2019-03-04 KADEN BERRINGTON
Lisk Lisk (LSK) is an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency written in JavaScript. After a successful ICO in the exchanges, the company was formed formally in 2016. During this ICO the company raised as big capital as over US$5 million. Considering the market capitalization as the criteria, the company is at 38th position in the world crypto market. The Lisk network runs on Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). It is a consensus system protected by 101 (fairly elected) delegates. This decentralized platform allows the implementation, distribution, and monetization of these platforms and sidechains onto the Lisk blockchain. Lisk (LSK) Blockchain Developers in The Pickle 2019-02-13 Roxanne Williams
ShapeShift ShapeShift to Delist Bitcoin SV, Kraken Considers Following Suit Ana Alexandre
ShapeShift ShapeShift’s New Platform Aims to Make Crypto Self-Custody as Easy as Coinbase Zack Seward
ShapeShift An article introducing digital swapping company, ShapeShift. Digital Assets In a Digital World 2017-10-23 Nick Mordowanec
ShapeShift The author is CEO of ShapeShift. Eric Voorhees thinks Libra may become the ‘whipping boy of crypto’ Nawaz Sulemanji
ShapeShift ShapeShift is having a butterfly moment Adriana Hamacher
ShapeShift The cuts amount to a third of its team. Lets Go of 37 Employees Amid Crypto Bear Market Celeste Skinner
ShapeShift An article featuring Shapeshift founder Erik Voorhees. Bitcoin’s Last Gunslinger 2019-01-03 Michael del Castillo
EOS Ethereum Is Losing Its Luster And Its Market Share Olga Kharif
EOS Galaxy nets 123% return after partial exit of its position. Aislinn Kelly
EOS Coinbase Pro Adds Support for Three New Tokens: EOS, Augur and Maker Ana Alexandre
EOS An article describing Daniel Jeffries' up and down journey with EOS, its founder, and its ICO. EOS Goddess of the Crypto Dawn 2018-05-05 Daniel Jeffries
EOS Block.One Is Launching a Social Media Platform on the EOS Blockchain Brady Dale
EOS Research: ICO Market Down Almost 100% From a Year Ago, Raised $40 Million in Q1 2019 Ana Alexandre paid $30 million to purchase a domain name for its social media platform Yogita Khatri Galaxy nets 123% return after partial exit of its position. Aislinn Kelly poured $150 million into its new social media platform Celia Wan An article updating Block One's situation regarding their alleged Wash Trading practice during its ICO. Block One's EOS Wash Trading ICO Audit Report Does not Exist as Investor Concerns Begin to Set In 2018-10-27 In Search of Truth: Block One Yet to Fulfill a Promise to Release the Audit Report to use “inflation tax” on Voice tokens to recoup $150 million investment Rebecca Campbell An article announcing's upcoming release of Elemental Battles - a game based learning tutorial. Attracts More Developers Closer to EOSIO and Blockchain 2018-10-19 Nick Tsakanikas Block.One Is Launching a Social Media Platform on the EOS Blockchain Brady Dale
Hashed Health An article that talks about the most outstanding data of blockchain in medical care... The most outstanding data that gave form to blockchain in 2018 2019-01-11 John Bass
Hashed Health An article that abla on the incorporation of HealthLink dimensions... HealthLink Dimensions joins Partner Program 2018-11-27 PRNewswire
Hashed Health An article that describes the policy that focuses on training patients with their data, transparent prices... The transformation of the health System of America 2018-06-26 John Bass Blockchain Firm Planning to Build ‘Smart City’ Buys Matthew Leising An article announcing's recent USD 2m seed funding. secures $2 million USD seed funding to build next-generation Sharing Economy Platform 2017-03-29 Stephan Tual
Backfeed An article talking about Backfeed. Backfeed seeks to make the workplace – and the world – more fair 2015-12-03 David Shamah
Backfeed An article talking about whether The DAO can be fixed. Can a New Social Operating System Fix The DAO? 2016-05-25 Pete Rizzo
AlphaPoint AlphaPoint, a leading global blockchain technology company that enables institutions to issue digital assets and operate digital asset exchanges, has integrated TrueUSD (TUSD), the only regulated, exchange-independent stablecoin that is live trading and redeemable 1-to-1 for the U.S. dollar. The integration will enable AlphaPoint’s exchanges to list TrueUSD for trading with fiat and cryptocurrency pairings. More than 10 exchanges in AlphaPoint’s growing network list TrueUSD for trading, including Dasset and DCEX. TrustToken, the asset tokenization platform behind USD-pegged stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD), maintains a competitive edge as a transparent, as the most secure stablecoin in history with five independent security audits from both U.S. and Chinese security firms. AlphaPoint Announces TrueUSD Integration to its Exchange Technology Network 2018-11-06 AlphaPoint
AlphaPoint AlphaPoint names new CEO, reorganizes its executive team Celia Wan
AlphaPoint Blockchain is a way to create continuity in the digital world, enabling trust, the identification of people and things and thus ultimately transactions. According to this study, over the next five years the Blockchain Technology in Financial market will register a xx% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ xx million by 2024, from US$ xx million in 2017. Blockchain Technology in Financial Market Trends and Demands 2019 2019-01-15 Analytical Research Cognizance
Blockstream An article introducing Blockstream Block Explorer which allows users to see data from Bitcoin and Liquid. Blockstream unveils new tool to monitor liquid sidechain 2018-11-07 Emilio Janus
Blockstream An article reflecting Litecoin and Blockstream founders' views on the future Bitcoin in light of current market conditions. Blockstream CEO Believes In Long-Term Value Of Bitcoin 2018-08-04 Abhimanyu Krishnan
Blockstream An article introducing Blockstream's ability to stream bitcoin transactions. Who Needs Verizon? Blockstream Broadcasts Entire Bitcoin Blockchain From Space 2018-12-17 Michael del Castillo
Bitmark An article breaking down Bitmark's recent $1.7 million round funding. $1.7m to create a bitcoin-native digital content registry 2016-11-18 Luke Parker
Colony An article focusing on Ethereum-based tool, Colony. Is Colony a Glimpse of the Blockchain-based Future of Work? 2017-12-11 Gideon Rosenblatt
Colony A video showing episode # 1 in Founders in Focus. This episodes focuses on an interview with Jack du Rose, co-founder of Colony. Blockchain Technology and The Future of Work 2018-01-10 Julien Breteau
Bloq Startup launches cloud service to facilitate on-boarding of enterprises to various blockchains Celia Wan
Bloq An article focusing on the recent hire of former Fidelity executive, Hadley Stern, to Bloq as the company's new COO. Ex-Fidelity Exec Joins Blockchain Company Bloq as Chief Operating Officer 2018-10-23 Marie Huillet
Billon Fintech Firm Billion Seals $2.1 Mln European Commission Grant for Blockchain System Marie Huillete
Billon The guest of Marcin Venus in the Friday edition of "Rozmowy Dnia" was Izabella Murawska-Deneau responsible for PR and media communication in the Polish fintech using blockchain technology in micropayments. As it turns out, these complex cryptocurrences, which are often associated with the world, are also perfectly suited to everyday life. The founder of the Billon Group is Andrzej Horoszczak, an authority in the blockchain industry, with ten years of financial experience gained on Wall Street. The result of his work is the creation of payment solutions and for the processing of documents, of which the company's representative, Izabella Murawska-Deneau, told us more about it in a conversation with Marcin Wenus Billon Group: Micropayments from Poland based on blockchain 2019-01-18 The team
Billon On 5 December 2018, the Board of Directors of the company appointed Wojtek Kostrzewa as the President of the Board (Chief Executive Officer). He will take over the CEO position in the first half of January. The founder of Billon and the current president of the company, Andrzej Horoszczak, includes the positions of Chief Technology and the Chief Visionary Officer. Wojtek Kostrzewa has been involved in Billon's development since 2016 as an investor and since 2017 as a member of the Board of Directors. The new role will cover the day-to-day management of the company, raising funds and co-creating strategic partnerships and alliances on the European and Asian markets. Andrzej Horoszczak will be responsible for the development of technology and engineering team to accelerate the implementation of recently signed contracts and ensure the technological advantage of the Billon platform. Wojtek Kostrzewa, the current president of the ITI Group, will take over the position of president of the Billon Group 2018-12-06
Chain Visa looks to speed up cross-border payments with new network launch Anna Irrera
Chain An article announcing Chain Inc.'s 2014 $30m investment. Blockchain Tech Startup Chain Inc Hits the Wall Street Motherload 2015-09-12 Luke Parker
Monax An article that he speaks of the firms lawyers BakerHostetler, LegalBono and ErdosIP will join companies to validate, refine and test the performance of the technologies Leaders in technology Blockchain, unite to launch a network of agreements 2018-07-26 PRNewswire
Monax An article on the CEO of Monax answers some questions about smart contracts Interview with Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax 2018-01-25 Time Sandle
Monax An article in which announces the CEO of Monax, if successful the platform will save time and money... 11 Companies Join Monax 2018-07-26 Sarah Hansen
Abra Crypto wallet Abra restricting US services due to regulatory uncertainty Yogita Khatri
Abra An article talking about Abra's blockchain app. Abra’s Blockchain App to Let Users Invest in Fractions of Stocks, ETFs Yogita Khatri
Abra An article updating that global currency wallet, Abra, has added multiple cryptocurrencies to its system. Abra adds 20 cryptocurrencies to its wallet app 2018-03-15 John Biggs
Abra An article describing the power of blockchain across multiple industries. 35 Amazing Real World Examples Of How Blockchain Is Changing Our World 2018-06-22 Bernard Marr
Abra A video that teaches how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using an app. Abra CEO Bill Barhydt speaks about how to trade cryptocurrencies 2018-03-20 foxbusiness
Identitii An article that mentions the recent listing of blockchain payments start-up, Indentitii, Identitii hits ASX as banks look to blockchain to monitor payments 2018-10-17 James Eyers
Identitii An article announcing the latest fintech founders to make the annual Fintech 100 list compiled by H2 Ventures and KPMG. founders of Australian fintech are recognized 2016-10-25 Dinushi Dias
R3 Top 3 Japanese Bank to Roll Out Services on Marco Polo Blockchain Yogita Khatri
R3 Blockchain Promised a Revolution. It’ll Have to Clear Three Governance Hurdles First Alisa DiCaprio and Jacqueline Yang
R3 R3 Taps Software Sales Vet to ‘Evangelize’ Paid Version of Corda Ian Allison
R3 40-Strong Blockchain Insurance Group B3i Appoints CEO Ian Allison
R3 Ex-R3 Exec’s New Mission: Run $100 Trillion Fund Trade on Private Blockchains Ian Allison
R3 Blockchain Credit Union Consortium to Use R3’s Corda for Cross-Border Payments Product Marie Huillet
R3 SWIFT Gives Blockchain Platforms Access to ‘Instant’ GPI Payments Following R3 Trial Daniel Palmer
R3 R3 Announces Planned Dublin Office Amid Aggressive Expansion Jack Martin
R3 Over 50 Banks, Firms Trial Trade Finance App Built With R3’s Corda Blockchain Yogita Khatri
R3 Digital Asset Integrates With Amazon, Hyperledger Fabric And R3 Corda Hank Tucker
R3 2 Executives Are Leaving Blockchain Startup R3 in Management Shake-Up Ian Allison
R3 Bank of Thailand’s CBDC Project Prototype Is Being Finalized by R3 and Wipro Helen Partz
R3 Ex-R3 Director Tim Swanson Joins Blockchain Builder Clearmatics Ian Allison
R3 Ex-R3 Director Tim Swanson Joins Blockchain Builder Clearmatics Ian Allison
R3 R3 Co-Founder Jesse Edwards Is Leaving the Enterprise Blockchain Firm Ian Allison
R3 Fintech Firm Partners With R3 to Develop Shariah-Compliant Market Platform Max Boddy
R3 Barclays, RBS, R3 Cut Property Transaction Times in Blockchain Trial Yogita Khatri
Bitstamp EU Exchange Bitstamp Partners with UK Firm to Offer Pound Sterling Onramp Marie Huillet
Bitstamp Bitstamp Hires Ex-Coinbase Trading Head to Court Wall Street Money Anna Baydakova
Bitstamp Bitstamp Starts Investigation After Large BTC Sell Leads to $250 Mln Liquidated on BitMEX Helen Partz
Bitstamp European crypto exchange Bitstamp snags BitLicense as it eyes US expansion Frank Chaparo
Bitstamp An article explaining Bitstamp's expansion plan post acquisition. Bitstamp Is Looking Towards ‘Global Expansion’ After Being Acquired by South Korean Investors 2018-10-30 Stephen O'Neal
Bitstamp An article announcing NXMH's recent acquisition of cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has been acquired 2018-10-29 Cale Guthrie Weissman
Bitstamp Crypto Exchange Bitstamp Announces Partnership with Major Swiss Online Bank Ana Berman
Bitstamp At stake is a controlling interest in Nexeon, which controls Bitstamp and Korbit Disney Could Soon Own Oldest Bitcoin Exchange in $13 billion Equity Deal Esther Kim
Bitso You do not have to be a millionaire to convert your money into cryptocurrencies. Bitso is an application in which you can buy, sell and transfer Bitcoin, and other 8 digital currencies, to another mobile phone via SMS or QR code. En entrevista para El Financiero, el director de Producto en Bitso, Eduardo Junior Arenas, explicó que cualquier usuario puede abrir una cuenta, añadir dinero a su saldo vía SPEI o fondearla con depósitos en el Oxxo, para después convertirlo en divisas digitales. Mexico: With this app you can buy Bitcoins in Oxxo and transfer them with an SMS 2019-02-28
Bitso Mexican Crypto Exchange Bitso Seals DLT License from Gibraltar Regulator Marie Huillet
Bitso In April 2014, Bitso started operations, the main cryptocurrency market in Mexico. Under the objective of giving Mexicans access to the new digital economy, it offers the purchase and sale service of cryptocurrencie s such as Bitcoin , Ether and Ripple . Little by little, it has positioned itself as a reference in Latin America and in this 2019 it was recognized as one of the best 20 exchange platforms in terms of global security and the number one in Latin America. In Bitso we maintain our commitment to be a financial innovation company that prioritizes the security of users and their assets through the easy and transparent and secure use of digital currencies, said Daniel Vogel , Bitso's CEO . Bitso, the safest Exchange in Latin America 2019-02-28 Mexico
Moneytis An article that speaks of the operation and as launched moneytis Moneytis adds fees for sending money abroad 2017-08-12 Romain Dillet
Moneytis An article that talks about the ease of being able to send money abroad Moneytis performs money transfers with more ease 2016-11-30 ARAVIND R MENON
Moneytis An article that talks about a service that Moneytis threw it allows to transfer money internationally at a price of 2% or less of the amount Bitcoin remittance service 2015-01-06 Jaime Sandoval
Follow My Vote An article describing the potential reach that blockchains can have in future elections and national records. What Could Blockchain Do for Politics? 2018-11-21 Rameez Ramzan
Follow My Vote An article highlighting several different on how blockchains are improving human rights issues. Is blockchain the future of solving human rights issues? 2018-11-14 Fanny Ferencz
Bitt An article that discusses the partnership between Shyft and Bitt. Shyft Network Partners with Bitt 2018-10-18 Sheevika Senanayake
Bitt Bitt, a blockchain company based in Barbados, started out as a bitcoin exchange and wallet provider. However, it eventually became a high-tech operation that allows people in the Caribbean to move fiat currency online faster than any bank. Oliver Gale founded Bitt with a simple goal in mind: provide the Caribbean with a way to access bitcoin, giving them cheaper remittances and giving them the option of using the currency outside the region’s banking system. One, Bitt needed to find a bitcoin supplier so they would actually have coins to sell. And two, no one in the Caribbean knew about bitcoin. How Bitt Plans to Use Digital Fiat to Rebuild the Caribbean Economy 2018-06-17 Evan Faggart
Elliptic Blockchain analytics startup Elliptic, MIT researchers collaborate to detect money laundering in bitcoin using machine learning Yogita Khatri
Netki An article that speaks with the new service to facilitate investors upload documents via your cell phone or web site... Netki offers a solution to the vadilacion of investors 2018-04-14 Amy Castor
Bitaccess The Faast which has been developed by the Bitaccess as in instance crypto exchanger has just gone ahead to announce that it has officially integrated into all the Bitcoin Teller Machines also referred to as the BTMs, which will be running the Bitaccess software. With this move, it will allow the different users the ability to use the BTMs and be able to buy about 70 plus altcoins with cash, or instead, you could quickly sell the coins and get cash on the spot. Bitaccess Bitcoin ATMs Integrate Its Faast Instant Crypto Exchanger To Enable Altcoins To Cash Option 2019-01-29 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
Bitaccess An article describing newcomer Bitaccess, and its prescence on providing bitcoin ATMs to the world. Ottawa firm Bitaccess banking on digital currencies. 2017-10-17 Craig Lord
Clearmatics Ex-R3 Director Tim Swanson Joins Blockchain Builder Clearmatics Ian Allison
Clearmatics Ex-R3 Director Tim Swanson Joins Blockchain Builder Clearmatics Ian Allison
BOScoin An article announcing BOScoin's recent completion of project, Mainnet. BOScoin Releases Updated White Paper 2.0: Focused on Mainnet Operating Principles 2018-11-02 BOScoin Credit Agricole-Backed Blockchain Settlement Startup Setl Returns After Insolvency Filing Adrian Zmudzinski Credit Agricole-Backed Blockchain Settlement Startup Setl Returns After Insolvency Filing Adrian Zmudzinski
Coinify An article announcing Coinify's recent seed funding, expansion plans. Press Release: Coinify to continue global expansion with investment from Nordic financial services group SEB and SEED Capital Denmark 2016-08-04 Press Announcements Coinnify
Coinify An article announcing Coinify's new strategic partnership with Cybertonica. Coinify Selects Cybertonica to Deploy Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention and AML Technology Services 2018-06-08 Team Coinify
Coinify An article highlighting Coinify's year in review from 2015. Year in review: 2015 has been fast and exciting for Coinify (part 1) 2016-01-11
Waves Platform An article announcing Waves Platform's recent $120 million capital. Waves Platform Raises $120 Million for Private Blockchain 2018-12-19 Ilya Khrennikov
B9lab An article that discusses increases in blockchain developer salaries due to recent demands. Blockchain developer salaries now command as much as $175K 2018-10-24 Lucas Mearian
B9lab An article discussing the rising demand of blockchain engineers in the past year. You Read That Right: One Career Just Saw a 400% Increase in Demand 2018-10-30 ValuePenguin
Bittylicious An article talking about MonetaryUnit's price reaching a certain level. MonetaryUnit Price Reaches $0.0350 2018-11-08 Mary Kom
Xapo Coinbase in advanced talks to acquire Xapo: sources Larry Cermak
Xapo BitGo Hires Sales Chief From Crypto Custody Rival Xapo William Foxley
Xapo Xapo shifting services from Hong Kong to Switzerland Matthew Allen
Xapo Exclusive: Coinbase Buys Xapo Custody for $55 Million, Eyes Lending Business Jeff John Roberts
Xapo Crypto custodian BitGo says Xapo clients are ‘extremely concerned’ about Coinbase deal Yogita Khatri
Tendermint The discovery that led Jae Kwon to build the Cosmos blockchain Adriana Hamacher
Gem An article introducing Gem as a new blockchain application tool for developers. FinDEVr Live: Gem Leverages the Blockchain to Redefine Banking from the Ground Up 2015-10-07 David Penn
Gem An explanation of medical data on the blockchain A Universal Library for Health Care: Health Data Meets Blockchain Technology 2018-09-20 Emily Vaughn
BitGo Genesis Partners With Blockchain Security Firm to Provide Direct Custody Operations Helen Partz
BitGo BitGo Hires Former Wall Street Forex Trading Exec Anna Baydakova
BitGo Josh Schwartz had been with the company since May 2018 ‘The brains’ behind BitGo’s latest product is leaving the firm Frank Chaparro
BitGo Crypto custodian BitGo says Xapo clients are ‘extremely concerned’ about Coinbase deal Yogita Khatri
BitGo BitGo ventures beyond custody with service that makes it look like the DTCC of bitcoin Isabel Woodford
BitGo Bitcoin IRA, BitGo Launch Insured IRA Composed Entirely of Crypto Daniel Kuhn
BitGo A Digital Currency Group-backed startup has snatched a former BitGo executive to give back users ‘full control over their digital assets’ Frank Chaparro and Celia Wan
BitGo BitGo Co-Founder and Facebook Alum Joins Blockchain Capital Brady Dale
BitGo BitGo Hires Sales Chief From Crypto Custody Rival Xapo William Foxley
BitGo An article highlighting a collaboration between Formosa Financial and BitGo. Formosa Financial to work with BitGo to Ensure Security of Clients' Crypto Assets 2018-10-19 PR Newswire
BitGo An article talking about BitGo. New token based on Ethereum will be backed in Bitcoin 2018-10-26 Helen Partz
BitGo Civic, BitGo Announce a Consumer Mobile Wallet Daniel Kuhn
BitGo Crypto custodian BitGo looks to scale up in Japan, hiring sales director to grow client base Celia Wan
Filament An article predicting the next wave of upcoming startups for 2019. 7 Blockchain start-ups worth watching in 2019 2018-11-23 Allan Fort
GoCoin An article announcing Dash's recent integration with several business in order to become a more widespread form of payment. Dash integrates with Gocoin inline Payments, strike social, and piiko mobile topups. 2018-01-18 Joël Valenzuela
GoCoin An article discussing a recent merger between GoCoin and Ziftr. GoCoin and Ziftr merge 2015-12-09 GoCoin
Bitwala Sony Co-Leads €13 Million Raise for Crypto Banking Startup Bitwala Daniel Palmer
Bitwala An article with Bitwala's announcing the launch of a bank account in cryptocurrencies. They launch new service of bank accounts in cryptocurrencies in Germany 2018-10-09 Glenda González
Bitwala Bitwala is currently planning an STO, a security token offering. Between 15 and 75 million euros should come together. What you can see very critically in the many Coin bubbles that have already burst. Bitwala CFO Christoph Iwaniez explains the construct once exactly. The young Berlin startup Bitwala positions itself as a bank account with built-in Bitcoin Wallet. So as a digital wallet for trading in cryptocurrencies. Well-known financiers such as High-Tech Gründerfonds, Coparion, Ealrybird and Alstin have already invested several million into FinTech in recent years. About a so-called STO wants the young company now promptly between 15 and 75 million euros. What you can see quite critically - just listen to our podcast on the topic . This is how the million dollar Bitwala STO should expire 2019-02-28 Artikel vor/zurück
Tierion An article announcing Tierion's recent participation in its Network Token sale. Tierion Announces Fenbushi Capital Participation in Token Sale 2017-07-27 Tierion
Tierion An article describing Tierion's new partnership with Hyperledger and The Linux Foundation. Tierion Joins Hyperledger And The Linux Foundation 2018-07-31 Tierion
Tezos The competition will be preceded by a mini hunt for 5,000 tezzies, worth $5,750. Tezos to run $1.15 million cryptocurrency treasure hunt Robert Stevens
Tezos Tezos Is About to Enact Its First-Ever On-Chain Blockchain Update Christine Kim
Tezos Brazilian Bank Plans to Use Tezos Blockchain for STOs Worth $1 Billion Daniel Palmer
Tezos Tezos Co-Creator Commits to Donating Millions in Future XTZ Proceeds Brady Dale
Tezos NYAG: Bitfinex Should Be Made to Disclose Tether Deal Documents Nikhilesh De
Tezos Exec Who Launched PwC Switzerland’s Blockchain Division to Become CFO at Tezos Thomas Simms An article breaking down Blocktrail's launch of its bitcoin analytics platform, Blocktrail. BlockTrail launches bitcoin analytics platform 2014-08-18 David Meyer
EverQuote An article reviewing EverQuote's IPO. EverQuote IPO: Still Priced For Gains 2018-07-01 Gary Alexander
EverQuote An article talking about EverQuote filing for an IPO. EverQuote Files for IPO to Raise $75M 2018-06-04 Srividya Kalyanaraman
Cambridge Blockchain PayPal Makes Its First-Ever Investment in a Blockchain Startup Ian Allison
Cambridge Blockchain Liquidators of Hacked Cryptopia Exchange Release Report, Note $4.2M Owed to Creditors Helen Partz
CoverFox The Indian digital payments company is reportedly looking at acquiring insurtech startup Coverfox for a whopping $120 million. Paytm could be spending big money for its insurance debut Sanchita Dash
The Zebra An article explaining how The Zebra secured their new Austin office headquarters to support company’s rapid growth. The Zebra's new Austin HQ office 2018-07-10 Team The Zebra
CoverHound CoverHound Raises $58 Million in Series D Funding
Bitfury Swiss investment firm, Bitfury launch bitcoin mining fund Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss
Bitfury Global blockchain unicorn Bitfury launches music business Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss
Bitfury An article highlighting a new hire by Bitfury. Ex-SEC Commissioner and Investment Banking Veteran Join Bitfury Team Marie Huillet
Bitfury An article discussing how Bitfury Group and Commons Foundation are launching bitcoin mining operations in Paraguay. Bitfury Partners to Launch Bitcoin Mining Centers in Paraguay Yogita Khatri
Bitfury Bitfury Partners With Kazakhstan-Based Financial Hub to Cooperate on Blockchain Projects Helen Partz
Bitfury European blockchain company Bitfury launches artificial intelligence unit Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss
Bitfury Blackstone-backed tech company, Bitfury team up on trade finance project Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss
Bitfury An article discussing how one Bitfury company is a large player in specialty hardware for bitcoin mining. Bitcoin Chip Battle Brewing Behind Hut 8's Canadian Listing 2018-02-11 Natalie Obiko Pearson, Bloomberg
Cashaa An article announcing Cashaa's BBVA Award for Best Fintech for People Startup.  Cashaa nominated as best “Fintech for People” Startup 2018-07-12 Cashaa
Cashaa An article that focuses on Cashaa CEO's take on the natural evolution of bitcoin. Bitcoin Price Resists Significant Crash 2017-03-21 Iyke Aru
BigchainDB An article discussing BigchainDB's expansion. BigchainDB: Blockchain and Data Storage 2018-06-04 Chris Ward
BigchainDB Global Block chain in Manufacturing Market report provides basic information about Global Block chain in Manufacturing industry, definition, classification, application, industry chain structure, industry overview; international market analysis. The Global Blockchain in Manufacturing Market emphases on the global key manufacturers, to define, describes and analyze the market competition landscape, SWOT analysis. This report studies sales (consumption) of Global Block chain in Manufacturing Market, focuses on the top players, with sales, price, revenue and market share with volume and value for each region. Analysis and Consumer Needs by major regions, types, applications in Global Block chain in Manufacturing Market considering the past, present and future state of the Global Block chain in Manufacturing industry. Block chain in Manufacturing Market Comprehensive Study IBM Corporation, Intel Corporation, Oracle, Factom, BigchainDB GmbH, Blockchain Foundry Inc. 2019-01-29 Sopan G
Allay San Francisco-based Allay, an human resources services and employee benefits start up, has raised $3.4 million in seed funding. The investors included BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Sandbox Industries, 500 Startups and Arnold Capital. In addition to the funding, Anna Haghgooie, managing director of Sandbox Industries, will represent BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners on the board. Allay grabs $3.4 mln seed 2015-10-22 Iris Dorbian
Huize An article that talks about Huize Insurance, one of the main platforms of online China insurance agencies, has received a total of USD $31 million in a series B financing from Chinese investors still unidentified. According to Chinese media reports, the identity of the Chinese investors, who joined 200 million rmb in the service provider's insurance online for 10 years, is difficult to verify because there is little public information about them. Hiuze completes $31m series B 2016-03-22 InsuranceAsia news Staff
Snapsheet An article discussing a recent partnership between Zurich and Snapsheet with efforts to expand internationally. Zurich is first international client for insurtech Snapsheet 2018-12-11 Nicquana Howard
Snapsheet Claims Insurtech Snapsheet Raises $29 Million to Expand Into All P/C Lines and Globally
Snapsheet State Auto Innovation Unit: $25M; 5 Insurtechs; 18 Months
AnalyzeRe An article discussing how reinsurance portfolio optimization is being disrupted. How AI and Machine Learning Are Disrupting Reinsurance Portfolio Optimization 2018-06-27 Analyzere Blog
AnalyzeRe An article that talks about reinsurance portfolio roll-ups. 4 Reasons for Rolling-Up Reinsurance Portfolios in Real Time 2018-03-07 Analyzere Blog
AnalyzeRe An article discussing how great reinsurance analytics systems are. Why You Should Love Hybrid Reinsurance Analytics Systems 2018-05-14 Analyzere Blog
AnalyzeRe An article discussing the myths of reinsurance portfolio optimization. 6 Myths About Reinsurance Portfolio Optimization 2018-10-28 Analyzere Blog
Bayzat An article discussing how Talal Bayaa and Brian Habibi built their company. Bayzat: Fintech Companies Are Able to Engage Customers Better 2018-02-26 Farah Al-Toukhi
Bayzat Share Tweet Share WhatsApp Email 62 SHARES Dubai-based financial comparison platform Yallacompare has raised $8 million in fresh funding led by existing investors Wamda Capital and STC Ventures, Wamda reported today. The round was also joined by New York-based Argo Ventures which VC arm of international insurance company Argo Group and invests in insuretech, fintech, risk management, and enterprise software companies. This round takes total investment raised so far by the startup close to $18 million. Dubai-based financial comparison startup Yallacompare raises $8 million, plans expansion to Egypt 2019-01-06 MB Staff
BIMA Allianz X, the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group, announced a $96.6 million investment in BIMA, the digital microinsurer. BIMA’s delivers affordable insurance and health products to emerging markets customers who need them but cannot access them through traditional channels, said Allianz in a statement. The strategic investment in BIMA contributes to the digital transformation of the Allianz Group and our commitment to emerging markets, said Nazim Cetin, CEO of Allianz X. Allianz Invests $96.6M in Digital Microinsurer BIMA 2017-12-21 Newsletter
BIMA An article discussing how students are unprepared to engage with the UK's digital economy. Digital Skills Gap Is Still Threatening UK Growth, Says BIMA 2018-10-22 Tim Maytom
Brolly An article describing the biography of Brolly founder, Phoebe Hugh. Meet the entrepreneur giving insurance an upgrade 2017-11-22 Arun Kakar
Brolly An article that talks about Brolly, an AI insurtech company, and its recent partnerships with AXA, LV=, Ageas, and Makerstudy. AI insurtech Brolly to scale business 2018-09-10 Clare Ruel
Clark The digital insurance broker Clark has raised $ 29 million from investors according to the company, this represents a record for the second phase of financing. Insurance broker Digital Clark earns money for growth plans 2018-04-25 Frank Matthias Drost
Collective Health An article explaining startup insurtech company, Collective Health Inc's solution to employers' high health care expenses. Collective Health Bets Employers Are Fed Up With Health Expenses 2018-02-28 Zachary Tracer
Apixio The global natural language processing (NLP) in healthcare and life sciences market is accounted for USD 1.12 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 21.2% the forecast period of 2018 to 2025. Key Players in Global Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare and Life Sciences Market are: 3M, Apple, Google, Microsoft, A3logics, AlchemyAPI, Apixio,y Aylien. Global Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare and Life Sciences Market With Apple, Google, 3M, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Apixio, Nuance Communications, And More 2019-01-16 DBMR Team
Apixio An article announcing Apixio's recent launch of its new AI-powered risk adjustment auditing solution tool, HCC Auditor. AI-Powered Risk Adjustment Auditing Solution 2018-07-29 Editorial Team
Aureus Analytics An article announcing the winners of VentureClash. VentureClash Announces Winners of 2018 $5 Million Global Venture Challenge 2018-10-22 Rocky Hill
Aureus Analytics An article discussing a deal Aureus Analytics signed. Aureus Analytics inks multi-year analytics deal with Landmark Insurance Broker 2017-04-18 Richa Bhatia
Bizinsure An article discussing different insurance companies and highlighting what makes them good. What Will Be the Uber of Insurance? 2015-07-22 Tony Canas
Traity A Spanish entrepreneur launches a reputation system based on the fingerprint of people who aspire to replace credit ratings Internet Social networks aim to end rental bonds 2017-09-04 Esther Paniagua
Traity With more than 4.5 million users in the world, Traity aims to create a reputation standard on the Internet, which allows a user to verify that the person on the other side of the Network is who they say they are, and how reliable they are . A valuable information for online buyers and sellers, which can also be used to create risk profiles and personalized microinsurance. After the boom of the 'start-up' 'end-tech', now comes the 'insurance-tech'. traity 2015-04-30 ELENA ARRIETA
GetInsured An article discussing a recent M&A between GetInsured and Array Health. GetInsured Acquires Array Health 2016-11-30 PRNewswire
GetInsured An article discussing a recent M&A transaction between GetIsnsured and GetInsured Acquires 2017-08-31 PRNewswire
Corvus Insurtech Corvus Launches Smart Cyber Excess Insurance with $10M Limit
Corvus InsurTech Corvus expands offering with the launch of Smart Tech E&O Luke Gallin
GoHealth An article that breaks down a recent collaboration between Novant and GoHealth. Novant forms urgent-care center partnership with GoHealth 2018-10-08 Richard Craver
Gravie An article announcing the recent funding round received by health benefits company, Gravie, Inc. despite the recent healthcare insurance reform proposal collapse. Chaos in health care not scaring off investor 2017-07-18 Lee Schafer
Gravie An article describing how gravie collects 10.5 million in series A with the participation of outgoing investor FirstMark Capital. Gravie Health Insurance Marketplace Raises $ 2013-06-16 Jordan Crook
Gravie An article in which the CEO of Gravie shares his view on how the 21st Century Cures Act will encourage small and medium companies New Law Eases Small Business Health Care Burden 2016-12-14 Robb Mandelbaum
GroupHub An article announcing GrubHub's newest app, AvePoint, which helps users maximize on managing their Office 365 groups. GroupHub from AvePoint: A Beary Useful Groups Optimization Tool 2017-09-25 Barry AvePoint
GroupHub An article that describes GroupHub CEO's recent involvement in a three-month program aimed at building a strong network, and expand its functionality. announced that the healthcare IT company completed the Blueprint Health Winter 2015 program ... GroupHub Graduates from Blueprint Health Winter 2015 Program 2015-04-30 admin
GroupHub An article covering the digital health business through a panel of several market leaders. GroupHub and The Tech Business of Health 2015-05-04 admin
Guevara An article outlining the lack of understanding that today's online insurance companies have in the insurance marketplace. Investors 'need to understand' insurance if they want to disrupt it 2016-06-23 Matt Burgess
Guevara An article announcing Guevara's launch in the UK. Guevara promises an insurance revolution 2014-07-01 News / Business
Guevara An article breaking down on several factors that led to Guevara's failure. “InsurTech ideas have to win industry approval as well as customer hearts”: Globaldata 2018-01-26 Staff Writer
Guevara An article that interviews Guevara founder, Paul Anderson, on his take on why his company closed its doors. Guevara founder Anderson: incumbent insurers complicit in stalling true customer led-disruption 2018-07-17 Jonathan Swift
Root An article discussing a raise by Root Insurance. TechCrunch 2018-09-01 Kristen Korasec
Root Auto-Insurance Startup Root Rides Growth to $3.65 Billion Valuation Katie Roof and Yuliya Chernova
InforcePRO An article announcing insurtech company, InforcePRO(R)'s recent close on their USD 4m round funding. InforcePRO insurance software closes a $ 4 million round led by LiveOak Venture Partners 2015-09-29 Austin
Coin Telegraph An article describing recent updates on a class action lawsuit against Coinbase. Coinbase Faces Fresh Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading Lawsuit Following Initial Rejection 2018-11-22 William Suberg
Binance Binance Cuts Time Needed for BTC, ETH Deposits and Withdrawals Daniel Palmer
Binance Binance wants crypto projects to migrate to its chain from Ethereum, and the firm’s massive trading business could help Frank Chaparro
Binance Hacker dumps more KYC data, piling pressure on Binance Darryn Pollock
Binance Tron excludes US from token sale, still raises $7m in 15 minutes Ben Munster
Binance Binance Announces Galileo, the Latest Version of Its Mainnet Max Boddy
Binance CFO of $1bn crypto exchange on Facebook's blockchain plans: 'Their goal is to wall off other people' Oscar Williams-Grut
Binance Binance Eyes Launch of Crypto Exchange in South Korea Daniel Palmer
Binance Binance: Futures Trading Platform to Launch in September Liam Frost
Binance Binance Exchange to Launch Crypto Futures Trading with 20x Leverage Wolfie Zhao
Binance Binance is testing out a new GBP-based stablecoin Nawaz Sulemanji
Binance Binance Delists Bitcoin SV, CEO Calls Craig Wright a ‘Fraud’ Nikhilesh De
Binance Craig Wright accuses Binance and Tether of funding prostitution and slavery, community backlash ensues Priyeshu Garg
Binance Binance’s CZ Seeks Compensation From Sequoia for Alleged Reputational, Financial Damage Marie Huillet
Binance Binance CEO threatens to delist Bitcoin SV—will it have any effect? Ben Munster
Binance Former Ripple Exec to Lead Binance’s US Expansion as New Exchange CEO Wolfie Zhao
Binance Binance builds anti-fraud system to stop the flow of illegal money Rebecca Campbell
Binance Crypto Exchange Says It’ll Handle Regulators Better Than Libra Zheping Huang
Binance Exclusive: Binance in Talks with Facebook Over Libra David Kimberley
Binance Binance’s Compliance Drive Continues With New Elliptic Partnership Yogita Khatri
Binance Crypto’s Mark Zuckerberg Pitches ‘SpaceX Coin’ to Elon Musk Samantha Chang
Binance Binance Partners With CipherTrace in Latest Compliance Push Leigh Cuen
Binance Zebpay CEO: Binance hack leaves us with unanswered questions Tim Copeland
Binance Binance and Paxos Just Made It Easier to Exchange Stablecoins for Fiat Marie Huillet
Binance Binance is rolling out bitcoin margin trading to all users Tim Copeland
Binance Binance releases details on its next multi-million-dollar IEO Guillermo Jimenez
Binance Binance Customer Data Has Leaked: What We Know and What We Don’t Wolfie Zhao and John Biggs
Binance Trump talking about crypto can only be a good thing, CEO of top exchange Binance says Ryan Browne
Binance Binance Partners With Crypto Lending and Borrowing Firm Cred Yogita Khatri
Binance How successful has Binance’s charity drive been? Robert Stevens
Binance Binance Launches Crypto Lending With Up to 15% Annual Interest Wolfie Zhao
Binance Binance to Stop Serving US Traders Following Announcement of US-Dedicated Platform Marie Huillet
Binance Binance Changes Launchpad Token Sale Format to Lottery Adrian Zmudzinski
Binance Binance team are hoarding $1.2 billion of unlocked Binance Coin admits CEO Tim Copeland
Binance Binance Offers VIP Accounts to Hacked Users John Biggs
Binance Binance Hires Former NBA, Dell Exec to Head Global Strategy Initiatives Max Boddy
Binance A Bitcoin Extortion Gone Wrong: Inside Binance’s Negotiations With Its ‘KYC Hacker’ John Biggs and Daniel Kuhn
Binance Binance: Leaked Images Overlap With Those Processed by Third Party Ana Alexandre
Binance Binance Responds to Notre Dame Tragedy by Launching Crypto Donation Channel Helen Partz
Binance An article discussing Binance froze funds from exchange WEX. Binance Freezes Funds With Suspected Money Laundering Links From Controversial Exchange WEX 2018-10-31 William Suberg
Binance Binance, Kraken delisting Bitcoin SV sets a bad precedent, say critics Guillermo Jimenez
Binance Dogecoin lists on Binance exchange (So Much Wow) Adriana Hamacher
Binance Multicoin’s Tushar Jain: why blockchain “reorg’s” will work Adriana Hamacher
Binance Huobi emulates Binance Launchpad with its own crypto IEO platform Adriana Hamacher
Binance Post-Hack, Binance Plans to Re-open Withdrawals and Deposits Tomorrow Marie Huillet
Binance Binance's first stablecoin, which could be issued in a few months, will be denominated in and 100% backed by the British pound, Biggest Crypto Exchange Takes on Tether With Own Stablecoins Olga Kharif
Binance An article disclosing Binance's launch of its first OTC desk. Binance Follows Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges With Launch of OTC Trading Desk 2019-01-24 William Suberg
Binance Binance’s BitTorrent Token Sale Sells Out in Minutes Amid Technical Issues Sam Ouimet
Binance The article gives a nice introduction into the hot new fundraising tool in blockchain, IEOs Home » News » IEOs Raise Half a Billion, Keep Fundraising Alive for Blockchain Startups IEOs Raise Half a Billion, Keep Fundraising Alive for Blockchain Startups Gerelyn Terzo
Binance Malta-based Founders Bank, whose investors include Binance, plans to serve blockchain and crypto companies. Crypto Bank Hires Former Deutsche Bank Executive Olga Kharif and Nour Al Ali
Binance Crypto Exchange Binance Says It’s Revamping Security in Post-Hack Update Yogita Khatri
Binance Binance Births its Own Decentralized Blockchain to Challenge Ethereum Joseph Young
Binance Binance seeking “diplomatic immunity” to avoid regulators say cryptofund execs Guillermo Jimenez
Binance Binance Jersey Partners with Crypto Platform Caspian for Faster Trades Max Boddy
Binance Hackers Are Shuffling Binance’s Stolen Bitcoin John Biggs
Binance Crypto Exchange Binance Restarting Services After Post-Hack Upgrade Daniel Palmer
Binance Binance to Launch U.S. Division Before November Tanaya Macheel
Binance Binance planning to launch ‘Venus,’ similar to Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency Libra Yogita Khatri
Binance TRON Founder Justin Sun Hosts Charity Blockchain Poker Cup for 2 Million TRX Amount of Donation Going to Binance Charity
Binance Binance Launchpad announces Tron-backed WINk IEO Adriana Hamacher
Binance Binance DEX Launches on Native Mainnet Earlier Than Planned, Invites Community Input Marie Huillet
Binance Binance DEX set to list USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD stablecoins from TrustToken Yogita Khatri
Binance Binance Launches Platform ‘2.0’ as Margin Trading Goes Live Daniel Palmer
Binance Crypto Exchange Offers $290,000 Reward for Info on Blackmailer Olga Kharif
Binance Here’s why Binance can’t erase the $40M hack from Bitcoin’s blockchain David Canellis
Binance Binance CEO confirms margin trading, stablecoin discussions, and possible Argentina launch in wake of security breach Isabel Woodford
Binance Binance Research Analyzes Irregularities Discovered on Augur
Binance Binance Says It’s Launching a US Exchange With FinCEN-Registered Partner Nikhilesh De
Binance Binance to Undergo System Upgrade Tomorrow, Deposits, Withdrawals, Trading to Be Halted Marie Huillet
Binance Binance continues to deny the KYC data was hacked from its exchange, but suggests a third-party KYC provider may be at fault. Hacker blackmails Binance over KYC data haul Rebecca Campbell
Binance Binance-backed security auditing firm launches mathematically secured blockchain Celia Wan
Binance Binance Targets EU, UK Traders With New Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Yogita Khatri
Binance Binance burns $24 million worth of BNB tokens allocated to team Yogita Khatri
Binance Binance says more than $40 million in bitcoin stolen in 'large scale' hack Zack Whittaker and Catherine Shu
Binance Binance launches bitcoin-pegged token on Binance Chain Steven Zheng
Bancor An article announcing Bancor's release of their 100th coin to the market. Bancor's 100th Token 2018-06-04 Team Bancor
Bancor An article describing Bancor's rise to the blockchain world. The Pundits Were Wrong, Bancor Solves A Big Problem, and is Scaling Rapidly 2018-02-26 Lou Kerner
Bancor An article explaining how Bancor's applications are currently being used to fight poverty. Trading the First Tomatoes on the Blockchain 2018-08-09 Will Ruddick
bitFlyer William Suberg
bitFlyer Leading Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitflyer now has a new Representative Director & CEO – Yoshio Hirako. The bitflyer founder Yuzo Kano will remain as a Director. With the Financial Services Agency (FSA) forcing the industry into a single self-regulatory organization (SRO), the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA), it was reported that the financial regulator leaned heavily on Kano-san to bring the entity to life. Industry insiders view this management change as the culmination of tensions between Kano-san and the FSA. BitFlyer’s co-founder Yuzo Kano has a significant experience and background related to digital assets. According to the information stated in the announcement, in 2001, Kano-san worked as a software engineer at Goldman Sachs Japan Securities Co., Ltd. and then moved into Equity Derivatives Trading roles at BNP Paribas and Goldman Sachs. Leading Japanese Crypto Exchange bitFlyer Welcomes New CEO 2019-01-26 Justin
bitFlyer bitFlyer Holdings, Inc., the parent company of the Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer, announced this Friday that it has made a series of director appointments to strengthen its corporate governance and management structure. The appointees in question for bitFlyer holdings are Yoshio Hirako, who is now a representative director for bitFlyer holdings and Yuzo Kano, who was previously the representative director, has been named as a Director. bitFlyer Names New Directors for Exchange & Parent Company 2019-01-25 Celeste Skinner
Cardano As Stellar's lumens generate a sharp drop in their prices, with more than seven percentage points, their closest competitor, ADA is gaining traction amid a neutral feeling that covers Bitcoin, which is used by many altcoins to position themselves. in the general classification of the market. Cardano fights over the key support in hopes of regaining the tenth market position 2019-09-20 Daniel Jimenez
Humaniq An article discussing Sierra Leone's plan to implement a blockchain-based credit bureau and its impact on the rest of Africa's take for future financial considerations. Ahead of Traditional Banking: How Africa Employs Blockchain For Financial Inclusion 2018-10-04 Stephen O'Neal
Humaniq An article updating Humaniq's current trading price against the dollar. Humaniq Reaches a 1-Day Volume of $ 77,933.00 (HMQ) 2018-12-02 Jordan Dyson
Circle Circle CEO Allaire to Congress: Treat Crypto as a New Asset Class Nikhilesh De
Circle Coinbase and Circle will no longer be the only platforms to issue and redeem USDC, in new bid to boost stablecoin adoption among institutions Isabel Woodford
Circle RBS picks Marieke Flament to head business-focused digital bank Sarah Provan
Circle A Crypto-Friendly Puerto Rico Bank Is Crowdfunding on Circle’s SeedInvest Anna Baydakova
Circle Major crypto firms have raised $781 million through a platform called Bnk to the Future, which runs public offerings via complex offshore funding vehicles. How crypto heavyweights including Ripple and Circle pulled in $781 million using a little-known crypto funding tool Ben Munster
Circle An article reviewing developments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, SDEX, and Coinbase. Number of accounts on Stellar (XLM) doubling to 2 million in only 2 months 2018-11-30 Philipp Traugott
Circle The company also laid off 10% of its staff. Sources: Circle slashes reported $250 million fundraising goal by $100 million Celia Wan and Frank Chaparro
Circle Circle OTC head departs firm, following layoffs and departures Frank Chaparro
Circle Crypto Chiefs Novogratz, Allaire Say Facebook’s Coin Is a Bullish Sign Alastair Marsh and Olga Kharif
Circle An article talking about Circle seeking further funding. Crypto Startup Circle Seeking $250 Million in New Funding Jon Victor
Circle An article talking about Circle's acquisition of SeedInvest. Circle Completes SeedInvest Purchase, Paving the Way for Tokenized Equities Anna Baydakova
Circle Circle set to shut down its payments app, looks to new products Frank Chaparro
Circle Senate Banking Committee to Hold Hearing on Crypto Regulation Nikhilesh De
Circle Circle Moves Exchange Operations Offshore With New Bermuda Office Leigh Cuen
Circle Circle CEO is joining Justin Sun’s meal with Warren Buffet Tim Copeland
Inspool An article discussing how startup online insurance companies are disrupting insurance businesses. Auto Insurance: Disruptive technology brings changes in the sector 2018-10-17 FE Bureau
Coinfirm An article announcing a recent partnership between Gatecoin and Coinfirm. Gatecoin enters the coinfirm network 2018-11-29 Mary Kihoro
Ladder Decentralized Video Platform Built on Ethereum Raises $8 Million Daniel Kuhn
Ladder Crypto Peer-to-Peer Exchanges Grow in Popularity as Regulatory Scrutiny Rises Olga Kharif
Ladder Ladder Now Available Through Radius Bank Avi Ben-Hutta
Lumity An article describing Lumity's financing round that raised $19 million. Lumity raises $19M to simplify employee health care choices. 2017-12-15 Matthew Lynley
Zipari industrial engineers could help health insurers 2019-06-26 Etugo Nwokah
Zipari An article that explains how important it is to Zipari technical debt Zipari Vice President Jyoti Mokal explains how to take on the right kind of technology debt 2019-06-25 Editor's Choice
Zipari Moving Healthcare to the Cloud 2019-01-31 Joao-Pierre Ruth
Sureify FAST Partners with Sureify to Digitally Transform Insurance An article focusing on Chennai-based online financial marketplace BankBazaar, and its historical financial performance. [What The Financials] With $10.5 Mn In Revenues & 10% Fall In Expenses In FY16-17, BankBazaar Is Set To Disrupt Fintech 2018-05-29 Ankan Das An article in which BankBazaar said DG Mundra has been appointed as an advisor to the company. BankBazaar appoints former RBI DG Mundra as advisor 2018-10-15 PTI
CryptoKitties Want to Own Kawhi’s Jump Shot? NBA and CryptoKitties Maker Launch Digital Collectibles Jeff John Roberts
CryptoKitties An article discussing Digital Collectibles. Digital Collectibles 2018-04-08 Iba Group
CryptoKitties An article highlighting a capital raise by CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties Receives $12 Mln In Funding From Big Name Investors 2018-03-22 Helen Partz
CryptoKitties An article explaining how Cryptokitties became a worldwide hit The Inside Story of the Cryptokitties Congestion Crisis 2018-05-21 Consensys
CryptoKitties An article talking about CryptoKitties and prize money. CryptoKitties are racing for prize money on the ethereum blockchain 2018-03-29 Joon Ian Wong
CryptoKitties An article explaining CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties, Explained ... Mostly 2017-12-27 Nellie Bowles
CryptoKitties Thanks to CryptoKaju’s collaboration with CryptoKitties’ developer Dapper, now you can have one! Wouldn’t you like a REAL CryptoKitty? Adriana Hamacher
CryptoKitties An article discussing how you can make money with CryptoKitties. How we made $100K trading CryptoKitties 2018-04-10 Ivan Bogatyy
CryptoKitties An article talking about how someone paid a massive amount for a CryptoKitty. Someone paid $170,000 for the most expensive CryptoKitty ever 2018-09-05 Neer Varshney
Goji An article discussing Goji's recent $15 million capital raise. Boston-based Goji raises $15M for online insurance service 2017-11-16 Kelly J. O'Brien
Goji An article announcing Goji's new CEO. Goji Announces New CEO 2017-11-03 PRNewswire
Array Health An article that announces Array Health's recent USD 9m capital. Array Health, developer of private health exchange software, raises $9M 2014-08-20 Dan Verel
Array Health An article that breaks down GetInsured's recent acquisition of Array Health. GetInsured acquires Array Health: 5 key notes 2016-12-01 Eric Oliver
Limelight Health Limelight Health Raises $33.5 Million in Oversubscribed Series C Funding; Adds Kara Hoogensen and Lerk-Ling Chang to its Board
Cytora AI Startup Cytora Raises $32.5M to Expand Commercial Insurance Products, Geographies
InMyBag An article discussing five insurtech companies that have the potential to make an impact in the blockchain world. Five emerging InsurTechs to take note 2018-05-29 Tim Sandle
InMyBag An article that discusses specialist tech insurer, InMyBag and their plans to raise GPB 500,000 through equity crowdfunding. London Insurtech InMyBag now seeks £ 500,000 in Seedrs 2018-01-23 Samantha Hurst
Buzzmove An article outlining Insurtech startup, buzzmove's new home insurance product. Insurtech buzzmove set to launch smart app-based home insurance product 2018-10-07 Clare Ruel
Digital Fineprint An article announcing startup company, Digital Fineprint, winning the TDI prize for Best InsurTech Startup. Winning Best InsurTech Startup in TDI 2017-11-07 Editorial team Digital Fineprint
Digital Fineprint An article announcing Digital Fineprint and their recent partnership with MetLife. Working with Metlife 2017-08-21 Editorial team Digital Fineprint
DogeCoin Dogecoin lists on Binance exchange (So Much Wow) Adriana Hamacher
Rare Bits A Rare Bits press release describing the process and benefits of using their tools in the blockchain world. Rare Bits for Developers — Tools and data for building into the digital goods ecosystem 2018-06-11 Team Rare Bits
Instanda An article introducing Per Capita which is an online insurance solutions platform aimed at small to medium sized companies. MGAM in partnership with INSTANDA launches automated insurance platform for SMEs. 2017-06-15 Terry Gangcuangco
Back Me Up An article that discusses the launch of Back Me Up - an insurance company focused on people below the age of 35. The launch of Back Me Up, powered by Ageas 2016-09-08 Emma Allen
AppOrchid Instech market gives a review of industry for the estimation period duration is 2018 – 2025. Instech market report includes market size, market share, application, growth rate, future trends. The market research of Instech is going in very briefly. It covers all point which is mandatory and useful for a customer of Instech industry. Global Instech market was admired at USD XX million, which the real business Instech market players have expected crossing USD XX million before the finish of 2025 with a CAGR of XX %, considering 2018 as the base year and speculation period in the range of 2018 and 2025. Instech Market Research: CAGR (%) Comparison by Type, Capacity, Production, Revenue, and Forecast to 2025 2019-01-15 Donald Hill
AppOrchid According to this study, over the next five years the Insuretech market will register a xx% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ xx million by 2023, from US$ xx million in 2017. In particular, this report presents the global revenue market share of key companies in Insuretech business, shared in Chapter 3 This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares and growth opportunities of Insuretech market by product type, application, key companies and key regions. Insuretech Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Type, Deployment, Enterprise Size, And Segment Forecasts, 2018 – 2025 2018-12-28 Digital Journal
Hippo An article discussing a milestone from Hippo Insurance. U.S. Insurtech Hippo Insurance Milestone: Tops $10 Billion in Total Insured Property Value 2018-06-10 Crowd Funding Insider
Hippo Arturo Announces New Partnership with Insurtech Hippo Insurance Samantha Hurst
Hippo Exclusive: Comcast-Championed Home Insurer Hippo Hits $1 Billion ‘Unicorn’ Valuation Robert Hackett
Hippo Mary Meeker’s Bond Capital Leads $100M Round In Insurance Startup Hippo, Crowning It A Unicorn Alex Wilhelm
ChainThat Faries, former Chief of Tokyo Millennium, Bermuda, has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance market, which includes property and accidents in the US markets. UU., London and Bermuda, in addition to developing and managing captive insurance companies. She served as Executive Director of Tokio Solution Management Ltd. where she spearheaded the expansion of TMR's capital market strategy with the launch of TSM and Shima Re in 2012 and was instrumental in building TMR's reputation as a leader in innovative ChainThat has appointed Kathleen Faries as an adviser to Bermuda. 2019-05-17 David Pimentel
Bitland An article describing Bitland's recent rise to Time magazine's 50 Most Genius Companies of 2018. Bitland is a genius company 2018-10-05 Scott Thompson
Bitland Bitland , one of the first startups to use Blockchain's technology to create a proprietary record, has been included in the list of Time Magazine's 50 Greatest Companies of the Year 2018 . Time asked its global network of correspondents to designate the companies that are inventing the future, then evaluated the candidates for their originality, influence, success and ambition . Companies are listed in alphabetical order. Time magazine includes startup Blockchain Bitland among the 50 most cool companies in the world 2018-10-05 Diario bitcoin
ICON An article describing ICON Foundations's initiative in Singapore via TRIVE Ventures and PwC Singapore's Venture Hub. The ICON Foundation announces its new initiative of accelerators in Singapore 2018-12-04 Viraj Shah
ICON JP Morgan buys health-care payments firm InstaMed in the bank’s biggest acquisition since the financial crisis Hugh Son
ICON An article focusing on recent statements made by ICON Foundation regarding to recent platform matters. ICON Foundation Makes Key Announcements 2018-11-15 Mary Kihoro
Earn An article that describes the uses and purposes of Uses Bitcoin To Reinvent And Optimize Sales And Marketing 2017-11-07 Vala Afshar
Earn An article describing the abilities of 21 Co. 21 Co – Answer Paid Messages, Emails & Complete Tasks For BTC? 2018-02-10 BitCoinExchangeGuide
Earn An article that focuses on how blockchain can turn the internet into the world's largest stock market. Blockchain's potential affect on the stock market 2017-09-05 Erick jackson
360 Blockchain Inc. An article breaking down 360 Blockchain Inc's recent acquisition. 360 Blockchain Inc. Completes Acquisition of Profitable Blockchain Assets 2018-07-26 Anwesha Sengupta
360 Blockchain Inc. An article announcing the recent appointment of Pressland's advisory board. Pressland Establishes Advisory Board with Appointment of Respected Legal and Media Experts 2018-07-31 Hamza Ghaznavi
360 Blockchain Inc. An article that announces 360 Blockchain Inc.'s recent marketing partnership in their upcoming token sale. Pressland Partners with ICO Marketing Experts “Token Agency” for Upcoming Token Sale 2018-07-24 Anwesha Sengupta
BlockGemini Technologies Dubai-based startup Block Gemini has developed a blockchain logistics solution which it deployed with Tristar Group. are mainly focusing on supply chain initiatives so we have a last mile delivery track and trace solution, says Block Gemini co-founder and CEO, Christopher Fernandez. Smart contracts are a set of rules placed on top of a blockchain which all parties agree to. If those rules and conditions are met, the smart contract can negotiate the pending transaction or agreement. Block Gemini leverages blockchain to optimise logistics 2018-12-06 Carla Sertin
BlockGemini Technologies An article describing blockchain's reach into the tanker business. ESHIPS introduces blockchain into the tanker sector 2018-11-02 Craig Jallal
Guidewire Software An article that explains how Guidewire has increased its offers in the market by more than 50 percent. Guidewire Announces Increase to Marketplace Offerings 2018-10-16 Teri Ryan
Guidewire Software An article that talks about the way in which insurers advance in their journey of data and analysis Exec Panel Discusses Insurance Data/Analytics Journey at Guidewire Connections 2018-10-19 Anthony O'Donnell
Basis An article discussing how Basis received a large investment. 3 Princeton grads just got $133 million from Silicon Valley's hottest investors for a cryptocurrency that could actually replace money 2018-04-18 Zoë Bernard
Basis Enter Basis, a year-old, 10-person, Hoboken, N.J.-based cryptocurrency startup at work on a “stable coin” whose elastic supply will ostensibly expand and contract to keep its value at about a dollar instead of all over the map. The company’s big idea: to develop a new token that people will actually use, instead of use to speculate.. Investors apparently love what Basis is cooking up. The upstart is announcing today that it has raised a somewhat stunning $133 million in funding from Bain Capital Ventures, GV, longtime hedge fund manager Stan Druckenmiller, one-time Federal Reserve governor Kevin Warsh, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, WingVC, NFX Ventures, Valor Capital, Zhenfund, Ceyuan, Sky9 Capital, Digital Currency Group and others. Bas Basis, a year-old startup that’s building a price-stable cryptocurrency, just raised $133 million from top investorsis, a year-old startup that’s building a price-stable cryptocurrency, just raised $133 million from top investors 2018-04-18 Connie Loizos
Atlant An article highlighting how ATLANT (ATL) traded. ATLANT (ATL) 24 Hour Volume at $15,780 as Price at $0.036113 2018-11-07 Hannah Smit
Atlant An article discussing how ATLANT is using blockchain. ATLANT is Using Blockchain to Disrupt the Real Estate Ecosystem 2017-10-12 Jayanand Sagar
Bee Token ‘Decentralized Airbnb’ Starts Charging Fees as ICO Model Falters Brady Dale
Bee Token BLOCKCHAIN Bee Token pivots to attract more clients Decentralised home-sharing platform Bee Token has started charging some of its clients fees for rentals as a way to boost revenue, CoinDesk reports. Up until now, the startup charged 0 per cent for rentals, yet it seems the revenue growth was too slow, and the company was not attracting enough new clients. For that reason, Bee decided to provide traditional rentals to win over traditional business travellers. Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Chou said the move is definitely a pivot, and its aim is to achieve a sustainable revenue model. Bee Token pivots to attract more clients 2019-01-23 blockchain
Bestow he start-up, called Bestow Inc., landed $15 million – via a series A round – that will help the company go nationwide and improve its services. The digital product is designed to let customers sign up for life insurance in less than five minutes. There's this fundamental disconnect, dislocation between customer demand and adoption, said Melbourne O'Banion, CEO of Bestow. There's millions of people who view life insurance as a very relevant financial product for them, but they have yet to purchase it. Dallas company aiming to simplify life insurance unveils funding round of $15M 2018-05-22 Brian Womack
Bestow An article discussing how Melbourne O’Banion sees opportunity in using analytics to bring the insurance industry into the next century. To that end, the Dallas-based startup announced today it’s raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by Valar Ventures, with participation from existing investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Core Innovation Capital, 8VC, and Morpheus Ventures. This closing brings Bestow’s total financing to more than $18 million, the company said. O’Banion says the company will use the money to aggressively expand nationally in the next year. O’Banion is a serial entrepreneur who has founded two companies related to the insurance market: one in title insurance and another working with companies that have self-insured health plans for employees. That got me to exploring the life insurance industry, he says. started meeting with carriers and insurers and executives a few years ago. Aiming to Digitize Term Life Insurance Industry, Bestow Raises $15M 2018-05-21 Angela Shah
Tether Bitfinex reveals stablecoin is only 74% backed by cash, says it’s ‘simultaneously addressing’ requests from NYAG, DOJ and CFTC Celia Wan
Tether Bitfinex Releases Official White Paper for $1 Billion Exchange Token Offering Wolfie Zhao
Tether Bitfinex Claims ‘New York’ Customers Cited by NYAG Are Foreign Entities Nikhilesh De
Tether Tether to Issue Stablecoin Backed by Chinese Yuan in Belgian Bank: Insider Wolfie Zhao
Tether The Bitfinex IEO, how did we get here? Robert-Jan den Haan
Tether Tether's U.S. Dollar Peg Is No Longer Credible Frances Coppola
Tether Bitfinex Token Sale Has Lined Up $1 Billion in Commitments, Shareholder Says Wolfie Zhao
Tether Bitfinex IEO token LEO shares its name with Crypto Capital shell company Guillermo Jimenez
Tether Binance's first stablecoin, which could be issued in a few months, will be denominated in and 100% backed by the British pound, Biggest Crypto Exchange Takes on Tether With Own Stablecoins Olga Kharif
Tether Justin Sun keeps paying people to use Tron blockchain Cole Petersen
Tether Billionaire Bitfinex Shareholder Hints at Exchange Token after $850 Million Tether Scandal Joseph Young
Tether Crypto Capital accounts were seized in Backpage sex-trafficking bust Guillermo Jimenez
Tether Bitfinex and Tether respond to NYAG in court saying that there is no ongoing fraud, and no victims Larry Cermak
Tether Bitfinex issues details for $1 billion token sale; exchange plans to use money to cover frozen funds Celia Won
Tether An article rebutting previous statements of Tether not backed by cash. Crypto-Mystery Clues Suggest Tether Has the Billions It Promised 2018-12-18 Matthew Leising
Tether An investor in the Minnesota Vikings, the Arizona businessman was trying to finance a new U.S. football league. But the feds say he was a mastermind in a vast money-laundering operation at the heart of the crypto industry. The strange case against Crypto Capital-connected Reginald Fowler Ben Munster
Tether Bitfinex CTO says the company successfully raised nearly $1 billion in a private token sale Larry Cermak
Tether Bitfinex Needs ‘A Few Weeks’ to Unfreeze Funds, CFO Tells Shareholder Nikhilesh De
Tether ‘Other stable coins are not serious contenders at this stage:’ High speed traders don’t see an alternative to Tether Celia Wan
Tether Craig Wright accuses Binance and Tether of funding prostitution and slavery, community backlash ensues Priyeshu Garg
Tether When the Dust Settles: The Bitfinex Probe Reveals Structural Weaknesses Noelle Acheson
Tether Judge Punts on Decision in NYAG Case Against Bitfinex and Tether Nikhilesh De
Tether Chinese Crypto Exchanges List Bitfinex Token Futures after $850 Million Tether Scandal Joseph Young
Tether Tether Mistakenly Mints, Then Immediately Burns $5 Billion USDT Adrian Zmudzinski
Tether Bitfinex and Tether Obtain Stay of Demands From New York Supreme Court Ana Alexandre
Tether More Tether ‘Reflective’ of Real Dollars Coming Into Bitcoin, Says Kraken CEO William Suberg
Tether U.S. Government requests detention for defendant at center of Bitfinex imbroglio, describes ‘Master US Workbook’
Tether Bitfinex preliminary injunction modified to last 90 days, Tether’s ability to extend credit line still frozen Ryan Todd
Tether Millions in Crypto Is Crossing the Russia-China Border Daily. There, Tether Is King Anna Baydakova
Tether Tether Hits Back at Claims Its Reserves Were Used to Cover $850 Million Loss at Bitfinex Rhomas Simms
Tether The story of Crypto Capital’s dark past and its deep ties with the crypto industry Tim Copeland
Tether Nearly $185 million in bitcoin and ether was withdrawn from Bitfinex’s cold wallets
Tether Bitfinex Shareholder Provides More Details About Potential $1 Billion Token Sale Nikhilesh De
Tether Bitfinex Repays Tether $100 Million of $700 Million Loan Nikhilesh De
Tether Bitfinex is looking to launch Tether on the Lightning Network by the end of the year, and an exec says it’s ‘one of the coolest things’ they’ve ever done Frank Chaparro
Tether Bitfinex Covered $850 Million Loss Using Tether Funds, NY Prosecutors Allege Nikhilesh De
Tether Crypto ATM Operator Postpones Tether Buying ‘Until the Smoke Clears’ Anna Baydakova
Tether Tether launches on Blockstream’s Liquid just in time for NYAG court hearing Ben Munster
Tether Bitfinex and Tether Ask Court to Loosen NYAG’s Fund Restrictions Nikhilesh De
Tether The cryptocurrency world is even more concentrated than most observers probably realize. Just 318 Crypto Addresses Control 80% of Tether Olga Kharif
Tether Tether loaned USDT to investors and illegally traded in New York, say investigators Ben Munster
Zilliqa Zilliqa Passes ‘Milestone’ With Addition of Smart Contracts to Its Blockchain Daniel Palmer
Zilliqa PepsiCo Blockchain Trial Brings 28% Boost in Supply Chain Efficiency Yogita Khatri
Zilliqa PepsiCo Blockchain Trial Brings 28% Boost in Supply Chain Efficiency Yogita Khatri
Zilliqa Zilliqa is teaming up with Chainlink to build a data-driven ecosystem Rebecca Campbell
Avant An article discussing how HSBC is teaming up with Avant to offer unsecured loans to new and existing customers. HSBC U.S. Partners With Web-Based Avant to Offer Personal Loans 2018-10-22 Hannah Levitt
SoFi SoFi Is in Talks With Qatar for $500 Million Funding Round Julie Verhage
SoFi Lending start-up SoFi closes $500 million funding round, led by Qatar Kate Rooney
SoFi SoFi Loses Three Top Executives Peter Rudegeair
Lufax An article announcing Lufax's recent fund raising of $1.3 billion from several investors. Lufax, backed by Ping An, raises $ 1.3 billion. 2018-12-03 Kane Wu
Atom Bank Atom Bank, the first mobile bank in the United Kingdom, has announced its incorporation into the Bacs payment system, which will allow it to offer its customers direct debit services. In this way, Atom joins the Bacs Payment System , owned by Pay.UK, the leading retail payment management entity in the United Kingdom. Currently, Bacs processes about 6,500 million transactions per year, for a total of more than 4.9 billion pounds sterling. On this new announcement, Mark Mullen , CEO of Atom bank, said: Are delighted to have incorporated Bacs, a crucial milestone for Atom. This agreement will allow us to offer our customers greater control over their payments and continue expanding our portfolio of products and services going forward Atom bank expands its offer for customers 2019-01-24 Chris Semple
Atom Bank An article profiling Atom Bank. Atom Bank, the most innovative European fintech firm 2016-10-26 Luz Fernández Espinosa
Nubank An article that provides an explation of Nubank as a company, and their efforts to target Brazil's underbanked population through no-fee credit card. DST leads $80M round in Brazil’s Nubank to take on the big boys in financial services 2016-12-07 TechCrunch
Nubank Brazil's Nubank Kicks Off International Expansion Angelica Mari
Nubank The company has been in talks to secure a round of financing led by a new Latin American fund controlled by SoftBank Group, You probably haven’t heard of Nubank. But it could be a $10 billion company, so you should. Theodore Schleifer
Nubank Goldman-Backed Nubank Heads to Argentina in Latin America Push Felipe Marques
Funding Circle SMEs are the FinTech’s bees knees Chris Skinner
Funding Circle An article explaining Funding Circle's plan on global expansion for 2019. Funding Circle eyes global expansion in 2019 2018-11-20 Marc Shoffman
Funding Circle An article breaking down the next phase of strategic partnership between Funding Circle and INTRUST Bank. INTRUST Bank and Funding Circle expand partnership to support more US small businesses 2018-06-26 Funding Circle
Klarna 'Smoooth Dogg': Snoop Dogg just backed a Swedish online payments unicorn Ryan Browne
Klarna Klarna Launches Open Banking Platform
Klarna SEC v Kik will end with certainty, but will it bring clarity? Guillermo Jimenez
Klarna Swedish fintech Klarna valued at $5.5 billion in funding round Douglas Busvine
Square Square Is Staffing up for a New Cryptocurrency Unit, Says Jack Dorsey Alyssa Newcomb
Square Square Is Expanding Access to Bitcoin Deposits for Cash App Users Nikhilesh De
Square An article talking about Square's Bitcoin sales. Square Brought in Over $166 Million Through Bitcoin Sales Last Year Yogita Khatri
Square Jack Dorsey says now is our chance to build a global currency for the internet John Detrixhe
Square Square Quietly Launches Program For CBD Cannabis Company Credit Card Processing Tim Angell
Square Square acquires conversational AI startup Eloquent Labs Megan Rose Dickey
Square Square unveils new debit card for small-business customers Emily Bary
Square Square Crypto selects former Google director as its first hire Steven Zheng
Square Bitcoin core developer Matt Corallo joins Square Crypto Seth Goldfarb
Square Square’s Q2 Bitcoin Revenue Nearly Doubles From Previous Record Brady Dale
BTL Group An article updating Vela Technologies developmental update of its Interit Megachain platform. Vela's BTL Group Advances Development Of Interbit Megachain Platform 2018-11-08 Alliance News
AppZen An article disclosing the release of AppZen's January 2019 report "The State of AI in Business Spend". New AppZen Report Reveals Insight The State Of AI In Business Spend 2019-01-17 Jacob Wolinsky
AppZen An article highlighting a capital raise by AppZen. AppZen Raises $35 Million for Expense Automation: Travel Startup Funding This Week 2018-11-02 Sean O'Neill
Grow An article that focuses on an interview with Grow Inc. founder and CEO, Rob Nelson. $13M in Funding, Hits $300k MRR 2016-11-27 Mike Mallard
Grow An article announcing the addition of a Smart Builder to the Grow application. Grow announces product innovations at Second Annual Data Driven Summit 2018-10-02 Taylor Lundell
Grow An article announcing Grow, Inc. recent hire of former Infusionsoft and Intuit leader, Richard Tripp. Former infusionsoft executive and intuit leader Richard tripp joins Grow 2017-12-13 Grow
GridMarkets An article describing the many uses of GridMarkets. GridMarkets: Making Rendering Easy 2018-04-05 Insights Success
GridMarkets An article that announces GridMarkets and Socure as winners of the 2014 North America BBVA Open Talent Awards. Socure and GridMarkets win 2014 North America BBVA Open Talent Awards 2015-10-07 Fran Méndez
Coinsilium Group An article recapping a report that describes the current retail market for blockchain. Blockchain in Retail Market to be Worth USD 3,704 Million Globally By 2024 - Zion Market Research 2018-11-27 Zion Market Research
Robinhood FIS, Fiserv and Infosys compete for Robinhood’s core banking tech deal Tanya Andreasyan
Robinhood Fintech Robinhood Said to Be Pursuing National Bank Charter JD Alois
Robinhood Robinhood’s Free Crypto Trades Powered by Chicago’s Jump Trading Matthew Leising and Benjamin Bain
Robinhood An article that discusses the widespread concerns of Robinhood's launch. SIPC Says It Has Serious Concerns About Robinhood's New Product 2018-12-14 Julie Verhage
Robinhood An article describing Robinhood's attempt to relaunch amid initial criticism. Robinhood to re-launch, rebrand its savings account plan after widespread criticism 2018-12-15 Javier E. David and Kate Rooney
Robinhood Free stock trading app Robinhood raises $323m at $7.6bn valuation Kate Clark
Robinhood An article that talks about Robinhood's failed launch. What fintech can learn from Robinhood's 'epic fail' of launching checking accounts 2018-12-17 Kate Rooney
Robinhood Robinhood gets approval to launch its popular investing app in the UK Ryan Browne
Robinhood Robinhood Zero-Fee Trading App Officially Launches in New York Helen Partz
Robinhood Exclusive: Robinhood Made Its First Acquisition Ever — And It’s a Financial Newsletter Polina Marinova
Robinhood The round is said to value the company at between $7bn and $8bn Robinhood Is Set to Raise at Least $200 Million in New Funding Julie Verhage
Atlas Blockchain Group An article highlighting comments made by Atlas Blockchain. Publicly Traded Atlas Blockchain Comments on Trading Activity 2018-09-09 JD Alois
Atlas Blockchain Group An article talking about Atlas Blockchain Group. How Financially Strong Is Atlas Blockchain Group Inc (CNSX:AKE)? 2018-09-06 Bryson Sharp
Stash Stash Scores $65 Million; Launches Stock-Back Rewards David Penn
WealthFront Raisin GmbH has hired Wealthfront’s Paul Knodel to create its U.S. business. PayPal Is Backing a German Startup to Help You Save, Not Spend Stephan Kahl
WealthFront Wealthfront acquires financial planning fintech Grove Sean Allocca
Global Blockchain An article that describes a recent project by FORK to create a decentralized social network. FORK commissioned by Jamaa 2018-12-13 MarketWatch
Global Blockchain An article that talks about a partnership between Global Blockchain and Jamaa Online with the goal of creating a blockchain-based social network. Global Blockchain to develop social network for UK-based Jamaa Online 2018-12-13 Dennis Fitzgerald
Global Blockchain Graph Blockchain Signs Binding LOI to Acquire Gaming Company
Intellectsoft An article reporting and forecasting the U.S. App Creation Software market. App Creation Software Market : Size, Openxcell, Intellectsoft, Sourcebits 2018-2025 2018-12-01 Pratik
Litecoin The move is set for August 5. Everything you need to know about the Litecoin halvening Darryn Pollock
Litecoin Litecoin Foundation to Release Physical Cryptocurrency Debit Card Ana Alexandre
Insuresoft An article discussing the impact of a recent partnership between Cloverleaf Analytics and Insuresoft. Insuresoft Forms Strategic Alliance with Cloverleaf Analytics 2018-07-17 Heather Dunn
AOC Insurance Broker An article announcing a new mobile app for AOC Insurance Broker. AOC Insurance Broker Launch Revolutionary App 2017-07-04 iPMI Magazine
AOC Insurance Broker An article discussing a contest game among super ambassadors. Super Ambassador 2018 Contest Game 2018-07-02 AOC
Wrisk Niall Barton's Wrisk reveals new CEO Ida Axling
Wrisk Allianz partners with insurtech Wrisk to modernise car insurance Patrick Brusnahan
Wrisk Update: UK Insurtech Wrisk Completes Latest Seedrs Round With More than £975,000 in Funding Samantha Hurst
Ripio Ripio Is Launching a Crypto Exchange for 3 Latin American Nations Anna Baydakova
Afluenta Mexico is the country in Latin America where there is greater competition between the platforms of collective funding, or crowdfunding, with respect to the other nations of the region, so it will be a market that would reach maturity quickly, to the benefit of demand, said Alejandro Cosentino, director of the Afluenta platform. In an interview, the director of the platform that also has operations in Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Brazil, commented that the activity of collective funding, or of loans between people, carries inherent risks, such as the lack of liquidity for investors at certain times. of process; However, they have been able to be resolved according to the evolution of the market, which in Mexico is very accelerated. Mexico, with the biggest competition in crowdfunding AL: Afluenta 2018-11-26 Fernando Gutiérrez
Afluenta Afluenta Latin America's first collaborative finance network celebrates its 6th anniversary with indicators that strengthen its business model. In effect, collective debt financing (of the English "crowdlending") in one of the most popular business segments of the growing financial services technology industry (fintech). More than 10,000 investors made it possible to grant a volume of 3.6 million in microcredits representing a total of $ 700 million in 15,000 financed projects. This is possible because Afluenta investigated in detail the credit behavior of the Argentine to turn it into investment opportunities for other Argentines who wanted to get more for their money. Afluenta celebrates its sixth anniversary beating records 2018-09-25 Staff
AssetzCapital In his new role, Shami will operate remotely in the London and South East region and work with brokers and intermediaries to provide flexible finance solutions to businesses. Assetz has seen its lending numbers increase dramatically since its inception, and I’m keen to ensure that this momentum continues. Assetz Capital appoints new relationship director 2019-01-25 THEO OSBORN
AssetzCapital An article announcing Abundance's recent GBP 1.2m crowdfunding goal. Abundance Hits £1.2 Million Crowdfunding Goal on Seedrs. 2018-11-05 JD Alois
Tron BitTorrent founder says Justin Sun is skipping out on paying for acquisition Guillermo Jimenez
Tron Tron’s New Sun Network Going Live This Week Promises ‘Unlimited Capacity’ Adrian Zmudzinski
Tron ‘Excessive Self-Promotion’: Justin Sun Apologizes After Postponing Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett Stella Yifan Xie and Steven Russolillo
Tron ‘Excessive Self-Promotion’: Justin Sun Apologizes After Postponing Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett Stella Yifan Xie and Steven Russolillo
Tron Is China angry at Justin Sun for paying “America’s #1 capitalist” Warren Buffet $4.6 million for lunch? Report: Justin Sun has been on the lam from China since November 2018 Shuyao Long
Tron Who Cancels Lunch With Warren Buffett? A Chinese Tycoon Did, but Why? Alexandra Stevenson and Cao Li
Tron Sun appears in San Francisco amid claims he is banned from leaving China Jordan Heal
Tron Was Tron’s CEO detained in China by the authorities today? Or is he in San Francisco? Justin Sun’s credibility problem Shuyao Kong and Guillermo Jimenez
Tron A Chinese media report suggests Sun didn't cancel his lunch with Buffett for medical reasons but because of money laundering allegations. Justin Sun Denies Accusation That Tron’s Fundraise Was Illegal Wolfie Zhao
Tron TRON founder Justin Sun cancels lunch with Warren Buffett due to health complications Priyeshu Garg
Tron Binance Launchpad announces Tron-backed WINk IEO Adriana Hamacher
Tron Circle CEO is joining Justin Sun’s meal with Warren Buffet Tim Copeland
Tron ‘Tron is no operating system,’ says Cornell Professor; Ethereum [ETH]’s Vitalik Buterin contributes Priya
Tron What to expect from tomorrow’s launch of BitTorrent Speed Tim Copeland
Tron Tron Calls Police to Protect Beijing Office Against Angry Mob Helen Partz
Tron Justin Sun: Tron’s Listing on Major US Exchange Is #1 Priority Thomas Simms
Tron If Justin Sun isn’t bluffing—and who knows—TRON’s BitTorrent gambit could pay dividends. Flying too close to the sun Ben Munster
Tron TRON Foundation Gears Up for the Largest TRX Buyback Jimmy Aki
Tron A biographical piece on Justin Sun, the 26 year old founder of TRON, who as the article notes as been said by some to be the "the next Jack Ma". Could This Millennial 'Crypto' Tech Visionary Be The Next Jack Ma? 2017-08-12 Roger Aitken
Tron Tron’s 28-year-old CEO wants to use blockchain games and BitTorrent to decentralize the internet Dean Takahashi
Tron Power Move Before Power Lunch: Tron CEO Switches Venue for Buffett Meeting Daniel Kuhn
Tron TRON Founder Justin Sun Hosts Charity Blockchain Poker Cup for 2 Million TRX Amount of Donation Going to Binance Charity
Tron The Tron founder was accompanied by a man dressed as an avocado. Justin Sun crashes Vitalik Buterin’s keynote speech at Token2049 Nick Chong
Tron Justin Sun keeps paying people to use Tron blockchain Cole Petersen
Tron Tron Acquires Blockchain App Store CoinPlay Helen Partz
Tron Tron CEO Sun to Give Away Two Teslas After Bungling Promotion Vildana Hajric
Tron Tron’s Justin Sun Wins eBay Charity Auction in $4.57M Bid to Lunch With Warren Buffett Marie Huillet
Tron Tron Dapps Saw $1.6 Billion in Volume in Q1 2019, Driven By Gambling Leigh Cuen
Tron The DeanBeat: Why the smart kids are moving into blockchain games Dean Takahashi
Tron Tron Co-Founder and CTO Leaves Project, Alleging Excessive Centralization Marie Huillet
Tron Ex-Tron CTO Denies Founder Justin Sun’s Accusations of Embezzlement, Bribery Wolfie Zhao
Tron The BitTorrent token’s flagging price is making it unusable Ben Munster
Tron Brady Dale
Tron China ranks Ethereum, EOS and Tron way above Bitcoin Darryn Pollock
Tron Are Tron & Justin Sun Playing a Sneaky Game of 4-D Chess? Greg Thomson
Tron Too Sick for Buffett Lunch, Justin Sun Attends Tron Influencer Party in SF Zack Seward
Clearcover An article explaining the effects of online insurance companies like Kin Insurance and Clearcover have against standard insurance giants. Meet Allstate's newest challengers 2018-02-09 John Pletz
Clearcover Insurtech Clearcover raises $43m for US expansion Henry valar
Clearcover AI-Driven MGA Clearcover Raises $43 Million; American Family Among Backers Mark Holmer
BlockSure An article announcing Blocksure's recent launch of its new insurance platform which focuses on cutting back-office costs by half. Blocksure launches new blockchain insurance platform 2018-08-03 Charlie Wood
BlockSure Insurtech Blocksure bolsters management team with industry experts
Next Insurance An article that speaks of small businesses can now buy commercial insurance for your car... Insurance implements commercial auto policy 2018-09-13 Insurance Journal
Sure Insurtech startup SURE secures additional $12.5 million in Series B to make it possible for anyone to purchase on-demand insurance with a smartphone
Embroker Embroker raises $28 million to help businesses find the right insurance policies Kyle Wiggers
Borsa del credito The Stock Exchange of Credit has provided 64 million euros to 712 companies since the start of the business, shows a 70% growth of the platform provided compared to the same period 2018, when the total disbursement amounted to 38 million distributed in 482 loans The Stock Exchange has provided 64 million to 712 companies. 2019-08-23 FashionUnited Staff
Borsa del credito The European directive on payment services (PSD2) officially enters into force in Italy. ready to face PSD2 2019-09-14 Claudia Costa
BlockPass An article breaking down the recent partnership between Ethfinex and Blockpass. Ethfinex partners with Blockpass 2018-10-17 CryptoNinjas
BlockPass An article that informs the launch of Blockpass, a blockchain powered ID verification app used to help users avoid online fraud. Blockchain has a new application for identity verification and to protect user data 2018-05-30 Katharine Sharpe
Monero An article describing recent 2018 survey results among over 100,000 developers. Programmers love Google more than Apple, but dread Microsoft 2018-03-13 Matt Weinberger
Monero An article in which Nero decided to invite specialists and companies for an independent audit... Audition campaing financed by Crowdfunding by Monero 2018-05-17 equipo de
Monero An article that explains CoinTalk's take in privacy coins. Episode #9: Privacy Coins Explained 2018-02-20 CoinTalk
Monero 'Privacy Coin' Monero Offers Near Total Anonymity
AID:Tech Initially, a project funded to tackle controversies in the charitable sector regarding fair distribution of donations and a joint effort between Irish AID:Tech and Dutch PharmAccess, the collaboration are celebrating the success of a women’s aid project in Tanzania, resulting in the birth of 3-babies so far.Joseph Thompson is the CEO and Co-Founder of AID:Tech, he co-founded the organization in an attempt to provide more transparency in the distribution of aid. It came about after his own experience with charitable fraud and disorganization. World First As Baby Born On The Blockchain In Tanzania 2018-07-25 Gina Clarke
AID:Tech Dublin-based start-up Aid:Tech revolutionises how governments, enterprises and NGOs deliver aid to refugee camps. Aid:Tech is using blockchain technology to enable new levels of transparency, accountability and efficiency to the vital work of getting humanitarian aid to those who need it the most. In addition to Enterprise Ireland and SGInnovate, Blue Parasol Investments and Tin Fu Fund are also investing in Aid:Tech. Blockchain international aid player Aid:Tech raises €1m 2019-01-14 John Kennedy
MobileCoin An article recapping several updates on some key cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin goes Retail; Binance invests in MobileCoin; Vitalik vs. CoinDesk 2018-04-30 Ilias Louis Hatzis
MobileCoin An article focusing on the cryptocurrency price recovery led by MobileCoin's recent $30 million ICO. Stellar Lumens Leads Market Recovery After MobileCoin Crowdraise 2018-04-27 Sam Bourgi
AQMetrics An article talking about the state of financial institutions and start-ups. Fintech firms struggling to get a foothold with established lenders 2018-01-18 Charlie Taylor
AQMetrics The regulatory technology, or regtech, company has built a software platform for risk and regulatory reporting for the financial services sector to help firms track and manage their compliance with various rules. The latest funding comes from existing investors such as Irish venture capital firm Frontline Capital and US private equity firm Bluff Point Associates alongside new investor ACT Venture Capital. Mifid II introduced stricter rules on financial services firms around trading volume and greater transparency in pricing. The rules have been called some of the most costly financial regulations ever introduced. Maynooth's AQMetrics has landed €3m to help financial firms keep up with regulations 2018-12-05 JONATHAN KEANE
Riot Remitly raises $220M to expand from money transfers to financial services, now at ~$1B valuation Ingrid Lundin
Riot An article announcing Riot Blockchain's recent acquisition of TESS. Riot Blockchain to Acquire Majority Interest in TESS, a Blockchain Development Company 2017-10-07 PR NewsWire
Coinsquare Canadian Startup Wants to Upgrade Millions of ATMs to Sell Bitcoin Helen Partz
Coinsquare An article announcing that Ethereum Classic (ETC) is now available for trading in Europe via the Coinsquare Exchange. is all abuzz as the digital asset has been listed as a trading asset on Coinsquare in Europe, while Coinbase Wallet too supports the cryptocurrency. According to a tweet by Ethereum Classic, the virtual currency is now available for trading in Europe through the Coinsquare exchange. Ethereum Classic is now being traded on Coinsquare and Coinbase Wallet 2018-11-26 Nitin
Coinsquare An article talking about Coinsquare's acquisition of StellarX. Coinsquare Acquires StellarX, a Global Decentralized Crypto Platform
Coinsquare Coinsquare Partners With FlexaHQ to Bring Crypto Payments to Canada Adrian Zmudzinski
Coinsquare Canada: Crypto Exchanges Must Register With Financial Watchdog Next June Max Boddy
FS Card An article announcing FS Card Inc's recent $150 million capital raise. FS Card Inc. Closes $150 Million Credit Facility To Continue Its Build Card Product Expansion 2017-10-23 Newswire
Bitcoin Cash An article talking about Gemini listing Bitcoin Cash along future considerations. Crypto Exchange Gemini to List Bitcoin Cash With NYDFS Approval Nikhilesh De
Bitcoin Cash An article discussing the launch of a decentralized game using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. New Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Blockchain dApp Investment Game ‘SatoshiFomo’ Launches 2018-10-30 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
Bitcoin Cash Op-Ed Two years later, Bitcoin Cash is still not Bitcoin P.H Madore
Bitcoin Cash Craig Wright Offers New Details on Bitcoin Trust at Heart of Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Daniel Kuhn
Bitmain Bitcoin To Bust In The Wake Of New China Mining Regs?
Bitmain 5 Reasons Why China’s Proposed Ban on Bitcoin Mining Could Kill Bitmain Mark Emem
Bitmain An article announcing crypto company, Bitmain's recent annual revenue achievement of $10 billion. Bitmain Cryptocurrency Mining Company Could Clear $10 Billion in Revenue This Year 2018-08-10 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
Bitmain Inside the rise and fall (and rise?) of crypto mining giant Bitmain Zheping Huang
Bitmain Bitmain Investors Could File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Company, Says Critic Ana Alexandre
Bitmain Bitmain Investors Could File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Company, Says Critic Ana Alexandre
Bitmain Bitmain Appoints New CEO Amid Failed IPO Attempt Arnab Shome
Bitmain Bitmain IPO Filing Set to Imminently Expire in Absence of HKEx Committee Hearing Marie Huillet
Bitmain Matrix, a custody and trading firm, is understood to have been originally incubated within Bitmain. Ex-Bitmain CEO to launch new business within a month, with his former employer as a key client Isabel Woodford
Bitmain Matrixport was spun off from Bitmain in January Bitmain Crypto-Billionaire Launches New Startup as Bitcoin Rises Zheping Huang
Bitmain Bitmain Discloses 88% Reduction In Own Bitcoin Mining Power Wolfie Zhao
Bitmain Bitmain Lawsuit Seeks Millions from Staffers Who Founded Rival Mining Pool Wolfie Zhao
Bitmain Bitmain Revives IPO Plan as Bitcoin Hits One-Year High Crystal Tse and Manuel Baigorri
Bitmain An article that discusses the resistance in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to approve a Bitmain IPO. Hong Kong Exchange ‘Hesitant’ to Approve Bitmain IPO 2018-12-17 Wolfie Zhao
Bitmain An article highlighting Bitmain's plan to start selling new bitcoin miners. Bitmain To Start Selling New Bitcoin Miners 2018-11-06 Valentine Chinyem
Bitmain Bitmain’s two founders to step aside as Chinese cryptocurrency giant taps software coder as new CEO Zheping Huang
Bitmain An article describing Hong Kong Stock Exchange's resistance to Bitmain IPO as bogus. Hong Kong Stock Exchange Calls Alleged Bitmain IPO Hesitation ‘Rumors’ 2018-12-18 Aaron Wood
Acko Acko General Insurance Co. Ltd., a Mumbai-based online startup, has now secured $25 Million from the Flipkart co-founder and former group Chief Executive Binny Bansal, according to a report. Acko is backed by prominent business personalities like Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan, through Pratithi Investment Trust, Hamendra Kothari of the DSP Blackrock, Rajeev Gupta, a veteran investment banker and founder of the Arpwood Capital, Atul Nishar, the founder and Chairman of Hexaware Technologies, and Subba Rao and Venk Krishnan of NuVentures. Insurance Firm Acko May Get $25M from Binny Bansal 2018-12-24 Udit Agarwal
Acko Acko General Insurance, an online insurance provider, has gone live with its comprehensive car and bike insurance product. Relying completely on online distribution channels, Acko promises to deliver car insurance products that are priced 15-20 per cent lower than those available in the physical channels, which have a lot of loaded costs such as commissions. Online insurer Acko General promises 3-day claim guarantee 2018-09-22 KR Srivats
Tutellus An article describing the history and application of Tutellus. Tutellus announces a new decentralized platform based on Blockchain 2017-11-28 Miguel Caballero
FAST FAST Partners with Sureify to Digitally Transform Insurance
BTCS less BTC enters the market every day, the demand for digital assets is expected to increase. The next halving (as the miner's reward cut is called) will determine the reward per block drawn from 12.5 BTCs to 6.25 BTCs. “Strong bull market” 2019-09-02 Rafael Ferreira
HashChain An article announcing the appointments of Haileab Samuel and Alan Poirier, HashChain is a Canadian mining company of Cryptocurrencies, based in Albany NY... HashChain Announces new Directors 2019-01-14 HashChain
HashChain An article in which they give to conoser the financial results of HashChain... HashChain publishes financial results for the fourth quarter and the entire year 2018 2019-01-15 HashChain
HashChain An article updating Hashchain's recent mining of bitcoin and hash. HashChain Technology Mines 104.53 Bitcoin and 30.03 Dash Since Deploying 8,495 Rigs 2018-08-13 hashChain
BlockEx An article announcing Modex's intention to ICO on Blockex. Modex To Become First ICO To Be Listed On Blockex After Carbon Blue Upgrade 2018-09-12 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
BlockEx How BlockEx Went from $24 Million ICO to Layoffs in Less Than a Year Brady Dale
BlockEx An article describing a recent partnership between BlockEx and Football Media. BlockEx Signs with Advertising Agency to Offer Sport Club ICOs 2018-09-26 Simon Golstein
BlockGrain An article describing the recent launch of the Australia's first ever agricultural token sale via Launches Australia's First Ever Agricultural Token Sale 2018-05-04 BlockGrain
BlockGrain Blockchain technology is a digital and decentralized record keeping system that can handle data and contracts. In the agriculture sector, farmers can use blockchain technology to track the logistics of crops, thereby establishing a direct link with customers. The global Blockchain in Agriculture Market reports are in-depth studied and detailed out in a linguistic format for the expert and commoners’ level of understanding. Each of the Blockchain in Agriculture Market research studies provided by the Blockchain in Agriculture Market platform is both qualitatively and quantitatively up to the mark. Even the leading industries are provided in the Blockchain in Agriculture Market research report after a thorough global analysis. +40% CAGR growth to be achieved by Blockchain in Agriculture Market and Know its Top Companies like IBM, Microsoft, SAP SE, Ambrosus, Origintrail, Arc-Net, Provenance, Blockgrain, Agridigital, Ripe.Io, Chainvine, Vechain 2019-02-25 Roger
Metal Erik Finman, who has been dubbed the "teen bitcoin millionaire," is backing Metal Pay. Bitcoin 'Millionaire' Backs New Cryptocurrency Platform—Despite It Crashing A Staggering 98% Billy Bambrough
VironIT An article highlighting VironIT's recent sponsorship of an around-the-world flight. VironIT Company Supported the First Belarusian Round-the-World Flight 2018-08-31 VironIT
VironIT An article announcing VionIT's recent milestone. VironIT Software Development Company Granted Belarus HTP Membership 2017-12-14 PR Newswire
CoTrader An article by CoTrader explaining how social and trading are connected. The future of trading is here: and it’s social 2018-06-17 CoTrader
CoTrader An article releasing information about CoTrader feature set. DAICO3 model improves DAICOs to incentivize DAO ICO sales 2018-08-07 CoTrader
eToro eToro Launches Full Crypto Exchange and 8 Custom Stablecoins Yogita Khatri
eToro Trading Platform EToro to Buy Danish Blockchain Company Firmo Manuel Baigorri and Alastair Marsh
eToro Leading Social Investing Platform EToro Launches Crypto Services in 32 US States Adrian Zmudzinski
eToro EToro Confirms Tokenized Asset Trial on Facebook Libra William Suberg
10Clouds An article describing the the impact of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies. How Blockchain is Changing the World 2018-03-05 Rafał Pikuła
10Clouds An article describing the pros and cons of the rapid advancement of the healthcare industry in a digital world. The Dangers of Healthcare 2018-06-13 Bartosz Swiatek
Aragon Aragon Project, the initiative specializing in the creation of communities and multi-country platforms, announced on Tuesday the sale of 1 million dollars in ethers (ETH), together to obtain an additional 1.5 million dollars through a loan and sale of $ 500 thousand in Monero (XMR). These funds will be used to secure project operations next year and avoid losses due to market volatility, the company said. Aragon liquidates part of its reserves in cryptoactive and obtains $2.5 million. 2018-11-27 Andrea Leal
Aragon The Aragon (ANT) crypto project – which is aiming to use blockchain technology in a manner that disintermediates the creation and maintenance of organizational structures – has realized its second dedicated development team on Thursday, Aragon DAC. The Aragon Foundation – who earlier this year declared their intentions to decentralize the development and governance of Aragon – explained in Thursday’s statement that “the initial priorities of the Aragon DAC are first to bridge [both theirs and Giveth’s] communication channels…and to set up common tools and regular meetings. Aragon (ANT) Hits Landmark Event as Giveth-led Aragon DAC Launches 2018-08-10 CryptoCoinSpy
Uulala Blockchain services company Uulala, in association with the Mexican-based exchange Kapytal Exchange, announced an alliance to launch the first IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) for operational tokens in Latin American territory. Mexico will open the first IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) in Latin American territory 2019-06-10 Shadowargel
Qstream US Federal Bureau of Investigation Calls for QuadrigaCX Users to Provide Information Adrian Zmudzinski
Citrusbits "With the broad spectrum of new use cases that technology makes possible, the impetus is now on software developers and audacious companies to bring these applications to life," said Harry Lee, CEO of CitrusBits. CitrusBits develops and designs mobile applications for award-winning mobile devices. 2018-01-28 JAMES HSU
Dacadoo DeFi Upstart Dharma Brokers $6.4 Million in Crypto Loans in First 3 Weeks Leigh Cuen
Blockchain Mind An article describing how blockchain's impact in information exchange, networks and paid prioritizations can lead to antitrust scrutiny. Blockchain: Mind the Gap! 2018-09-03 Falk Schöning
Trinkler Software Reto Trinkler announced on Thursday the official launch of Agora Trade. exchange of crypto to community-owned crypto that offers cryptocurrency operations without custody and between block chains with free generation of orders outside the chain. Trinkler software launches a new exchange of cryptographic networks "Agora Trade" 2018-10-04 samantha hurst
BlockFi BlockFi Crypto Management Firm Adjusts Interest Rates Max Boddy
BlockFi An article announcing BlockFi's availability to offer crypto-to-USD loans to customers worldwide. Now Lending Worldwide 2018-10-30 PRNewswire
BlockFi BlockFi clinches $18.3M Series A led by fintech investor Frank Chaparro and Ryan Todd
BlockFi BlockFi Is Now Paying Interest on $53 Million of Crypto Deposits Anna Baydakova
BlockFi An article talking about a new offering from BlockFi. BlockFi Now Offers a Crypto Deposit Account With Compound Interest Yogita Khatri
BlockFi An article announcing BlockFi's availability to offer crypto-to USD loan to customers in California. BlockFi Now Operating in California, Issuing Cryptoasset-Backed Loans in 44 States 2018-08-27 PRNewswire
Ambisafe US Capital Global has been engaged as exclusive financial advisor on capital formation by the B2B blockchain solutions company, Ambisafe Group, Inc. (Ambisafe). Ambisafe facilitates the issuance of blockchain-based digital assets to individuals and businesses alike, through its decentralized platform for primary issuance and secondary market trading of digital asset securities US Capital Global Engaged by Ambisafe as Exclusive Financial Advisor on Capital Formation 2018-12-16 Benzinga
Ambisafe Oleksii Matiiasevych, the lead Ethereum architect at Ambisafe and a reputable ethical hacker, discovered that at least eight top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges were susceptible to the manipulation of their Ethereum account balances. Oleksii discovered a way for hackers to register a new account, fraudulently increase their balance, and then withdraw these funds from the exchange. This could have led to substantial losses before the fraud was even detected. At the moment, eight exchanges have already either fixed the vulnerability, or are in the process of resolving it. White Hat Hacker Traced Vulnerabilities in 8 Top-rated Cryptocurrency Exchange 2018-03-18 Ambifase
Applicature Tal vez las innumerables ofertas iniciales de monedas que se ejecutan de repente en el programa de hoy pueden hacer que te preguntes cómo se lanzan. El gran volumen de mano de obra que se dedica a su desarrollo, desde el diseño de su tecnología estratégica, la conceptualización del token hasta el diseño del sitio web, no es un simple paseo. Applicature: Professional ICO Token Blockchain Consultants? 2018-03-01 Bitcoin Exchange Team
Applicature Applicature, a boutique blockchain agency with a presence in the U.S and Europe has launched its Proof of Stake Consensus protocol on Ethereum in order to secure, stabilize, improve transactions in multiple industries: banking, supply chain, marketing including loyalty systems. It was developed in the fall-winter period of 2017-2018 and is ready to roll out for testing. Due to high demand from the clients, and due to already existing PoW, which wasn’t always suitable to use for certain tasks, Applicature has made a decision to develop its own AEPoS (Applicature Ethereun Proof of Stake Consensus Protocol). Ethereum proof of stake implementation launched by Applicature 2018-01-19 CryptoNinjas
Auxesis Group An article talking about a certification course for executives. Advance Blockchain certification course for executives, entrepreneurs 2018-10-30 United News of India
Loyyal An article announcing Loyyal's introduction of the Loyyal Product Suite version 1.0. Loyyal announces the launch of the 4th generation of the industry's leading blockchain platform for loyalty and incentive programs. 2018-07-16 Chelsea Ferriday
RSK Labs An article announcing RSK Bamboo's release of its newest version via Github. Bamboo Release V0.4.4 Is Here 2018-07-11 Adrian Eidelman
Dash Core An article describing a spike in interest in Dash due to inflation issues in Venezuela. Dash interest spikes 2018-08-22 Oscar Williams-Grut
Chia Network BitTorrent Creator Bram Cohen Takes Over as CEO at Chia Network Brady Dale
Chia Network An article providing an update on Bram Cohen's recent status regarding new cryptocurrency protocol Chia. A better way to build a blockchain 2019-01-23 Guillermo Jimenez
Dfinity Research: ICO Market Down Almost 100% From a Year Ago, Raised $40 Million in Q1 2019 Ana Alexandre
aeternity Aeternity seems to be in no mood for lagging behind after announcing the addition of Base Aepp, Airgap wallet, an updated Aeternity blockchain explorer, and a bounty program for experienced developers. The Base Aepp and Airgap Wallet applications are usable on mobile devices and can operate on almost all mobile internet browsers. Aeternity [AE] launches Base Aepp, Airgap wallet and announces bounty program for developers 2018-12-17 CryptoCurrencies
aeternity The Aeternity blockchain technology aims to deliver top notch efficiency, transparency governance and global scalability. It ensures scalability by moving smart contracts off-chain. Instead of running on the blockchain, smart contracts on Aeternity run in private state channels between parties involved in the contracts. Users can easily migrate by creating an Aeternity Wallet using the simplified version of the Base Aepp and then transferring the AE tokens to the migration smart contracts using MetaMask. Aeternity announces that AE users can now migrate their tokens 2018-12-18 CryptoCurrencies
Bytecoin ByteCoin (BCN) had a bad time of 24 hours as the cryptocurrency decreases $ 0.00001 or 0.93% operating at $ 0.00062. According to Global Crypto Analysts, ByteCoin (BCN) points to a target of $ 0.00068 on the way to $ 0.00183. BCN was last listed on the HitBTC exchange. He had a maximum of $ 0.00064 and a minimum of $ 0.00058 on August 23-24. The open was $ 0.00062. On August 23-24 the analysts who witnessed the increase in ByteCoin (BCN) arise by 0.93% 2019-08-24 NORA ATCHESON
0x Telegram Will Release Code for Its TON Blockchain on Sept. 1 Anna Baydakova
0x An article that mentions the impact of 0x in the cryptocurrency markets. Investors Cheer 0x (ZRX) Even as Coinbase Decision Awaits 2018-08-24 Gerelyn Terzo
0x An article describing the continued impact of 0x. 0x Price Analysis - The Golden Touch 2018-07-19 Josh Olszewicz
0x 0x Teams With StarkWare to Bring Speed to Decentralized Exchanges Leigh Cuen
0x An article discussing the difference between app coins and protocol tokens. The difference between App Coins and Protocol Tokens 2017-02-02 Will Warren
0x 0x DEX Protocol Suspended Because of Vulnerability, Funds Safe Adrian Zmudzinski
0x Unqork, an Insurtech Startup, Raises $22 Million Allison Bell
0x British Virgin Islands, Blockchain Firm Develop Crypto Payments System for Emergency Aid Marie Huillet
0x 0x and StarkWare have teamed up to scale DEX trades by 20x Aislinn Kelly, Frank Chaparro and Matteo Leibowitz
0x Knox Financial Appoints Timothy Smith as Chief Financial Officer
Zcash Privacy Cryptocurrency Zcash Prepares for ‘Friendly’ Fork Christine Kim
Zcash Coinbase UK Dropping Support for Cryptocurrency Zcash Daniel Palmer
Zcash Zooko Wilcox gives the Zcash community an ultimatum Tim Copeland
Zcash The impending funding crisis that threatens Zcash Tim Copeland
ConsenSys Lex Sokolin joins ConsenSys as Global Head of FinTech, expanding London team and hinting at payments focus Isabel Woodford
ConsenSys ConsenSys Exec: Layoffs Did Not Exceed 10 Percent, Mainly Affect Support Staff Ana Berman
ConsenSys Insiders Say ConsenSys Faces a Hurdle to 2019 Rebound: Joe Lubin’s Grip Leigh Cuen and Zack Seward
ConsenSys It participated in a $2 mln seed funding round for Monerium ConsenSys Backs Icelandic Startup Co-Founded by Ex-Chair of Country’s Central Bank Marie Huillet
ConsenSys An article talking about ConsenSys' new investments. ConsenSys Targets Crypto Privacy and Adoption With New Investments Yogita Khatri
ConsenSys ConsenSys Seeks $200 Million From Investors After Bumpy Year Jon Victor
ConsenSys ConsenSys Pitch Deck Forecasts $100 Million Burn Rate for 2019 Brady Dale
ConsenSys ConsenSys Spins Off Ethereum Startup Truffle To Take Blockchain To Big Business Michael del Castillo
ConsenSys Founding partner Kavita Gupta is stepping down from ConsenSys Ventures Isabel Woodford and Celia Wan
ConsenSys Gupta Out at ConsenSys Ventures in Shake-Up at Ethereum Startup Leigh Cuen
ConsenSys Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior Owner Unveils Blockchain Platform to Verify Luxury Goods Tnomas Simms
ConsenSys Ethereum Has Already Scaled Quite Significantly: ConsenSys’ Joe Lubin Olivia Capozzalo
ConsenSys Crypto Chiefs Novogratz, Allaire Say Facebook’s Coin Is a Bullish Sign Alastair Marsh and Olga Kharif
ConsenSys The author is the co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys Facebook’s cryptocurrency is a centralized wolf in decentralized sheep’s clothing Joe Lubin
ConsenSys IBM, Orbs, ConsenSys Work Together On Global Blockchain Settlement Platform For Telecoms Rachel Wolfson
ConsenSys ConsenSys Spin-Out 3Box Raises $2.5 Million to Build ID Tools for Dapp Devs Leigh Cuen
ConsenSys South Korea's Largest Telecom SK Group Invests $10M in ConsenSys Helen Partz
ConsenSys ConsenSys-Backed Truffle Is Taking Its Dev Tools Beyond Just Ethereum Christine Kim
Blockchain Foundry An article describing the details of Blockchain Foundry Inc's recent pre-solution design agreement with DigitalRez. BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDRY ANNOUNCES BLOCKCHAIN CONSULTING AGREEMENT WITH DIGITALREZ 2018-08-09 Press Releases BlockchainFoundry
Blockchain Foundry An article mentioning that the CIO of Blockchain Foundry, Inc. Will be speaking at an upcoming crypto & blockchain conference. Sebastian Schepis, CIO of Blockchain Foundry to speak at upcoming blockchain conference 2018-06-19 Press Releases BlockchainFoundry
Rivetz An article that breaks down the recent partnership between Rivetz and Databroker. Rivetz and DataBroker DAO Partner to Deliver Secure Exchange of IoT Sensor Data 2018-08-01 News Provided By Rivetz
Rivetz An article stating the recent partnership between Rivetz and Privus. Rivetz and Privus Partner to Deliver Hardware-Level Security to SecurLine App 2018-07-19 News Provided By Rivetz
Aurora An article highlighting IDEX's growth in users. IDEX Surpasses 150,000 Users. Plans for Future Growth of Aurora Project. 2018-05-21 Forrest Whaling
Aurora An article highlighting Aurora DAO's 1-day volume. Aurora DAO Tops 1-Day Volume of $212,931.00 (CRYPTO:AURA) 2018-11-02 Renee Jackson
Vechain Walmart China Teams with VeChain, PwC on Blockchain Food Safety Platform Daniel Palmer
Vechain VeChain Foundation to buy back $25 million of VET coins Tim Copeland
Steemit to use “inflation tax” on Voice tokens to recoup $150 million investment Rebecca Campbell
Blocknet Blocknet tried to list its product, including DEX, which is called BlockDX in Binance in August 2018. Binance had Blocknet complete a form and mention all the details that had questions about the company and the details of the project, its target industry. However, these are the typical questions that all encryption exchanges ask their applicants. Binance Asked For The Details of Blocknet DEX 2019-02-26 Roxanne Williams
Blocknet An article announcing Blocknet's recent release of its alpha version of XRouter. Blockchain Launches its Games Changing Xrouter: The First Blockchain Router 2018-08-23 Bitcoinist
Algorand Algorand raises over $60M in token sale at an implied valuation of $24B Steven Zheng
Algorand Blockchain-centered venture capital group Algo Capital has launched a $100 million fund to invest and manage considerable capital in rising disruptors built on the Algorand decentralized platform over the course of next 10 years, according to a press release CoinReport received from Wachsman, Algo Capital’s PR firm. Algorand is also an investor in Algo Capital, allowing the VC group to autonomously direct the fund while working as an essential piece of the growth of the Algorand ecosystem. To further support the firms they engage with, the VC group’s leadership team will set up a blockchain laboratory to offer businesspeople and developers resources and tools to assist them in developing on the Algorand platform. Algo Capital to invest $100M in promising firms created on Algorand Platform 2019-01-08 Tabish Faraz
Algorand Algorand, a foundational blockchain and cryptocurrency company, announced today that it has named Pablo Azar as Chief Economist. Given Algorand's focus on creating sustainable value in a decentralized economy, Mr. Azar will be responsible for guiding Algorand's economic policies. As momentum around tokenization increases, so does the need for sound economic management, said Steve Kokinos, CEO at Algorand. With his deep background in economics and computer science, Pablo will ensure our community has economic policies and tools necessary for businesses to build on our foundational platform Algorand Appoints Pablo Azar as Chief Economist 2018-12-17 Business Wire
Aion An article offering a nice explanation of Aion and what its technology is designed to accomplish. The Aion network has been built to foster interoperability across blockchains. One of the key tools to this functionality is the network’s token bridge, which is designed to allow tokens to move between chains. Aion Is Launching a ‘Token Bridge’ to Connect Blockchains 2018-05-14 CoinDesk
Aion Aion Partners has sold 11 East 44th Street to suit shop Brooks Brothers for $105.8 million, according to property records. Aion previously bought out Clarion Partners’ stake in the building in 2016 with an $80 million loan from Deutsche Bank and SL Green Realty. The firm is also marketing 807 Park Avenue on the Upper East Side for $29 million after buying it from Diddy in 2004 for $14.3 million. It’s suitable: Brooks Brothers buys Midtown East building from Aion Partners 2019-01-10 Eddie Small
Civil An article announcing Civil's renewed token sale to take place in February 2019. Take 2: News Startup Civil Announces Rebooted Token Sale for February 2018-12-19 Brady Dale
Civil Blockchain journalism startup Civil loses banking services at First Republic Ben Munster
IoT Chain An article updating the increased price of IoT Chain stock. IoT Chain Market Capitalization Tops $14.12 Million (CRYPTO:ITC) 2018-08-27 Linda Martinez
IoT Chain An article announcing the release of a new blockchain technology, IoT Chain. IoT Chain (ITC) is a breakthrough for the Internet of Things users 2018-03-31 Charles Thuo
NuCypher An article describing NuCypher's recent partnership with Hyperledger. NuCypher Joins Hyperledger 2018-06-27 Derek Pierre
NuCypher An article breaking down NuCypher's recent updates at TechCrunch Disrupt New York. NuCypher is using proxy re-encryption 2017-05-15 Natasha Lomas
Larecoin The article talks about new executive appointments at Larecoin LARECOIN APPOINTS CACHE MERRILL AS CTO, MITCHELL SAHN AS FINANCIAL ANALYST AND SIMBA NDERMA AS CFO 2018-07-05 Business, U.S.
Flexa Are Crypto Payment Apps Really Boosting Adoption? Rachel McIntosh
Flexa Flexa Launches App Where Shoppers Can Spend Crypto at 15 Major US Retailers Thomas Simms
Flexa A company that’s trying to bring crypto spenders and merchants together snags $14 million from big ticket investors Frank Chaparro
Flexa Coinsquare Partners With FlexaHQ to Bring Crypto Payments to Canada Adrian Zmudzinski
Flexa An article introducing Flexa - a mobile app designed to cryptocurrencies spendable without relying on payments cards or other payment solutions. What Is Flexa? 2018-07-27 JP Buntinx
Kadena A llnk to Kadena roadmap video Kadena founders Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino 2018-03-07 Kadena
Kadena JP Morgan Alums Launch 'Blockchain as a Service' on AWS Jeff John Roberts
Kadena A link to a recent podcast with Kadena executive BEN JESSEL, HEAD OF BUSINESS GROWTH AT KADENA 2018-03-27 Future Tech Podcast.
Kadena Kadena Blockchain to Launch This October With $3 Billion Asset Manager Onboard Christine Kim
Vault12 Hex Capital plans to invest in early stage companies that are broadly solving technological, social and financial problems. His investments so far include Vault12, which offers a decentralized platform without a server to store the cryptocurrency; and Bloom, which offers a decentralized credit rating driven by Ethereum. Hex has also invested in CryptoKitties, which recently raised $ 12 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. vault12 invests in Hex capital 2018-08-21 JESSICA GALANG
PropsProject Coinbase Custody to List YouNow’s Props Token Daniel Kuhn
Voatz Overstock’s Medici Ventures Leads $7 Million Round for Blockchain Voting Startup Daniel Palmer
OKEx OKEx Crypto Exchange Is Building a Blockchain, DEX to Come Soon Yogita Khatri
OKEx What Blockchain Executives Think About The Uproar Around Facebook's Libra Joresa Blount
Nimiq An article disclosing a report by Nimiq on its uses of funds raised. Transparency Report 2018-09-11 Team Nimiq
Nimiq An article introducing Nimiq. Nimiq, the World’s First Browser-Based Blockchain 2017-06-23 Francisco Memoria
Senno An article by Senno explaining of how they use sentiment analysis. It’s time to learn what sentiment analysis can do for you 2018-04-12 Senno
Senno A Senno article describing its approach to centralized sentiment analysis tools. How Senno is different (and better) than it’s competitors 2018-07-19 Senno
Senno An article explaining how Senno uses the NEO platform. Meet the first open sentiment analysis platform based on blockchain technology 2018-04-17 Crypto economy
ICONOMI An article outlining recent trade prices of blockchain companies. Iconomi Reaches One Day Volume of $1,682.00 (ICN) 2018-12-05 Michelle Swanson
Blockport Cryptocurrency exchange Blockport goes bankrupt after failed STO Matthew Beedham
Blockport An article announcing Blockport's recent launch of its platform to public users. Blockport bids to make crypto-trading accessible to the public at large 2018-06-28 Blockport
Crystals An article explaining Crystals tokens CRYSTALS Token Event to Bring a Game-Changing Solution to the Modeling Industry 2018-05-29 company press release
Solana Multicoin Capital leads $20M investment in a blockchain that timestamps transactions mathematically Celia Wan
Solana An article reviewing what Solana has to offer in the area of smart contracts. High performance memory management for smart contracts 2018-08-15 Anatoly Yakovenko
Hedera Hashgraph An article explaining how Hedera Hashgraph is building a fast and secure block chain alternative Hedera Hashgraph is building a fast and secure block chain alternative 2018-08-04 Dean Takahashi
Hedera Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph ousts its president, less than a year after $118M raise Isabel Woodford and Aislinn Keely
Hedera Hashgraph Libra controversy: Hedera thanks Facebook for copying its blockchain model Scott Thompson
Hedera Hashgraph DLT Platform Hedera Hashgraph’s Open Beta Test to Start in September Max Boddy
Hedera Hashgraph An article of what you occupy know about Hedera Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph: Enterprise-level technology 2018-11-26 Jefferson Nunn
Hedera Hashgraph IBM, India's Tata join U.S. tech platform's governing council Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss
Hedera Hashgraph An article that talks about the new release of an open-source SDK to improve health care and regulatory science... Hedera Hashgraph shares a new open source SDK 2018-10-16 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
Pacific Prime An article releasing Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers' new report examining the cost of international health insurance in 100 markets. The report revealed that the average cost of international health insurance varied widely across different markets. An individual health insurance plan costs the lowest in Tanzania, with an average premium of US$3,120. Meanwhile, it is most expensive in the United States, with an average premium of US$11,492. Pacific Prime reveals cost of health insurance in 100 countries 2018-09-05 Gabriel Olano
Pacific Prime An article announcing global insurance broker Pacific Prime's recent award. Pacific Prime Wins Two Awards at the NOW Health International and Best Doctors Insurance Convention in Thailand 2018-07-17 Published
Pacific Prime A report by Pacific Prime on the international health insurance market. Introducing our 2018 Cost of International Health Insurance Report 2018-09-14 elwira in Insurance
MSH International An article that he discusses the strengths, international benefits in his announcement of new offices and offers improved... MSH International Unveils solutions for international health insurance 2018-05-02 TORONTO (BUSINESS WIRE)
UFOstart An article that talks about payment tokens. Goodbye Mobile Money, Hello Payment Tokens 2018-08-01 ConsenSys
UFOstart An article that discusses how Brave Browser has reached four million monthly active users. Brave Browser Reaches Four Million Active Users 2018-09-03 Trustnodes
UFOstart An article that looks at ways blockchain is changing and will change society. 35+ Web 3.0 Examples Of How Blockchain Is Changing The Web 2018-09-27 Nitish Singh
Korbit At stake is a controlling interest in Nexeon, which controls Bitstamp and Korbit Disney Could Soon Own Oldest Bitcoin Exchange in $13 billion Equity Deal Esther Kim
Korbit South Korea Report: Major Exchanges Join Forces to Combat Money Laundering Ana Berman
Korbit An article discussing recent spark in the Korean cryptocurrency exhanges. Major Exchanges Look to Reignite S Korean Crypto Market 2018-11-30 Tim Alper
Korbit An article that talks about South Korean Bitcoin adoption. Why South Korean Bitcoin Adoption Could Outpace Most Other Countries This Year 2017-06-25 Kevin Helms
PayStand An article that looks at PayStand's launch in 2014. With $1M in Funding, PayStand Launches Out of Private Beta to Provide One-Click Bitcoin, eCheck and Credit Card Payment Solution 2014-04-02 MarketWired
PayStand An article that discusses PayStand's integration with Xero for B2B payments. PayStand Integrates with Xero to Optimize B2B Payments 2018-08-07 PayStand
Tealet An article with background on Tealet. Why Tea is a Good Place to Start Bitcoin Adoption with Tealet Founder, Elyse Petersen 2014-10-22 Marija Odineca
SpringRole An article with an introduction to SpringRole and how blockchain can be used for recruiting. Blockchain-powered recruiting startup SpringRole not only weeds out fake profiles, but also rewards users 2018-01-31 Sainul Abudheen K
Bitbond An article discussing how Bitbond uses cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to lend money around the world. German online bank uses Bitcoins to transfer loans 2018-05-12 Laura Dubois
Bitbond In BTCManager’s series titled Earn Crypto, readers are being introduced to a wide range of platforms, applications, and ways that they can earn bitcoin and other digital currencies as a member of the cryptocurrency community. In the ninth and final part of the Earn Crypto series, readers will be introduced to cryptocurrency lending as a method of earning cryptocurrency by leveraging existing holdings. Earn Crypto Part 9: Crypto Lending 2019-01-18 Alex Lielacher
Agrello A nice introductory article on Agrello from a Q&A with its CEO Agrello CEO: AI Can Help Us Understand How to Make Better Contracts 2018-05-21
Agrello An article introducing self signing legal contracts, Agrello. Estonia Eyes Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence For Legal Sphere 2017-05-16 William Suberg
Agrello An article providing details on Agrello. Agrello (DLT) — an actually useful Crypto-Project that is still undervalued 2018-01-05 Redouan Os
The Picks & Shovels Co An article explaining the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies beyond the top brands. Bitcoin VC: Beware of 'meme-based' cryptocurrencies 2018-06-22 Daniel Roberts
CFX Markets An article sharing insights from business owners in Chicago on how to succeed in the market. Seven Simple Ways To Tap Into The Chicago Market 2018-05-29 Forbes Chicago Business Council
Blockseer An article talking about the SEC and FBI analyzing blockchain. SEC And FBI Eye Blockchain Analysis Services, Money Launderers Watch Out 2018-09-25 Nick Chong
Blockseer An article that discusses how Blockseer is expanding. Breaking News: DMG Blockchain Expands into Silicon Valley with Acquisition of Industry Leading Crypto-Analytics and A.I. Leader, Blockseer 2018-07-03 Financial Buzz
Moni An article that explain's Moni's new program aimed at letting friends borrow and lend money without interest. Moni launches pilot program smart payments for refugees 2015-12-04 Jan Ameri
Moni An article that quotes Moni CEO, discussing how blockchain can help unbanked refugees. Finland Turns to Blockchain to Help Unbanked Refugees 2017-09-08 Josiah Wilmoth
Moni An article describing MONI Smart Security's licensing agreement with The Brink's Company. MONI to become BRINKS Home Securit 2018-02-28 Spener Ives
Open Health Network An article highlighting TechCrunch Disrupt. Techcrunch Disrupt NY 2017 2017-05-15 Adam neumann
Selfkey An article which gives more background about SelfKey and digital identities. What Is SelfKey (KEY)? 2018-07-09 Colin Adams
Selfkey An article in which SelfKey compares itself to competitors. SelfKey (KEY) Price Prediction 2018 2018-09-28 Alex Mistrelle
Selfkey An article that looks at privacy and the blockchain. SelfKey vs. Civic vs. TheKey 2018-08-07 Daniel Frumpkin
Selfkey An article with a profile of SelfKey. What is SelfKey (KEY)? | A Beginner’s Guide 2018-10-22 Ryan Smith
Civic Civic Inks Deal to Bring Blockchain ID to 1,000 Vending Machines Brady Dale
Civic Columbia Journalism Review Partner Pack Wants to Use Crypto to Save Media...Again David Z. Morris
Civic You Can Now Pre-Order This $15,000 Crypto-Powered Beer Vending Machine Brady Dale
Civic An article that talks about Civic and user expansion. Civic to Spend $43 Million In Tokens to Boost User Numbers 2018-09-05 Brady Dale
Civic Civic, BitGo Announce a Consumer Mobile Wallet Daniel Kuhn
Civic An article describing Civic's recent hire of Apple veteran, Phillip Shoemaker. Blockchain Startup Civic Appoints Apple Veteran as Executive Director of 2018-12-14 Marie Huillet
TheKey An article in which TKY announces a token listing milestone. TKY is Listed on LATOKEN 2018-08-30 TheKey
BridgeProtocol An article discussing how Bridge Protocol traded down against the U.S. dollar on October 15th. Bridge Protocol (CRYPTO:TOLL) Market Cap Hits $291,476.00 2018-11-04 Vince Mercandetti
BridgeProtocol An article discussing how Bridge Protocol traded higher against the U.S. dollar on October 30th. Bridge Protocol 1-Day Trading Volume Reaches $1,964.00 (TOLL) 2018-10-30 Ron Greene
BTCJam BTCJam, one of the pioneers of decentralized loans through cryptocurrencies, will cease operations from the end of this May. Its users will have the opportunity to withdraw any value they still have on the platform until July 2018. Closes its doors: pioneer in loans with bitcoins BTCJam stops operating 2017-05-28 Javier Bastardo
BTCJam After several attempts to obtain an unsuccessful bank loan, José González, a 35-year-old duranguense who had never had a formal job, managed to raise the money needed to mount a miscellaneous in his native Durango, but did not do so with pesos, but with Bitcoins. This is how this “little store” in Durango anchored with Bitcoins 2017-02-18 CLARA ZEPEDA
AIRFOX An article with an AirFox partnership announcement. Brazil's Via Varejo teams up with AirFox in payments solutions 2018-09-12 Company News
AIRFOX In September of last year, the SEC filed charges against Maksim Zaslavskiy for attempting to defraud investors in two separate ICOs. Zaslavskiy stood accused of advertising his REcoin as being the first real-estate backed digital currency though no real estate had been purchased to back up his cryptocurrency. On November 15, Zaslavskiy pled guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud. While Zaslavskiy awaits sentencing, the SEC issued a press release announcing it had settled a case against two different cryptocurrency companies: CarrierEQ Inc. (Airfox), a Boston-based blockchain startup developing mobile applications for earning digital tokens that can be traded for data, and Paragon Coin Inc., which is working on bringing blockchain solutions to the legal cannabis industry. ICO Fraudster Zaslavskiy Pleads Guilty, While Airfox And Paragon Pay SEC Fines 2018-11-16 Nathan Graham
ShoCard An article in which ShoCard is named as a company to watch. ShoCard Named as Top Five IAM Company to Watch by OWI 2018-06-20 Matthew
Paxos Binance and Paxos Just Made It Easier to Exchange Stablecoins for Fiat Marie Huillet
Paxos Payments are replacing trading as stablecoins’ major use case, and companies like Coinbase want to ride the trend Celia Wan
Paxos An article with an explanation by Paxos of its digital dollar. Introducing Paxos Standard (PAX), the new digital dollar 2018-10-02 Paxos
Paxos Blockchain Adds PAX Stablecoin to Mobile Wallet Leigh Cuen
Paxos PAX can now be redeemed instantly, stoking up competition in stablecoin market Celia Wan
Paxos Paxos deploys new feature to allow fast creation, transfer of PAX between wallets Celia Wan
Paxos Paxos to Issue Up to $100 Million of Stablecoins on Ontology Blockchain Yogita Khatri
Wyre An article in which Wyre discusses its software development kit. Announcing the Wyre SDK: On-ramps + off-ramps in under 10 lines of code 2018-09-13 Wyre
Wave A major upgrade puts Waves into the same class of blockchain as messrs Ethereum, EOS and Tron. Dapps, smart contracts and crypto collectibles come to Waves blockchain Tim Copeland
Wave The deal started out as a potential funding round by the financial planning platform for small business owners Wave to be acquired by H&R Block for $537m CAD Meagan Simpson
Wave An article that mentions Wave and nine other companies using blockchain to solve problems outside of finance. Ten companies using the blockchain for non-financial innovation 2015-12-19 Luke Parker
Every An article discussing why China is ready for decentralized retail. Why China Is Ready For Decentralized Retail 2018-09-26 Every Insights
Crypto PR lab An article discussing female founders in crypto, featuring the CEO of Crypto PR Lab&Advisory. Alexandra and Masha from Crypto PR Lab&Advisory discuss women in crypto 2018-07-27 Chris Smith
B2BPay Source: Haball An agreement was signed amongst Haball, 1LINK (Pvt) Limited (1LINK) and Meezan Bank Limited (Meezan Bank) to introduce a fast, secure and simple payment solution to accelerate digital payments in the Pakistani B2B space. The signing ceremony was held at 1LINK head office, Karachi. This arrangement will ease B2B payment by enabling businesses of all sizes to make inter-entity digital payments, that fulfill their existing bookkeeping, reconciliation and reporting processes using Haball’s Context Driven Payment solution. This solution introduces new standards, providing a one-window B2B payment aggregation solution for consolidated information across all omni-channel end-points. While Haball’s role will be of an aggregator, Meezan Bank will perform the settlement function. 1LINK’s largest and state of the art infrastructure will ensure seamless processing of the transactions. Bank sign an agreement to automate B2B payments in Pakistan 2018-10-08 Haball
B2BPay Bakkt Taps Former IBM and Cisco Exec Tom Noonan to Chair Its Board Nikhilesh De
B2BPay An article discussing the climate of B2B payments. How B2B Payments Could Find Its Footing In A World Moving To Real-Time 2018-11-01 By PYMNTS
B2BPay Popular, privacy-centric cryptocurrency Beam is rolling out a raft of changes with its August upgrade. Beam announces first hard fork Adriana Hamacher
B2BPay CFTC Probe of BitMEX a Result of Roubini Vs. Hayes Taipei Tangle? Hisahi Oki
B2BPay Wright Has Not Disclosed Full Bitcoin Holdings Per Court Order, Says Plaintiff’s Representation Daniel Kuhn
B2BPay It is deploying technology developed by Ohio-based Bold Penguin. Nationwide Offers Independent Agents a Commercial Insurance Digital Storefront
Monetizr An article discussing how Monetizr got 2nd place in the Vestbee organized Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Fintech Challenge. Monetizr #2 Best Startup in the Biggest CEE Fintech Challenge 2018-09-27 Monetizr
Monetizr An article that speaks of recompesas tokens to players and so helps different companies to increase their retention and earnings Video game Blockchain Monetizr medium helps monetize studies 2018-04-16 MURIEL VEGA
Monetizr An article highlighting how Monetizr performed in Latvia. WIN! Monetizr #2 best startup brand in Latvia 2018-10-03 Monetizr
Golden Currency An article discussing retail gold investors and how they can benefit from Bitcoin's technology. A Crypto Currency Backed By Gold? How Retail Gold Investors Can Benefit From Bitcoin's Technology 2014-08-11 Edmund Ingham
Orchid Protocol Orchid Tops $43 Million Raised in Token Sale for Crypto Tor Alternative Brady Dale
Orchid Protocol An article analyzing The Orchid Project. ICO Analysis: Orchid Protocol (OCT) Token 2018-06-18 Ben Alexander
Orchid Protocol An article discussing Orchid Labs' consideration to raise over USD 100m via a SAFT sale. Orchid Labs Planning to Raise $125 Million In One of the Biggest Token Sale of 2018 2018-04-24 Bhushan Akolkar An article highlighting's fundraising and launch plan. Decentralized Crypto Trader Altcoin.IO Fundraising on Wefunder, Launches PlasmaDEX Updates 2018-08-14 Erin Hobey, the first wallet service to be created to perform atomic exchanges, announced the availability of its source code for the entire public, allowing both users and developers to audit, clone and even modify the code to implement atomic exchanges in their own projects. atomic exchanges purse publishes its source code 2018-10-29 Andrea Leal
Blox The author is the co-founder of Five Predictions For The Future Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Adam Efrima
Blox An article announcing CoinDash's new app, Blox, putting the company in a better position in social trading capabilities. CoinDash increases efforts by launching a new application, Blox 2018-03-02 Jeff Patterson
Blox An article discussing's launch of an accounting platform. Launches Much Needed Crypto Accounting Platform 2018-05-18 Guest Author
Ledger Ledger appoints Pascal Gauthier as new CEO Carol Gaszcz
Ledger An article discussing IOTA Foundation's recent collaboration with Ledger to integrate IOTA tokens with Ledger's secure hardware wallets for cryptocurrency. Ledger Hardware Wallet for Secure Storage and User Access of IOTA Tokens 2018-11-02 Businesswire
Ledger Samsung Invests $2.9 Million Into Crypto Wallet Startup Ledger Ana Alexandre
NexGenT An article discussing whether college is really necessary. Is College Really Necessary? 2018-09-08 Toby Farrant
Ambrosus An article in which an investor publication highlights Ambrosus. Small Market Caps, Big Partnerships: 5 Seriously Undervalued Coins 2018-03-24 Jonnie Emsley
Ambrosus An article involving a review of Ambrosus. Ambrosus review: blockchain platform for supply chain management and IoT 2018-06-19 Alex Puriy
Ambrosus An article with Ambrosus announcing its token sale in September 2017. Blockchain-Based Ecosystem Tackles Food Supply Chain Deficiencies, Sets Token Sale 2017-07-24 Lester Coleman
Ambrosus An article in which Ambrosus' Ceo discusses how the blockchain can be used in food-safety. Beyond Bitcoin: How the Blockchain Could Change the Way We Eat 2017-08-04 Alex Swerdloff
Ambrosus An article in which Ambrosus announces its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The Blockchain Is Being Used To Track Food Quality 2017-07-31 Zack Palm
Ambrosus An article highlighting a post Q4 2017 Ambrosus  blog announcement. Ambrosus Network (AMB-NET) Roadmap 2018 2018-02-21 Angel versetti
Polymath An article talking about a teamup between Polymath and Prime Trust. Polymath Brings Automated Securities One Step Closer New partner to provide an SEC-approved custody solution for blockchain assets 2018-08-29 Andrew Ancheta
Harbor Harbor partners with Rhodium for another go at bringing tokens to real estate Aislinn Keely
Harbor Gemini to Apply for Broker-Dealer License in Bid to Trade Crypto Securities Leigh Cuen
Harbor An article describing Harbor's recent partnership with BitGo in order to strengthen its tokenization platform. Harbor is partnering with BitGo 2018-10-31 Frank Chaparro
Harbor A harbor article, where its token-fulfillment platform is officially announced... Harbor, launches symbolic capital purchases 2018-11-27 Nikhilesh De
Harbor An article in which According to Josh Stein, who is the CEO of a company called Harbor that designs the real estate chips, the blockchain process is superior because it has less transaction costs, such as attorneys ' fees, than the traditional property sales. $20 million for sale ' Tokenizes ' student residence 2018-11-27 Jeff john roberts
Bidipass Bank of Montreal and online bank Simplii Financial (owned by CIBC) made known that hackers stole identifying personal information of not less than 90,000 different account holders at the two banks over the weekends. The half-authenticated algorithm to obtain access to accounts is not an uncommon malicious hacking method. To be successfully used against such a large scale banking system is alarming, however. This instance stresses the importance and utility of digital identities and bidimensional encryption in the online world. Implementation of that sort of technology would have prevented this, especially in a banking atmosphere. – Fernando Albárran, Chairman at BidiPass. Hackers Demand $1 Million In Ripple (XRP) From Canadian Banks 2018-05-31 Yusuff Olayode Supoto
Bidipass Life is already going so fast, why does it have to be complicated too? A question that BidiPass seems to have focused on when it developed its blockchain-based authentication platform and cryptographic keys known as BidiKey . BidiPass is a company that aims to provide the security necessary to protect the resources of users by offering a simple solution that will allow consumers to overcome their day without having to manage an endless series of plastic cards and passwords to verify who they are. Blockchain technology applied to financial transactions, safer and faster 2018-04-28 Flavia Provenzani
Radar Relay An article with a Medium technical profile of Radar Relay, a peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x Protocol. Radar Relay Technical Overview 2017-09-03 Radar Relay
Paradex An article with a Medium update on Paradex, a cryptocurrency trading platform. Toward a million markets… 2018-08-14 Jacob Horne
Paradex An article with an overview of Paradex, a cryptocurrency trading platform. Introducing Paradex 2017-10-03
Celsius Network Crypto lending firm Celsius saw over 2,000% growth in deposits, but concerns surround where deposits go Celia Wan and Isabel Woodford
Celsius Network An article with Coinbase's Ceo discussing the anticipated growth of cryptocurrencies. A Billion People Will Be Using Cryptocurrency in 5 Years: Brian Armstrong 2018-09-08 Yashu Gola
Celsius Network An article on BitGo and the regulatory progress. US: Blockchain Security Co. BitGo Gets Regulator's Green Light to Become Crypto Custodian 2018-09-13 Marie Huillet
Celsius Network Celsius faces pressure over its ICO token, suspending distribution with immediate effect Isabel Woodford
DX.Exchange An article which has DX.Exchange providing information on how many users it has. Regulated crypto exchange DX.Exchange logs 500,000 registrations – before launch 2018-06-20 LeapRate Staff
DX.Exchange An article highlighting how DX. Exchange is receiving VC investment. NFX Invests in Crypto Exchange DX.Exchange 2018-07-30 PR Newswire
LedgerX An article discussing how Bitcoin companies are focused on copying old infrastructure. Copycat Syndrome 2018-09-07 Zach
LedgerX LedgerX snags license from CFTC, clearing the way for first physically delivered futures and swaps in US Isabel Woodford and Frank Chaparro
LedgerX LedgerX Reveals Bid to Beat Bakkt to Physical Bitcoin Futures Launch Nikhilesh De
LedgerX Beating Bakkt, LedgerX Is First to Launch ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures in US Nikhilesh De
LedgerX CFTC: LedgerX ‘Not Approved’ to Launch ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures Nikhilesh De
LedgerX Actually, LedgerX might not have launched physically settled bitcoin futures contracts after all Yogita Khatri and Frank Chaparro
LedgerX LedgerX: Media Misreports BTC Futures Status, Option ‘Coming Soon’ Stephen O'Neal
OB1 An article profiling OpenBazaar. Freedom To Trade Means Freedom To Choose Currencies: The OpenBazaar Multiwallet 2018-06-25 OpenBazar
OB1 An article with an interview of OpenBazaar Ceo Brian Hoffman. On The Future of Ecommerce In Blockchain 2018-07-14 Wilson, Cryptomenow
OB1 An article involving OpenBazaar Ceo Brian Hoffman. OB1 Ceo Brian Hoffman Explains Levels of Anonymity in OpenBazaar 2018-10-13 Kyle Torpey, Bitcoin Magazine
Omniex An article highlighting Omniex expanding its institutional crypto trading platform. Omniex Expands Institutional Crypto Trading Platform, Unveils Initial Trading Clients 2018-09-11 Omniex
Omniex An article talking about a partnership between Omniex and Gemini. Omniex and Gemini partner to deliver high-performance infrastructure to support institutional investors 2018-10-10 Omniex
Sapien An article highlighting the partnership between Sapien and Monarch. Sapien Partners with Monarch, An All-Inclusive Wallet Solution That Brings Practical Functionality to Cryptocurrencies for Real World Usage 2018-08-23 Christopher Lee
Sapien An article introducing Adaptive Staking. Adaptive Staking 2018-08-22 Ankit Bhatia
StarkWare 0x and StarkWare have teamed up to scale DEX trades by 20x Aislinn Kelly, Frank Chaparro and Matteo Leibowitz
StarkWare 0x Teams With StarkWare to Bring Speed to Decentralized Exchanges Leigh Cuen
StarkWare An article profiling StarkWare. Tech 4 Tokens: a framework for venture technologists in the blockchain ecosystem 2018-10-16 StarkWare
Verady An article profiling Bakkt. An evolving market. The need for trusted price formation 2018-08-20 Kelly Loeffler
ZestFinance An article talking about Prestige Financial Services and its use of artificial intelligence. Prestige Financial Services deploys artificial intelligence for subprime underwriting 2018-10-01 SubPrime
ZestFinance An article discussing ZestFinance's recent partnership with two powersports companies. ZestFinance to Sign With 2 Lender Partners 2018-03-02 Matthew Wood
ZestFinance An article breaking down Microsoft's recent collaboration with ZestFinance. Microsoft Partners With Fintech Startup ZestFinance To Bring Transparency To AI-Powered Financial Models 2018-12-19 Alex Knapp
Hosho An article profiling Menlo One. Menlo One: Smart Contract Due Diligence 2018-08-13 Valarie Williams
Hosho An article talking about Security Week. Security Week: DefCon and BlackHat Return to Vegas for Another Year 2018-08-06 Valarie Williams
Lendio An article announcing online lending startup, Lendio, achieving 2018's CB Insights Fintech 250 List of Fast Growing Fintech Startups. Lendio Named to the 2018 CB Insights Fintech 250 List of Fastest-Growing Fintech Startups 2018-10-25 Samantha Hurst
Lendio An article highlighting Lendio topping $1B in business loans. Lendio Tops $1B in Business Loans Facilitated Through Its Online Marketplace 2018-10-16 Melanie King
Zebit An article with the announcement of Zebit securing debt financing. Zebit Secures Up To $75 Million In Debt Financing From Route 66 Ventures 2018-10-11 Zebit, Inc.
Monetsu An article highlighting Monetsu. What is Monetsu? 2018-10-19 Monetsu
Finhaven An article with Finhaven Technology announcing it has secured a Series A funding round. Finhaven Secures US$5.13 Million Series A Financing to Drive Innovation in Capital Markets 2018-09-05 Finhaven
Finhaven An article discussing the Canadian FinTech industry. The state of Canadian FinTech in four charts 2018-09-24 Jonathan Shaanan
Lendingblock Institutional Platform Lendingblock Receives DLT License in Gibraltar as it Preps for Launch JD Alois
MyCryptons An article discussing MyCrypto's latest plan. Crypto Collectibles Site Plans to Invite Developers to Create New Games, Polls and Content 2018-08-29 Connor Blenkinsop
MyCryptons An article announcing MyCrypton's plans to invite developers with goals to bring competitions and games to its marketplace. MyCryptons Crypto Collectible Blockchain Platform to Gain Users via Games, Polls and Public Figures 2018-08-31 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
MyCryptons An article that talks about policy privacy that exist within MyCryptons, turnaround copyright anyone can make use of information or images of MyCryptons... It explains copyright in Blockchain 2018-09-19 Connor Blenkinsop
Brontech An article focusing on an interview with Brontech Ceo and Co-Founder, Emma Poposka Kardaleva. Spotlight on Bron.Tech 2017-07-14 Chanie Hyde
Brontech An opinion article describing their take on Brontech. BronTech become very valuable. 2017-12-23 billyen
Mysterium Network An article that you talk that the company is seeing whether it is possible to apply the concept of decentralization to VPN networks... It could be that Mysterium carry out a reversal in the long run 2017-12-04 Samuel Rae
Mysterium Network An article that discusses the privacy of internet which is under attack, mysterium offers a real alternative with unmatched levels of privacy... In Mysterium will do a VPN based on Blockchain for a private internet network and more secure 2017-04-27 Freya Stevens
Mysterium Network An article that talks about the new Mysterium VPN implementation, with open access and privacy to all the users of internet, now available for android, Windows updates and macOS... VPN Mysterium already is available in application for mobile phones 2018-12-20 Jaime Chacón
Lending Science DM An article discussing Lending Science DM's introduction of iConnect. Lending Science DM Introduces iConnect 2018-10-05 John Lesnik
Lending Science DM An article with the announcement of Lending Science's acquisition of Scoring Solutions. Lending Science DM Announces Acquisition of Scoring Solutions 2017-06-13 PR Newswire
Credit Sesame An article highlighting the top 15 US cities that are the best for saving money. Nebraska city ranks at top of 15 best in nation for saving money 2018-10-09 Credit Sesame
ForkDelta An article with the announcement of a firing of a co-founder. Co-Founder of ForkDelta Decentralised Ethereum Token Exchange “Forced Out” 2018-03-28 Ian Harrison
ForkDelta An article with a profile of ForkDelta Exchange. ForkDelta Exchange: Decentralized Ethereum Token Trading? 2018-10-21
ForkDelta An article discussing the top 5 Ethereum dapps. The Top 5 Ethereum Dapps By Daily Active Users 2018-10-21 David Floyd
BitLumens An article profiling Bitlumens. Bitlumens’ Technology 2018-10-21 Bitlumens
BitLumens An article talking about BitLumens and carbon mitigation verification. Carbon Mitigation Verification with BitLumens 2018-10-21 BitLumens
BitLumens An article talking about Bitlumens as a token to promote financial inclusion. Bitlumens (BLS) — A Utility Token to Promote Financial Inclusion 2018-05-12 BitLumens
Angaza An article highlighting mobile money use in Ethiopia. Mobile money revolution hits Ethiopia 2018-09-28 Benjamin Fox
Mobisol An article profiling Mobisol Kenya. Mobisol Kenya products, jobs, offices and contacts 2018-10-09 Caiaphas Wanjala Read
Mobisol An article that talks about the solar industry in the rural areas of East Africa, the Academia Mobisol created jobs in the precarious markets of the rejion.... Mobisol Academy: empowering Ethiopian partners 2019-01-08 Mobisol
Mobisol An article that describes Mr Mugambi as a business leader who joined Mobisol as director general for Tanzania... Mobisol welcomes Godfrey Mugambi, is a renowned business leader in East Africa 2018-12-17 Mobisol
M-Kopa M-Kopa, the Kenyan pay-per-use solar power provider, is downsizing in a bid to improve its competitiveness, ensure long-term sustainability, and increase return for investors. The reduction targeted almost all departments and management levels, and reduced the global headcount of staff, whose members are spread across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and the United Kingdom, to 850. The global leader in pay-as-you-go solar power is downsizing to stay profitable 2018-03-15 Abdi Latif Dahir
M-Kopa An article highlighting M-Kopa's legal win. M-Kopa wins legal fight over taxation of solar televisions 2018-04-30 Galgallo Fayo
Azuri Technologies The solar energy industry keeps on plowing forward (or shining forward?), even in the winter. Below were notable developments in the industry last month — not just big project news, but industry-changing news. Enjoy! What Changed In The Solar Industry In December? 2019-01-14 Zachary Shahan
Azuri Technologies An article discussing the increase in use of solar power. Use of solar power growing amid hiccups 2018-09-27 David Mwitari
EtherDelta China: Police Investigating EtherDelta Over Alleged Exit Scam, Report Marie Huillet
Totle An article highlighting announcements made by the Ethereum DevCon team. Ethereum [ETH] DevCon Team Announces DevCon IV Sponsors and Supporters 2018-10-21 Crypto Economy
Totle An article in which Totle announces the second round of its portfolio competition. Totle Boosts Crypto Market Confidence Through Risk-Free Portfolio Competition 2017-12-20 Julia Haishun
OriginTrail An article explaining how blockchain could fight food fraud. Is there horse in your hamburger? How blockchain could fight food fraud 2018-10-23 Will Nicol
OriginTrail An article introducing Trace. Introducing a Cryptocurrency for the Food Supply Chain 2018-02-12 Robert J. Bowman
Wabi Exclusive: FIS to Win EU Approval for $35 Billion Worldpay Deal: Sources Foo Yun Chee
Wabi An article discussing how WaliMai has developed RFID-based anti-counterfeit labels. Smart label helping beat counterfeiters 2017-11-27 Corporate News
Wabi An article discussing WABI. What Is WABI? Meet The Cryptocurrency That Aims To Save Lives 2018-02-02 George Tung
Wabi An article discussing Wabi and Walimai's plan to solve China's food safety issues. Wabi and Walimai – Solving China’s Food Safety Issues Through Blockchain 2018-10-23 Richard Kastelein
LendingTree An article talking about how LendingTree is entering the insurance space. LendingTree to enter insurance space 2018-10-08 Ryan Smith
Token Store An article discussing how to list your token on the token store. Listing your token on The Token Store 2018-10-23 Harry Birch
Token Store An article discussing the token store. Advantages of The Token Store — Summarized 2018-08-27 Harry Birch
Token Store An article discussing how the token store is the future of DEXs. If Decentralized Exchanges are the Future, then The Token Store is the Future of DEXs 2018-04-16 Harry Birch
Blockchain Cuties An article discussing Blockchain Cuties's recently announced new mode. Blockchain Cuties Announces New Crypto Collectible Game to Play ‘Raid Boss Battles’ 2018-10-23 Gabriel M
Blockchain Cuties An article highlighting Binance's acquisition of Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet Acquired by Binance 2018-08-01 Blockchain Cuties
Blockchain Cuties Blockchain Cuties launches NFT presale for NEO-based characters
Blockchain Cuties An article discussing Blockchain Cuties' new everyday server event. Crypto Collectible Game Announces New Battles. Players Get Paid If They Win 2018-10-23 CoinTelegraph
Gods Unchained An article discussing Cryptogames. Video Game Careers Accelerate to Hyperdrive with Cryptogames 2018-09-24 Wilton Thornburg
Gods Unchained Coinbase-backed, crypto collectible card game Gods Unchained has lured in Magic: The Gathering’s game director in a push for mainstream adoption. Gods Unchained levels up, hires former Magic: The Gathering executive Guillermo Jimenez
Gods Unchained An article discussing 0x. 0x leads the way for tokenization of the world, and collectible game items are next 2018-09-24 Dean Takahashi
DDEX An article discussing ImmVRse’s IMVR being listed on DDEX. ImmVRse’s IMVR Listed on DDEX: An Advanced Decentralised Exchange 2018-10-06 Bitsonline PR
Beach Head 2020 A video of an interview with BeachHead's Alexis Sirkia. BeachHead Interview Alexis 2018-10-24 BeachHead
Beach Head 2020 A video of an interview with BeachHead's Pepe Moreno. BeachHead Interview Pepe NotAGame 2018-10-24 BeachHead
CryptoGirl An article discussing a strategy card game built on the Ethereum Network. CryptoGirl Whitepaper 1st Version 2018-06-04 Cryptogirlgame
CryptoGirl An article describing the advances of the rise in blockchain-based games with the launch of Cryptogirl. Cryptogirl Brings PvE And PvP To Blockchain Gaming 2018-07-13 cryptonzin
Coinone South Korea Report: Major Exchanges Join Forces to Combat Money Laundering Ana Berman
Coinone An article announcing Coinone's new global cryptocurrency exchange, CGEX. Coinone announces CGEX 2018-11-01 Qadir AK
AirSwap Decentralized Exchanges: 2019’s Key to a Dapp Comeback 2019-01-09 David Lu
AirSwap An article discussing Fluidity's new AirSwap. Fluidity to roll out new AirSwap, names it Spaces 2018-10-11 Nitin Murali
Endor An article discussing Endor Protocol and its 32% rise over a 24-hour period. Endor Protocol (EDR), an AI Platform Crypto, Climbs 32% in 24 Hours 2018-08-04 ALEX OLEINIC Roger Ver moves on from CEO to executive chairman of Celia Wan An article discussing how CMC Markets, has added XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin to its digital asset-based contracts for difference (CFDs) and spread betting options. CMC Markets Expands Crypto Offerings with Ripple’s XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) 2018-10-30 Marin Marinov Roger Ver Steps Into Chairman Role as Adds New CEO William Foxley is launching a Bitcoin Cash-focused crypto exchange Rebecca Campbell Coinify, the Copenhagen-based cryptocurrency exchange and payments provider, has announced the introduction of three new virtual currencies to its buy and sell platform. Users can now purchase bitcoin cash (BCH) plus altcoins XLM and BSV directly with bank transfer or credit card. In a statement released to on Feb. 11, Coinify co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Højgaard said the newly added coins, which start trading tomorrow, were part of plans to support a total of 15 digital assets on the exchange by the end of this year. Ethereum was added to the platform late last year. Coinify Adds BCH and Rebrands Its Trading Platform 2019-02-11 Jeffrey Gogo
okcoin Crypto Trading Platform OKCoin Expands Its Services and Opens Office in Malta Ana Alexandre
WePay An article talking about #GivingTuesday. Six Tips for Giving Tuesday and Fundraising in General from the #GivingTuesday GivingLab 2018-10-29 Owen Linderholm
Biz2Credit Biz2Credit Raises $52M In Funding To Expand
Biz2Credit An article outlining Biz2Credit's entrance into the Indian Funding market. Biz2Credit enters India, bets big on the $300 billion funding market 2016-06-06 Press Trust of India
Biz2Credit An article discussing Biz2Credit's expansion plans. Biz2Credit plans expansion, eyes Rs 100 crore revenue by 2020 2018-09-20 PTI
TD Ameritrade TD Ameritrade CEO: We’re Taking ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ Approach to Crypto Daniel Kuhn
TD Ameritrade Rumor: Bitfinex mulls token fundraise Ben Munster
Capital Float An article announcing Capital Float's recent USD 22m equity funding from Amazon. Capital Float raises $22 million equity funding from Amazon 2018-04-24 Salman S.H.
Lendingkart India's Lendingkart raises $30m to help small businesses access working capital Manish Singh
Lendingkart The investment comes days after the company raised $30 million in a Series D financing. Lendingkart Secures $2.95M From Sistema Asia Fund
APEXA An article which highlights APEXA. Apexa Transforms Life Insurance Advisor Contracting and Compliance 2017-08-08 cnw
APEXA The LOGiQ3 Group includes APEXA, which manages a national platform for life insurance advisor contracting and compliance in Canada RGAx, a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Reinsurance Group of America, Inc., announced on Monday that it agreed to acquire LOGiQ3 Inc., a Toronto-based insurance industry outsourcing and consulting firm. The LOGiQ3 Group, with approximately 100 employees in the USA. The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom will maintain an independent operation and keep employees in their current roles. Transactions are expected to close during the first quarter of 2018. RGAx to acquire LOGiQ3 2018-01-08 IE Staff
Monese An article that talks about the new office in Lisbon, Portugal, which has 25 employees and this will respond to the demand in the United Kingdom and Europe... Monese, opens its third European Office, connected to the World Bank 2018-10-24 Monese
Monese An article that talks about the amount of money invested, what we offer and what Monese Monese obtains $60 million in series b led by Kinnevik 2018-09-06 Steve O´Hear
Monese An article that he speaks of new accounts monese configurable from your cell phone in minutes, this is created for entrepreneurs with global mindset... i arrive monese business 2018-10-03 Mihnea
Monzo An article that he speaks of the rapid growth of Monzó and in turn their losses for loans to their clients not allowed MONZO is the bank lender with highest scores in great Betana 2018-12-01 Patrick Collinson
Monzo Monzo Bank Valuation To Reach £2bn With US Investment
Monzo Monzo, the UK challenger bank, raises £113m Series F led by YC’s Continuity fund at a £2bn post-money valuation Steve O'Hear
Monzo Tech Nation Lists 10 Fintech Pioneers In Future Fifty 2019 Cohort Madhvi Mavadiya
Monzo Monzo’s U.S. expansion puts pressure on Facebook in battle for mobile payments Tim Copeland
Monzo UK app-only bank Monzo launches in the US to take on America’s financial giants Ryan Browne
Monzo Monzo launches ‘Get Paid Early’ for all customers Oliver Smith
Monzo An article that talks about the new version of the current accounts of Monzo. Program officially terminates prepaid in Monzo 2018-04-04 Amelia Heathman
Monzo An article that he speaks of the project of Monzó, managed to meet your goal in less than three hours Monzó achieves goal of 20 million crowdfunding 2018-12-05 Danielle Richardson
Aelf aelf, a multi-chain blockchain network, has announced a strategic partnership with Cred, a provider of crypto-backed lending and treasury management services. Zhuling Chen, co-founder of aelf, said many businesses developing blockchain-based solutions and services face significant liquidity challenges converting their cryptocurrency holdings into fiat currencies. Blockchain Network aelf and Cred Partner To Advance Projects 2018-12-15 Bruce Haring
Veridium A former Kraken exec is hoping to transform the carbon credit market with blockchain Frank Chaparro
Clovyr An article that focuses on Clovryr co-founder, Amber Baldet, and her take on companies adopting public blockchains. Clovyr Co-founder: Don’t Force Enterprises to Adopt Public Blockchains 2018-11-27 Princess Ogono
Clovyr JP Morgan's former blockchain lead, she left last spring to launch her own startup Clovyr, Amber Baldet Still Thinks Decentralization Can Save Us All (Blockchain Optional) James Dennin
Ethos An article talking about Voyager's acquisition of Crypto Broker Voyager Is Buying Token Issuer and Wallet for $4 Million Anna Baydakova
Ethos Insurtech Startup Ethos Raises $60M in GV-led Series C, Marking Third Raise In 14 Months Mary Ann Azevedo
Ethos A nice article that provides an introduction to Ethos and its founders Google, Accel and Jay Z invest in life insurance start-up Ethos, valuing it at more than $100 million 2018-10-30 Ryan Browne
Yee Mastercard links up with UK payments fintech Yoyo Wallet in a 'real statement of intent' Callum Burroughs
Sirin Labs Crypto Mogul Moshe Hogeg’s ICOs Have Unusual Patterns, Analysis Finds Leigh Cuen
Sirin Labs Sirin Labs Lays Off 25% of Staff Amid Poor Blockchain Phone Sales Daniel Palmer
Sirin Labs Sirin Labs Finney Review: Does This Crypto Smartphone Stand a Chance Against the Samsung Galaxy S10? Josiah Wilmoth
Bankrate Bankrate, Inc. has named Scott Kim as Chief Executive Officer of its division. In this role, Mr. Kim will have responsibility for the growth and development of the business, replacing Don Ross, who will be leaving Bankrate to pursue other opportunities. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Kim spent the previous two years as Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO of, one of the largest sources of online expert content. Before that role, Scott held several senior leadership roles during his 10 years at, including SVP Products & Technology, Chief Technology Officer, General Manager SEO & SEM, and Chief Strategy Officer. Bankrate Inc. names Scott Kim as CEO of its Banking Segment, 2015-09-14 NEWS PROVIDED BY Bankrate, Inc.
Bankrate Top-notch investors aren’t quite sure what to make of the president’s administration, according to new survey results from Bankrate. Most professionals surveyed (38 percent) indicated they were either uncertain or did not have an answer as to whether investors were being helped or hurt by the actions of President Donald Trump’s administration, according to the Q1 2019 Market Mavens survey. Overall, the group still expects to see gains in 2019. Investors optimistic about 2019 despite uncertainty about Trump administration 2019-01-28 ADRIAN D. GARCIA
Fundera An article describing Fundera's recent $11.5 million Series B funding. Fundera Picks Up $11.5 Million In Series B Funding 2015-09-17 Jordan Crook
Benefitfocus EPS growth is an important number as it indicates the future prospects of Benefitfocus. It is typically displayed as a percentage and called the EPS growth rate, which at this time is hard to estimate, but revenue growth has been -3.40 % over the last twelve months. Growth in EPS is an important measure of administration performance because it shows how much money Benefitfocus is making for it’s investors or shareholders. Present Trend: Benefitfocus (NASDAQ: BNFT) 2019-02-05 Jake McWilliams
Benefitfocus Benefitfocus, Inc. provides cloud-based benefits management platform for consumers, employers, insurance carriers, and brokers in the United States. The company has market cap of $1.76 billion. It operates through Employer and Carrier divisions. It currently has negative earnings. The companyÂ’s products for insurance carriers include Marketplaces, which are online shopping environments; eEnrollment that provides online enrollment for benefits; eBilling, an electronic invoice presentment and payment solution; eExchange, a solution for communication; eSales for carriers and brokers to organize and manage accounts, track leads, generate quotes, and create proposals for products; and Core & Advanced Analytics, a data analytics solution. Benefitfocusinc (NASDAQ:BNFT) Institutional Investors Q3 2018 Sentiment 2019-02-05 Ellis Scott
Bitfarms An article announcing Blockchain Mining Limited's recent 60.7% acquisition of Bitfarms. Blockchain Mining Completes Transaction with Bitfarms 2018-04-16 Globe Newswire
Bitfarms An article describing Backbones Hosting Solutions Inc.'s strategy in quadrupling Bitfarm's computing power and increase its staff count. Crypto Miner Bitfarms to Invest $193 Million in Quebec 2018-03-08 Camila Russo
Loyakk Inc. An article announcing the recent partnership between Loyakk and Civic. Loyakk announces its partnership with Civic to integrate Identity Verification Services. 2018-02-13 Sadiq Quasim
Instavest An article that introduces Instavest - an online start up company brokerage company. Start-up lets amateur investors follow pro traders 2015-11-18 Joanna Weinstein
Instavest An article explaining that benefits investors using Istavest for their trading needs. Istavest wants to help investors 2015-03-20 Alex Wilhelm
CircleUp Ryan Caldbeck brought his technology to identify promising new businesses for investors. CircleUp is trying to eliminate the intermediary and invest in new companies directly through a new fund. CircleUp launched CircleUp Growth Partners a $ 125 million fund to support early stage consumer companies. CircleUp's $ 125 million fund seeks to get Moneyball to support the winners of the consumer brand. 2017-10-31 Alex Konrad
Neogrowth An article that he speaks of before of NeoGrowth is had another proposal for a company that later was sold to a European multicional in 2010... As it was the big launch of NeoGrowth and that objectives of the market tries to fill? 2018-07-04 Aniruddha Bose
Indifi Technologies An article discussing the significant growth of loans through the partnership between Indifi Technologies and India Infoline Finance Limited. Indifi Technologies and the IIFL association show an incredible annual growth rate of 200% 2018-05-08 Dqindia Online
getsafe Getsafe, the German insurance app, scores $17m Series A Steve O'Hear
BANKEX BANKEX, the premier provider of tokenization and securitization services, and Digital Trust Fund, a foundation established to support and develop Uzbekistan's digital economy, partnered to bring fintech solutions - namely blockchain - to Uzbekistan at the state level. The present memorandum is directed at establishing a legal framework on which the parties can base the mutual cooperation necessary to ensure the quality as well as the qualified undertaking of tasks assigned to the parties, says the memorandum. The collaboration will also involve holding joint educational events including workshops, seminars, round tables, and conferences about the principles of the development of the digital economy and the advantages of blockchain. BANKEX Partners With Digital Trust Fund to Develop Uzbekistan's Digital Economy 2019-01-16 NEWS PROVIDED BY BANKEX
BANKEX Global fintech BANKEX announced on Friday it has appointed Davidson & Co. to review its financial statements as it prepares to launch its very own securities private placement. This news comes less than a month after the company announced the launch of its own security token trading platform, BANKEX Token Exchange. BANKEX reported it is performing a financial statement review is a proactive step aimed at increasing transparency with financial market regulators and a watershed moment for the nascent field of crowdfunding for the fourth generation Information Economy, i.e. blockchain, startups. BANKEX Appoints Davidson & Co to Review Financial Statements to Prepare for Securities Private Placement 2019-01-04 Samantha Hurst
localBitcoins An article discussing the rise of LocaBitcoins in Latin America due to local inflation. Latin America continues to register high volumes in localBitcoins 2018-12-14 Mary Kihoro
connecture An article describing Connecture Inc.'s 2013 acquisition of DRX. Connecture Acquires DRX, A Leading Provider of Information Systems for Medicare 2013-01-22 Ken Phillips
connecture An article describing Franscisco Partners' recent acquisition of Connecture, Inc. Connecture, Inc. Completes Take-Private Acquisition by Francisco Partners 2018-04-26 Brookfield
Axoni Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger system providing enhanced security to the real time digital economic process. Blockchain is comprised of blocks of digitally recorded data. The global market for blockchain at $708 million in 2017 is anticipated to reach $60.7 billion in 2024. IBM and Microsoft are driving blockchain as their clients are making the transition to cloud services. Accenture has measurable market share as well. Blockchain Market Global Research Analysis 2018 to 2024 2019-01-28 Digvijay Chakravarty
Axoni nterprise blockchain startup Axoni has raised $32 million to help it finish moving some of the largest financial infrastructures in the world to technology that interoperates with the ethereum blockchain. But what sets the capital infusion apart from other plays in the enterprise blockchain space is how many of the investors in the New York-based company are also clients turning blockchain technology into real distributed ledger applications. Or as Axoni co-founder and CEO Greg Schvey described it in an exclusive interview with Forbes: Turning projects into products. Goldman Sachs And J.P. Morgan Join $32M Series B In Enterprise Blockchain Startup Axoni 2018-08-14 Michael del Castillo
Bidu Corretora Baidu, Inc. BIDU is expected to report fourth-quarter 2018 results on Feb 12. The company topped the Zacks Consensus Estimate in the trailing four quarters, with average positive earnings surprise of 22.67%. In the last reported quarter, Baidu delivered a positive earnings surprise of 7.78%. Earnings of $2.77 per share declined 12.9% sequentially. However, revenues increased 27% year over year to RMB 28.2 billion ($4.11 billion). Can Solid Product Portfolio Aid Baidu's (BIDU) Q4 Earnings? 2019-02-08 Zacks Equity Research
Bidu Corretora Although Baidu, Inc. (BIDU) has rallied back over $170, we still remain underwater on our position by just over $20 a share. We wrote recently how regulation in the company's search segment has slowed growth. Baidu's customers are not spending as much as they once did due to this regulation and also a slowing Chinese economy. Baidu: Earnings To Remain Strong 2019-02-03 Earnings Analysis
Bitlem Bitlem, the first exchange company that offers services for the purchase and sale of cryptononedas in its physical branch in Mexico, is preparing to launch the project to create the first physical bank crypto , which will connect blockchain technology with traditional banking. For this year, the Bitlem bank crypto project is advancing in the issuance of a physical or virtual debit card , which will allow to make payments with criptomonedas in thousands of stores in more than 130 countries around the world, without hidden conversion rates . Bitlem is close to creating the first latin american physical bank crypto 2019-02-13 Posted by CriptoNoticias
Bitlem In Mexico City, in the neighborhood of Colonia Juárez, just two blocks from the Stock Exchange of Mexico, is the headquarters of Bitlemoon SA, better known as Bitlem, the first exchange house in Mexico that offers services for the purchase and sale of criptomonedas in its physical branch. Bitlem is both a physical and virtual exchange house , and in addition to this branch in Mexico City also has an online platform that allows its users to buy cryptones from the comfort of their homes. Meet Bitlem, the first mexican exchange house with a physical branch 2018-05-12 Posted by CriptoNoticias
Appstem An article that discuses various aspects of the VR and AR markets including opportunities in the market. How to become a Unity developer for VR and AR 2017-01-23 Alison DeNisco Rayome
Firelotto An article updating the recent performance of Fire Lotto against the dollar. Fire Lotto (FLOT) Hits 24-Hour Volume of $51,867.00 2018-12-14 Lisa Matthews
Firelotto An article describing FireLotto's recent rise in preformance. The Crypto FireLotto (FLOT) went up in value over 0.38% 2018-12-13 Estela Ashley
Revolut Tech Nation Lists 10 Fintech Pioneers In Future Fifty 2019 Cohort Madhvi Mavadiya
Revolut Martin Gilbert set to assume chair of Revolut Nicholas Megaw
Revolut Revolut calls in ex-Daily Mail editor and hunts defamation lawyer as negative headlines continue Oscar Williams-Grut
Revolut An article that announces Revolut's recent achievement in obtaining a European banking license ahead of Brexit. U.K. Fintech Revolut Gets European Banking License Via Lithuania 2018-12-12 Jeremy Kahn
Revolut Revolut launches in Australia as a beta release Romain Dillet
Revolut Inside Revolut’s bid to be the Amazon of banking, and the lessons it’s learned from breakneck growth Ryan Browne
Revolut Ex-Goldman Europe boss Michael Sherwood to join fintech Revolut Cat Rutter Pooley
Revolut The US may be a more developed market for almost all areas of startups and tech, but not fintech. Europe is beating the US in fintech innovation, says Revolut’s Nikolay Storonsky Michael Stothard
Blackmoon Crypto Blackmoon Crypto Platform is a one-stop solution for asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds, focusing on all the aspects of tokenized investment vehicles, from technology and infrastructure, to legal compliance and corporate structuring. Blackmoon Crypto is part of the Blackmoon Financial Group, a financial technology company founded in 2014. The Blackmoon Crypto token (BMC) is an Ethereum-based token that allows holders to register as Continuous Contributors to the Platform and to deposit BMCs in a depository wallet linked to their account. The Blockchain – based Blackmoon Crypto (BMC) increased by 1.91% on February 27-28 2019-02-28 Ellis Scott
Blackmoon Crypto Blackmoon Crypto has emerged as one of the first diversified investment platforms covering both the most traditional economies and the most disruptive markets , allowing all users to bet and safeguard their investments in fiat money and cryptocurrencies. This innovative proposal has encumbrado to the project, which already celebrates his first exploits in the cryptographic ecosystem and is after the search to fill new expectations to be enabled in the market. Blackmoon Crypto: a bridge platform between traditional and Cryptographic economies 2017-09-29 CriptoNews
Nav An article that he speaks of industry financial services will make more changes in the next 10 years and is being driven by more companies... NAV is the number 250 of CB Insights of Fintech 2017-06-27 Jared Proctor
Nav Goldman Sachs Leads Nav’s $44M Funding Round
Nav Nauticus Blockchain seeks $25M to grow borderless transactions
Acturis The research report profiles the key players in the Insurance Software market operating across the globe. The dominating players in the Insurance Software market are Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Accenture, Buckhill, Acturis, Computer Professionals Inc., Computer Sciences Corporation, Dell, Ebix, Guidewire Software, Hyland Software. Global Insurance Software Market Trend 2019-2025: Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Accenture, Buckhill, Acturis 2019-01-09 KINGJOHN
Acturis he British software service provider Acturis has acquired AssFinet , which claims to be the leading provider of broker management systems in Germany. Already last year, the British bought the German car fare comparison portal Nafi. One goal is to further develop seamless integration between the AssFinet and Nafi systems, Acturis said Thursday. Acturis acquires brokerage service Assfinet 2018-05-08 Insurance
Dovetail Insurance, Corp. Ferber Named CEO of South Carolina-Based Dovetail Insurance
By Miles A recent study by By Miles found that eight out of ten motorists don't know they can save hundreds on their annual cover by installing the device on their engine. How the British are losing the £ 500 savings on their car insurance every year by not installing an affordable black box 2019-09-17 James Gratton
By Miles Ash Phillips has been driving for 11 years, so although he had lost the boat, he is now saving hundreds of pounds using a car insurance policy that he thought was only for young drivers. He saved £ 434 on his car insurance using a 'designed for teenagers' policy 2019-09-21 James Andrews
Nexus Mutual Ethereum Startups Team to Offer ‘Banking-Grade’ Wallet Security Ian Allison
Nexus Mutual An article describing the uses of Nexus Mutual as the startup insurance company for blockchain skeptics. Insurer driven by Ethereum Nexus is winning Blockchain skeptics. 2018-08-07 Ian Allison
LunaDNA An article introducing a new company focused on having people donate their health data in exchange for shares in the company. LunaDNA offers company shares in exchange for health data 2018-12-11 Laura Lovett
Benefitter HealthMarkets Insurance Agency announces that it has acquired Benefitter Insurance Solutions, Inc., a San Francisco-based technology company providing employee benefit decision support tools to small businesses and their employees. Small and mid-sized business owners continuously struggle with providing and maintaining employee benefits due to rising costs and an inability to provide the range of options available to America’s bigger businesses. Benefitter’s proprietary technology, software and services will equip HealthMarkets and its agents to better help employers make a positive, profitable and deliberate transition to the new era of health benefits. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency Acquires Benefitter 2019-02-06 PRWEB CISION
BitQuick BitQuick, the over-the-counter cryptocurrency marketplace has increased its coverage by adding the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to its platform. This inclusion will allow peer-to-peer purchase and trading of BCH in less than three hours, BitQuick claims. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] integrated on peer-to-peer trading platform BitQuick 2019-01-23 Aakash Athawasya
BitQuick Over-the-counter marketplace Bitquick has announced the company is now supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and has officially added bitcoin cash (BCH) to the platform. Now cryptocurrency users can purchase BCH in as little three hours as traders buy and sell coins in a peer-to-peer fashion. Bitcoin cash fans were pleased to hear the marketplace has integrated BCH support into the over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace. Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform Bitquick Implements Bitcoin Cash Support 2019-01-21 Jamie Redman
Vertafore A world leader in software, Prophix, is pleased to announce that they have joined the Vertafore Orange partner program to offer an immediate process improvement, cost savings and strong impact on the results for Vertafore customers. Vertafore and Prophix join to lead the insurance industry 2019-06-27 EINnews
Applied Systems During 2018, giant technology firms Google and Amazon showed renewed interest in insurance and generated speculation about their insurance intentions going forward. Giant Google’s investment arm purchased a minority stake in Applied Systems, a provider of insurance technology and cloud-based software for independent agencies. Applied Systems CEO Reid French confirmed that Google/CapitalG will become minority investor, while adding that Google/CapitalG’s financial stake is significant. “It’s not small,” Reid said of the investment. How Big Tech Flirted with Insurance in 2018 2019-01-02 Andrew G. Simpson
Applied Systems Evidence of a hard market in personal lines in Canada was apparent in Applied Systems’ latest quarterly Applied Rating Index, released Tuesday. The continued rise of premiums in each province year-over-year indicates that the personal lines market remained hard as we closed out the year, said Jeff Purdy, senior vice president of international operations with the cloud-based software provider. All provinces saw rate increases in Q4 2018: Applied 2019-01-10 Jason Contant.
Artex Risk Solutions Artex Risk Solutions announced that Peter Mullen will be re-joining the company in March 2019 as CEO-elect. He will step into the role once he has fulfilled his contractual obligations to Aon Captive & Insurance Management, where he has been CEO for the last seven years. Mullen helped found Artex in 1997 and was a member of its executive team until his departure for Aon in 2011. David McManus will continue to lead Artex as president and chief executive officer until July 1, 2019. At that time, Mullen will assume those executive responsibilities while McManus will move into the role of chairman. Aon’s Mullen to Re-Join Artex Risk Solutions as CEO 2018-03-26 Insurance Journal
Artex Risk Solutions Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.’s insurance management unit Artex Risk Solutions is clearly serious about building out its insurance-linked securities (ILS) management capabilities, having just announced the acquisition of Guernsey-domiciled Hexagon Insurance PCC Ltd. The announcement comes hot on the heels of the confirmation that Artex acquired the Kane insurance-linked securities (ILS) and insurance or reinsurance management and administration business, which was announced formally last week. Artex said it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the cores of Guernsey-domiciled Hexagon Insurance PCC Ltd and its subsidiaries. All regulatory approvals have been received for the transaction and the acquisition is expected to close on the 31st of March 2016. AJG’s Artex buys Hexagon Insurance PCC to add to ILS capabilities 2016-03-29 ARTEMIS
BBOXX BBOXX renforce sa présence en Afrique Mansoor Hamayun, president of BBOXX The off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) provider, BBOXX, has secured a $ 31 million investment from the Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) Fund to deploy two million solar systems in Africa by 2022. The investment will allow BBOXX to hold a minority stake in AIIM branches in Rwanda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to BBOXX, the financing will accelerate the deployment of its photovoltaic installations and will allow 10 million people to access energy. BBOXX renforce sa présence en Afrique 2019-01-15 ECONOMY
BBOXX BBOXX was announced as the winner of the Zayed Sustainability Prize (ZSP) in the Energy category at a prestigious awards ceremony on Monday in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The ceremony marked the official opening of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, widely considered to be among the largest sustainability gatherings globally. BBOXX was cited as being a fast-growing company that has successfully deployed a plug and play solar device – the BBOXX – across a number of African countries, offering their customers an on-grid experience in an off-grid setting. The company won $600,000 in prize money. SPONSORED: BBOXX wins Zayed Sustainability Prize for Energy 2019-01-16 Times Reporter
Unibright The Libra source code and the white papers were only published on June 18, PCHAIN and Unibright have already taken steps to add Libra to their offers. Blockchain projects start adding Libra to their offers 2019-07-08 Dan
Benefix Latest Industry Research Report On “BeneFIX – API Insight, 2019” in-depth analysis of the market state and also the competitive landscape globally. BeneFIX – API Insight, 2019; report provides product and API manufacturers details across the globe along with the location. The report gives the clear idea on the country wise DMF filed by worldwide companies related to BeneFIX. The report also highlights the patent details of BeneFIX. BeneFIX – API Insights 2019, Key Manufacturers Analysis and Business Opportunities 2019-02-06 Tanmay Halaye
Benefix The idea for Lancaster native Matthew Ranauro’s latest software company came from his move back to this area.The 37-year-old Manheim Township resident brought his business with him from Colorado about a year and a half ago, and had such a terrible time switching its health insurance coverage that he asked a broker buddy about it. That’s when he learned that there’s no centralized system for health insurance quotes, so brokers have to separately enter a company’s information into each carrier’s website — a tedious, time-consuming process. Manheim Twp. resident’s software company offers one-stop-shop for brokers for health insurance quotes 2016-08-06 HEATHER STAUFFER
Bango It has expanded the use of its billing integration technology, enabling customers to sign-up for Amazon Prime Video with Vivo (Telefonica) in Brazil. Vivo is Brazil’s largest telecom operator with over 97.8 million clients. Bango technology ensures that qualifying customers have the opportunity to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video as part of the customer’s mobile, fixed or broadband plan. Bango navigates Amazon in Brazil deal 2019-01-16 Tony Quested
Bango Rand was made interim CFO in October. Bango at the time said it expected her to remain until at least April this year, or until a permanent finance chief was appointed. However, effective from Tuesday, Rand has now taken up the role on a permanent basis. Bango also said Thursday it has appointed Nancy Cruickshank as a non-executive director, also effective from Tuesday this week. Bango Chief Executive Ray Anderson commented: I am delighted to welcome Nancy to the Bango board. Nancy's experience of the digital environment is highly relevant to our market strategy and business model. Bango Makes Interim Finance Boss Permanent, Appoints New Non-Exec 2019-01-03 Alliance News
BurstIQ, Inc A leading health care block chain data company, announced an important integration with VitalWareTM. BurstIQ's patented big data platform will allow VitalWare to manage customer data at scale. BurstIQ Announces Partnership with VitalWare(TM) 2018-06-26 PRESS RELEASE PR Newswire
Wirex FCA Regulated Payment Platform Launches 26 Fiat-Backed Cryptocurrencies On The Stellar Network Rachel Wolfson
Bodyo On the other hand, it is more difficult, without coaching, to be able to make a personalized effort as well as a follow-up on the long term. Diets and fitness solutions are often followed blindly and it is impossible to be able to verify concretely their positive effects , except on external data such as weight . On this follow-up and personalized coaching , Body O intervenes. Chronicle Of Effect # 25: Bodyo, A Healthy Body In A Healthy Mind 2019-03-01 Florian Bercault
Bodyo In the previous article we talked about BioMind, an Artificial Intelligence system that had beaten senior doctors in diagnosing brain tumors. Now it’s BodyO’s turn, a pod that produces full medical reports in minutes. BodyO has manufactured cabins with Artificial Intelligence that perform autonomous body scan of patients. This scanner obtains the blood sugar level, blood pressure, body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, hydration, height and weight) and shares them with hospitals and medical institutions, making it easier to do the check-ups because its location: public spaces, shopping centers, gyms. Bodyo: AI-powered health pods 2018-08-08 David Alayón
Propy Until there is greater clarity concerning crypto regulation, due diligence procedures and taxation, potential participants are opting to wait on the sidelines. The year ahead promises an uncertain macroeconomic and political road for the real estate sector. In its 2019 outlook, the Urban Land Institute points to a complex, multi-layered series of overlapping trends with unpredictable results expected this year. Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of real estate startup Propy, highlights a number of issues which need to be addressed when buying and selling property using crypto. The main issue we’ve experienced is exchanging large amounts because sellers, very often, want to to get paid in fiat, she explains. Buying and Selling Property With Bitcoin Is More Complex Than It May Seem 2019-01-07 Tanzeel Akhtar
Propy Vermont Governor Phil Scott today ceremonially signed into law bill S.269 (Act 205), legislation supporting the development of blockchain businesses in Vermont. The new law mandates the review of blockchain technology usage for the recording of land records and other public records. Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva was featured at the public signing ceremony, speaking on Propy’s role in providing blockchain education and in creating the first property deed in the United States bearing blockchain information. The signing of S.269 reinforces Vermont’s position as a global technology innovation leader and marks Propy’s progress in supporting blockchain-friendly initiatives in the United States and globally New Blockchain Law Passed in Vermont Following Propy’s Successful Title Registry Project 2018-08-28 Eastern Daylight Time
Propy US Realtors Association Invests in Blockchain Startup Propy Benedict Alibasa
Prosper If you’re just starting out, there’s an immediate decision you’re faced with: should you go with Lending Club or Prosper? Both of these companies are mentioned side by side all the time, so which is right for your situation? Let me say from the outset: most new investors will probably want to open their first account with Lending Club. However, there are some honest reasons someone might choose Prosper instead. Lending Club vs. Prosper for investors: Which is best? 2014-10-03 Simon Cunningham on
Prosper Prosper, a leading peer-to-peer lending platform connecting borrowers and investors, today reported financial results for the second quarter of 2018. Year-over-year loan originations increased 12% to $867 million, Net Loss decreased 70% to ($12.6) million and Adjusted EBITDA(1) increased 31% to $8.8 million. During the quarter, Prosper also announced that it has facilitated the origination of over 1 million loans. More than $13 billion in loans have originated through Prosper’s platform since 2006. Prosper Reports Second Quarter Results; over $13 Billion of Loans Originated since Inception 2018-08-13 Eastern Daylight Time
Zopa Zopa is not a brand that many people have heard of. Its awareness among the British public sits at just 15%, according to YouGov BrandIndex – the big banks it wants to compete with score in the 90s. It was also one of the first movers in the so-called sharing economy. Zopa has been profitable at various points but has had to balance profitability with investing for growth. The lending business had a surplus of £1.5m in 2017, according to The Times, but investment pushed the overall company to a loss of £4.2m. The story of Zopa: The fintech firm taking on the big banks 2019-02-05 Sarah Vizard
Zopa Peer to peer lender Zopa announced on Wednesday its new research revealed that millions of people across the UK do not know the rate of interest on their Cash ISA, which means billions of pounds are potentially languishing in accounts earning little or no interest or even losing money when accounting for inflation. Zopa then reported that Cash ISA holders who lose track of how much interest their savings are generating for them, or don’t switch when they do realize, are at risk of seeing their hard-earned money significantly eroded by inflation. Zopa’s Latest Report Reveals 1 in 3 Brits in the Dark on Cash ISA Rate 2019-02-20 Samantha Hurst
B3i China Pacific Insurance Joins Industry Blockchain Initiative, B3i
B3i 40-Strong Blockchain Insurance Group B3i Appoints CEO Ian Allison
B3i Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. But what if one company is not comfortable sharing their secret sauce with another? That’s when it can be difficult to implement. One well-known consortium is B3i, the blockchain insurance industry initiative. Formed in late 2016, it is a collaboration of insurers and reinsurers to explore the potential of using distributed ledger technologies within the industry for the benefit of all stakeholders in the value chain. Why the insurance industry needs a killer use case for blockchain 2019-02-28 Jason Contant
B3i Since the emergence of Bitcoin from the dark days after the 2008 financial crisis, the technology has gained much prominence and notoriety owing to the rise and fall of numerous cryptocurrencies and ICOs. In the enterprise world, blockchain led by speculation turned into the holy grail and promised to solve all problems and open novel business opportunities. B3i, an insurance industry consortium has the backing of several industry players and completed multiple POCs. However, there are multiple challenges in adoption – trust, erosion of competitive advantage, regulation, risk etc. Infosys investigates the future of blockchain 2019-02-10 GOPI K, INFOSYS
SafeChain SafeChain has integrated data from Accuity into its platform to give users greater confidence that funds are being wired to the correct account, the companies announced. As wire fraud schemes increase in both number and complexity, it is critical for title companies to authenticate and verify every aspect of the wire transaction to ensure consumers’ funds are protected throughout, SafeChain co-founder and CEO Tony Franco said in a release. SafeChain integrates Accuity’s bank data 2019-02-14 Cyberawareness
SafeChain Fintech startup SafeChain on Monday announced a partnership with financial crime compliance and payments solutions company Accuity, to integrate bank data with SafeChain’s wire fraud prevention platform, SafeWire. As wire fraud schemes increase in both number and complexity, it is critical for title companies to authenticate and verify every aspect of the wire transaction to ensure consumers’ funds are protected throughout, said SafeChain CEO and cofounder Tony Franco in a statement. Title software startup SafeChain cracks down on wire fraud 2019-02-07 MARIAN MCPHERSON
BrikBit BrikBit is an ecosystem, based on the LISK blockchain, that develops and manages entire operations for the Real Estate Industry. Any Real Estate project in the world that wants to use blockchain for fund collection, design, creation and management, will be able create their own blockchain (as a BrikBit sidechain) with their own rules and features, according to the country and legislation of the project itself. ICO Analysis: BrikBit 2018-11-17 Joshua Larson
BrikBit BrikBit Plans To Push The Limits Of Real Estate Industry With Blockchain In our ever-increasing dynamic world, the blockchain craze seems to have found plenty of uses as a one-fits-all solution for many sectors, real-estate industry included. The BrikBit company has unified the potential to create, authenticate and audit contracts in real time, all over the world and without the intervention of an intermediary institution, with a comprehensive platform that breaks traditional boundaries of a real estate industry that until now has refused to evolve. BrikBit Blockchain Real Estate Platform is Planning ICO Token Launch in October 2018-10-08 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
BlockVerify Blockchain or the distributed ledger technology is serving the retail industry for transforming the product processes. The retail industry witnesses various obstacles & bottlenecks in their processes; blockchain helps in providing transparency, accountability, and enhanced security for saving money & time. There is an increasing need for transparency for the product processes and for meeting the demand by the retail industry. This has majorly driven the blockchain in retail market. Further, factors including rising need for reduction of redundant data and rising need for limiting the total cost of ownership have supplemented the demand for blockchain in the retail industry. However, lack of universal standards is impeding the growth of the market to a considerable extent. Proliferation of IoT is anticipated to create growth opportunities for the blockchain in retail market. Blockchain in retail industry 2019 global market size, share, growth, opportunity, sales and drivers analysis research report 2023. 2019-03-05 Sambit K
BlockVerify Blockchain or the distributed ledger technology is serving the retail industry for transforming the product processes. The retail industry witnesses various obstacles & bottlenecks in their processes; blockchain helps in providing transparency, accountability, and enhanced security for saving money & time. There is an increasing need for transparency for the product processes and for meeting the demand by the retail industry. This has majorly driven the blockchain in retail market. Further, factors including rising need for reduction of redundant data and rising need for limiting the total cost of ownership have supplemented the demand for blockchain in the retail industry. Insight on the Growth of Global Blockchain in Retail Outlook 2019-2027 with top key players - Amazon Web Services, Auxesis Group, Bitfury, Blockpoint, Blockverify, Cegeka, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP 2019-03-06 The Insight Partners
Xage Security Traditional industries like oil and gas and manufacturing often use equipment that was created in a time when remote access wasn’t a gleam in an engineer’s eye, and hackers had no way of connecting to them. Today, these devices require remote access, and some don’t have even rudimentary authentication. Xage, the startup that wants to make industrial infrastructure more secure, announced a new solution today to bring single sign-on and role-based control to even the oldest industrial devices. Xage brings role-based single sign-on to industrial devices 2019-03-07 Ron Miller
Xage Security The venture capital arm of General Electric (GE) has joined a $12 million investment round in blockchain startup Xage Security in order to develop its security fabric for industries from energy to building management, a press release confirmed July 23. Xage — which uses blockchain to allow tamper-proof communication between infrastructure and devices in the energy, telecom, utilities, building management, and manufacturing industries — will also work with GE Renewables to reshape international infrastructure using technology like the Internet of Things (IoT). General Electric Participates in Blockchain Startup Xage Security’s $12 Mln Funding Round 2018-07-24 William Suberg
CargoX The use of blockchain solutions in the supply chain is by no means limited to the container cargo sector, with Fracht, based in Basel, Switzerland, which now leads the field of project forwarding by partnering with CargoX to provide knowledge of shipment without fast and safe papers for shipments outside the box. While partnerships such as the cutting-edge block chain initiative of the Maersk global container line and the multinational giant of IBM technology may be attracting more attention, the Fracht-CargoX alliance considers equally beneficial to save time and money, in addition to improve document security for oversized and overweight shippers. charges Project forwarder Fracht partnering with CargoX on blockchain solution 2018-09-24 Paul Scott Abbott
CargoX Blockchain startup CargoX will roll its blockchain-based bill of lading solution into production next month, having carried out its first live pilot. According to CargoX CEO and founder Stefan Kukman, other trials are currently underway, and the product will be made available to clients next month. The Slovenia-based blockchain firm raised over US$7mn in an ICO in January. The platform, which digitises the issuance and transfer of bills of lading, targets freight forwarders and NVOCCs (non-vessel operating common carriers), who will then be able to offer the solution to their customers. CargoX goes live with blockchain-based bill of lading 2018-08-23 SANNE WASS
Omnichain Omnichain Solutions (Omnichain), a supply chain technology startup that leverages the power of Blockchain, announces it has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). Composed of experienced tech and transportation organizations and executives, BiTA’s mission is to lead the development of blockchain standards and education throughout the supply chain industry. It plans to open the dialogue and bring together thought leaders in blockchain for supply chain. On joining BiTA, Pratik Soni, co-founder and CEO, Omnichain, said, Today’s global supply chain has struggled too long with disconnected operations, which not only lead to inefficiencies, but also hurt financial outcomes. But now, the industry is starting to recognize the enormous potential that exists in a connected digital value chain, making blockchain a major buzzword among decision makers. Omnichain Solutions joins fellow supply chain leaders in the Blockchain in Transport Alliance 2018-08-07 FREIGHTWAVES STAFF
Omnichain Leading experts and blockchain enthusiasts gathered in Singapore this weekend to compete in a blockchain hackathon sponsored by DBS Bank, formerly known as the Development Bank of Singapore, and computer giant IBM. More than 70 people partook in the competition, but Omnichain, a platform for investing in emerging market businesses, won first place and 15,000 Singapore dollars (roughly $11,300 USD). Investment Platform Omnichain Wins Blockchain Hackathon Sponsored by DBS Bank and IBM 2015-05-12 Jeffrey Maxim
ShipChain Deutsche Post (DHL), a global leader in logistics, is endorsing the need for blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry and is recognizing ShipChain as the solution. The industry as it currently stands is plagued by a number of inefficiencies explained by ShipChain in their whitepaper. The DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation team represented by Dr. Markus Kückelhaus, Vice President Innovation and Trend Research, Gina Chung, Global Director Innovation and Trend Research and Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Innovation, is confident that ShipChain's revolutionary platform will eliminate these issues and increase value as they explained in the official DHL report, Blockchain In Logistics which features ShipChain. DHL Features ShipChain in 2018 Blockchain Logistics Report 2018-04-23 PRNewswire
ShipChain ShipChain Inc. has announced a partnership deal with CaseStack, a provider of supply chain management services located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. CaseStack works with some of the world's largest retailers, Fortune 50s, and brands, such as Target, Duracell and Amazon. The deal is announced together with a pilot program that will launch this summer. CaseStack has also announced that they will begin the integration process to accept SHIP tokens as payment for their services, and has purchased a block of SHIP tokens as a first step. Blockchain Technology Company ShipChain Signs Partnership With CaseStack 2018-04-19 PRNewswire
Babb Disruptive venture capitalist Custos has signed a collaborative partnership deal with London fintech BABB. The partnership will support Babb in scaling and raising capital, as well as offering marketing and communication expertise as it gears up to the public launch of its mobile app, and is subject to performance-related developments at this exciting phase in BABB's story. Custos and Babb form partnership 2019-03-12 Custos
Babb Blockchain banking startup BABB (Bank Account Based Blockchain) and investment firm Custos Group have signed a collaborative partnership deal. BABB is a decentralized banking platform leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and biometrics to provide anyone in the world with access to a bank account for peer-to-peer financial services. It aims to be the world bank for the micro economy by providing mobile banking services that tackles one of the world’s biggest challenges: how to effectively connect unbanked people to the economy. The company claims that its platform currently has a waiting list of over 100,000 prospective customers. Blockchain Banking Startup BABB Teams With Venture Capitalist Custos 2019-03-08 Maricel Custodio
TradeIX DHL is partnering with blockchain trade finance platform TradeIX, according to a presentation today, June 5, at the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam. Becky Taylor, Vice President of Commercial at DHL Supply Chain UK and Ireland, spoke about how the company has been looking to create more efficient networks through digitization, including a way to serialize products to be able to track that product through its life. Taylor then announced the partnership by saying that DHL on its own can’t achieve those types of funding rates to create an attractive price [for customers], so we started to work with Trade IX. DHL Announces Partnership With Global Blockchain Trade Finance Platform TradeIX 2018-06-05 Molly Jane Zuckerman
TradeIX TradeIX, the startup behind a blockchain-based platform for open-account trade finance, has raised $16 million in a funding round led by ING Ventures and joined by BNP Paribas. Tech Mahindra and Norwegian investment firm Kistefos also joined the round, the proceeds of which will be used to boost hiring and customer acquisition, as well as develop TradeIX's platform. ING and BNP Paribas invest in blockchain-powered trade platform TradeIX 2018-06-21 finextra
TradeIX Top 3 Japanese Bank to Roll Out Services on Marco Polo Blockchain Yogita Khatri
Rate3 Even with blockchain technology becoming more and more visible across a wide variety of financial domains, there still exist a host of issues within the present retail setup that affects consumers and merchants alike . Rate3 Network is an all new universal blockchain-based token that helps foster an ecosystem that will connect shoppers, merchants and other intermediaries via the use of a single platform. When looked at more closely, we can see that Rate3 is completely decentralized and allows for a high level of transparency in all of its transactions. Rate3 Network: Stellar Blockchain For E-Commerce Payments? 2018-03-07 Bitcoin Exchange Team
Rate3 Rate3 is a blockchain network which wants to help companies convert their rights to a real world physical asset into a digital token on a blockchain. The Rate3 platform is built on top of blockchain protocols Stellar and Ethereum. With Stellar, transactions take an average of about five seconds. Ethereum allows for the creation of smart contracts, which can store customer’s information and make transactions verifiable and trustworthy, Rate said. Singapore fintech firm Rate raises $15m to build blockchain network 2018-08-06 Angela Teng
CULedger Blockchain Credit Union Consortium to Use R3’s Corda for Cross-Border Payments Product Marie Huillet
CULedger IBM (IBM) is teaming up with a group of credit unions based in Denver, Colorado, to pursue the integration of blockchain technology. CULedger has an international reach with credit unions in several nations worldwide. The main thrust of this plan is to create an immutable audit trail using blockchain technology to create new business models and transform existing business processes for credit unions. IBM and CULedger Partner on Enterprise Blockchain Project for Credit Unions 2019-03-13 Landon Manning
CULedger Tech giant IBM is partnering with blockchain consortium and credit union service organization (CUSO) CULedger to develop new blockchain-based solutions for the credit union industry. IBM and CULedger will reportedly jointly pioneer solutions using permissioned blockchain networks that will innovate existing business models and processes for credit unions. IBM, CUSO CULedger Partner to Develop Blockchain Solutions for Global Credit Unions 2019-03-11 Marie Huillet
Nuggets Nuggets, the blockchain e-commerce payments and ID platform, today announced a collaborative partnership with Storiqa – the blockchain startup that removes marketplace barriers for small and medium-sized (SME) retailers, and builds trust with their buyers. Nuggets CEO and founder, Alastair Johnson, said: Are delighted to announce a collaborative partnership with Storiqa. It’s a great business with the same mission as us – to make e-commerce work better for retailers and customers alike.Our technologies complement each other perfectly, and we look forward to working together. Blockchain Startups Nuggets, Storiqa Partner to Disrupt eCommerce 2018-05-08 Bitsonline PR
Nuggets The blockchain-powered e-commerce and ID platform that removes the need for sharing personal or payment data with merchants, has today announced a partnership with , the technology bridging blockchain to the physical world. This partnership will simplify the entire retail purchase and delivery process and mark a major advance in e-commerce privacy. Alastair Johnson, CEO and Founder of Nuggets, said: This new partnership with XYO means we now provide users with a completely private end-to-end purchase and delivery process. Nuggets Partners With XYO to Keep e-Commerce Delivery Addresses Private 2019-02-22 Business Wire
Authenteq Authenteq has unveiled Trollteq, an identity management solution based on blockchain that can help stop one of the great problems of the Internet: online trolling. Trolling has become endemic across platforms ranging from Twitter and Facebook to online news sites. Internet haters have made many previously family-friendly and socially responsible websites into havens for online abuse. No matter how many troll accounts are deleted by the provider, they still return under a new name or handle and continue their vile behavior, threats, and harassment. Authenteq launches blockchain identity verification to stop online trolls 2018-08-30 DEAN TAKAHASHI
Authenteq Authenteq, creator of the blockchain identity verification technology Trollteq, has raised $5 million in funding and is now touting its 60-second identity verification process. The funding for the Reykjavik, Iceland-based company was led by Draper Associates and Capital300. The company said it completed its funding round in two weeks. Authenteq raises $5 million for blockchain identity verification 2019-01-14 DEAN TAKAHASHI
LO3 Energy Japanese general trading company Marubeni Corporation has partnered with a New York-based blockchain startup to use the technology for its energy business, Marubeni confirmed in a press release on Feb. 20. Marubeni, which has expanded beyond Japan into the United States as well as Europe, selected LO3 Energy’s transactive energy platform as the basis for an ongoing pilot project. The Japanese firm is the country’s fifth largest sōgō shōsha — a type of Japanese company that trades in a variety of products and materials. Major Japanese Trading Firm Marubeni Partners with US Blockchain Company LO3 Energy 2019-02-20 William Suberg
LO3 Energy Kyocera Corporation and New York-based LO3 Energy Inc. (CEO: Lawrence Orsini) today announced a joint project to test the feasibility of a blockchain-managed virtual power plant (VPP) utilizing a peer-to-peer* distributed consensus network. The test will start Feb. 28, 2019 at Kyocera’s Yokohama Nakayama Office in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, where a small VPP will be installed using the company’s solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and batteries. The energy will be controlled through LO3 Energy’s distributed ledger technology to log and manage energy flow. LO3’s blockchain technology is used for verifying and recording transactions, enabling consumer sharing of energy they produce with their own solar panels via a microgrid, which can reduce the burden on the larger energy grid. KYOCERA and LO3 ENERGY to Demonstrate Blockchain-Managed Virtual Power Plant 2019-02-25 Eastern Standard Time
Greeneum Network The Ecological Nation Theory provides a blockchain framework for a healthy digital environment, the GREENEUM network aims to entice individuals to use renewables, while at the same time facilitating decentralized energy trading between utilities, producers, grid operators, and consumers, according to a blog post. GREENUM has lofty goals for their sustainable energy efforts going forward. According to their whitepaper: GREENEUM is creating the most advanced network in the world to encourage the production, distribution, and consumption of GREEN, renewable, sustainable energy including solar, wind, hydro, and thermal. The GREENEUM Network uniquely measures, verifies and incentivizes efficient and eco-friendly behavior throughout the entire supply chain to benefit present and future generations. Smart Home And Blockchain Technology Helping To Deliver A Greener Tomorrow 2018-07-16 HEALTH/SCIENCE/TECH
Greeneum Network Greeneum is pleased to announce that it has created the world's first blockchain-powered sustainable, scalable and secure energy and data trading platform; which we believe is the first major step towards ending a global reliance on toxic and non-renewable energy sources including fossil fuels. To protect contributors and bring greater transparency to these projects, the Greeneum platform is built on the ethereum blockchain. Agreements are held on this distributed ledger, which helps to ensure that terms are secure and visible at all times. Introducing Greeneum: A blockchain powered, decentralized platform built to incentivize green energy production 2018-04-22 PRNewswire
ImpactPPA The global Blockchain in Energy Market research report is an all-inclusive one owing to the quantity of data provided in the limited word-based report. The research report has all the information related to the specific product Blockchain in Energy Market detailed out in a systematic and highly enlightening format. The lucid data about the Blockchain in Energy Market is provided in a semantic and extremely socialistic form so as to help the readers or punters better understand the Blockchain in Energy Market. The Blockchain in Energy Market report has all the investigational data detailing out the regional, financial, growth dynamics, product sale, and industrial players in a very specific pattern. Global Blockchain in Energy Market Share to Hit USD 11,899 million by 2024 2019-03-18 Hiren Sam
ImpactPPA Latest Industry Research Report On Global Blockchain in Energy Market Size, Status and Forecast 2018-2025 in-depth analysis of the market state and also the competitive landscape globally. The report presents an in-depth assessment of the Blockchain in Energy including enabling technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, standardization, regulatory landscape, deployment models, operator case studies, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, ecosystem player profiles and strategies. Blockchain in Energy Market 2019 – In-depth Analysis and Development Outlook – Drift, Grid+, Electron, ImpactPPA, MyBit 2019-03-12
Lolli You Can Now Get Bitcoin Rewards When Booking at Hotels.Com Helen Partz
Lolli The biggest problem I could think of was distribution. How do you share and educate both consumers and merchants on the power of bitcoin? I learned how much consumers loved earning and why merchants make decisions to adopt new technology. Given his experience as an e-commerce professional, Alex Adelman, co-founder and CEO of Lolli, should know. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2011, the entrepreneur started Cosmic, an e-commerce gateway with the idea to democratize commerce, allowing anyone to buy anything anywhere, he told Bitcoin Magazine. The company, after an initial acquisition by PopSugar Inc., would end up in the hands of e-commerce cashback giant Ebates, and Adelman and his CTO, Matt Senter, would stay on staff after the buyout Sats Back: How the Ebates of Bitcoin Plans to Convert Holders to Spenders 2019-03-20 Colin Harper
Lolli In a recent seed funding round Bitcoin rewards startup, Lolli, amassed $2.25 Million from an impressive array of investors including Bain Capital Ventures and Version One. A number of others, including Forerunner Ventures, 3K VC, SV Angel, FJ Labs, Alex Chung, Gokul Rajaram, and Brian Sugar, also contributed to boosting the unique cryptocurrency business. One of the reasoning for the creation of Lolli, according to Alex Adelman, its creator and CEO, is that Lolli will aid in building a strong use case for Bitcoin and assist in adoption and normalising of digital currencies. Big Investors Put $2.25 Million Behind Bitcoin Reward Startup Lolli 2018-11-15 Darryn Pollock
Smart Startup Token The startup economy is worth trillions of dollars but a large majority of these startups and small businesses do not yet have the resources or access to the technological advancements of blockchain technology and the benefits that smart contracts provide. UK based Smart Startup Company, founded by social and technology entrepreneur Simon Krystman aims to make it simple for ordinary businesses to benefit from the transparency and security provided by the blockchain, by launching SMRT (Smart Startup Token) contracts. The aim is to create a frictionless trade platform for startups and SMEs. Smart Contract Template Company Smart Startup Looking to Bring Blockchain to the Masses 2018-04-05 PRESS RELEASE
Smart Startup Token SMRT is described as a vending machine for legal documents that are then secured in the blockchain. The need to create contracts can be extremely burdensome for new companies, in terms of money and time. Blockchain offers the opportunity to make the application more economical and easier. However, few small businesses have the resources or understanding of blockchain technology to use it. The SMRT templates will cover the contractual areas that startups and small businesses face, such as shareholder and intellectual property agreements. They will also cover commercial and financial agreements in the form for which the Ethereum blockchain was originally designed. Smart startup takes advantage of blockchain to bring smart contracts to the masses 2018-04-06 Bitcoin PR Buzz
Treon The utility sector has had customer-centric innovations over the years. The use of blockchain technology hopes to make the payment of utility bills even easier. What Is Treon? Treon is an Ethereum blockchain based token and e-wallet targeting the utility market. The utility token allows consumers around the globe to easily pay and manage their telecom, water, and energy usage. The platform aims to capture telecom, energy, electricity, and natural gas transactions worth more than $7.5 billion by 2023. Treon ICO (TXO Token): Blockchain Utility Bill Payments Coin? 2018-05-05 Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
Treon Treon takes the form of a user-friendly mobile app and digital wallet that enable consumers to settle their utility bills through one consolidated dashboard using Treon’s TXO tokens. This disruptive technology will make everybody’s life hassle-free, eradicate the need to make costly trips to utility companies or queuing in long lines and avoid all the processing fees when settling utility bills through a bank account. The Treon token is a definite solution for the unbanked that constitutes a considerable percentage of 76% of the total number of mobile users globally. From now on, they will join the rest of society and have access to the same digital system to pay their utility bills. Treon - the first tokenized universal utility payment platform based on the blockchain is set to launch the ico pre-sale on may 21st 2018-05-13 BITCOINIST
OpenLaw OpenLaw, the legal-focused blockchain protocollers of ConsenSys, have partnered with ChainLink to leverage the latter’s decentralized oracle network. The middleware tech allows smart contracts to interact with data off-chain, hailing a future where legal contracts and beyond will become increasingly sophisticated and streamlined via blockchain. Smart Legal Contracts Take Step Forward in OpenLaw, ChainLink Meld 2018-08-15 William Peaster
OpenLaw OpenLaw, the blockchain platform focused on the law, today announced that it is partnering with Rohmbus to launch automated and standardized derivative contracts. These derivative contracts would be enforceable in the courts and would operate similarly to traditional contracts, but in a more rapid, economic and accessible manner. OpenLaw is using the Ethereum ecosystem to build the future of the law, including legally binding intelligent contracts and other legal agreements built in the block chain. OpenLaw And Rhombus To Launch An Ethereum-Powered, Legally Enforceable Derivatives Contract 2018-12-06 Andrew T
Integra Ledger an article looking at smart contracts and the implications for the legal profession, with a focus on startups that are using blockchain to disrupt law. Navigating blockchain’s legal potholes 2018-12-17 Nicky Morris
Ripe Technology Ripe Technology, INC – better known as – the innovative startup bringing blockchain to the food industry, proudly announces its partnership with FlavorWiki, another innovator helping the food and beverage industry evaluate consumer perception with a unique digital sensory platform. is on a mission to bring transparency by digitizing the entire food supply chain, with data taken at the soil and seed level all the way to data captured at consumption. Through this partnership, will have access to the FlavorWiki platform for flavor, texture and aroma data acquisition and analysis, with FlavorWiki's full suite of data attributes captured and stored onto the blockchain-based platform. is the only distributed ledger provider in the food and beverage industry with a dedicated flavor partner helping to bring consumer preference information into its systems. Announces Partnership With FlavorWiki To Understand How Consumer Preference Can Impact Our Food Supply 2019-03-25 PRNewswire
Ripe Technology an article focused on Ripe and the "know your food movement." to pilot food traceability with National Pork Board 2019-03-26 Ledger Insights
Foodcoin The market capitalization of [FoodCoin (FOOD) exceeds $ 1.48 million 2019-03-22 Nora Atcheson
Foodcoin Food companies partner with FoodCoin Ecosystem 2018-04-10 Advertisement - Advertising
Upstart Millennial lender Upstart just raised $32.5 million to license its tech to other companies 2017-03-02 Connie Loizos
Upstart the article says Upstart created a profitable consumer lending business Upstart Riding Automation and Bank Partnerships to Profitability 2018-12-10 Peter Lendon
Audius Blockchain-Based Streaming Startup Audius Signs Up 6 Music Biz Advisors After $5.5 Million Funding Round 2018-09-06 Dan Rys
Audius Music-Sharing Startup Audius Gives New Details on Twin Crypto Tokens 2018-09-25 Nikhilesh De
Audius Blockchain startup Audius aims to make dapps easier to use with Hedgehog Guillermo Jimenez
Synchrolife I tried the world's first app that you can get cryptocurrency only by eating in Ginza 2018-10-12 Tsutomu Kawamura
Synchrolife Blockchain Offers Multiple Benefits to Restaurants 2017-12-19 DAWN KUCZWARA
POWWI El 9º Congreso de Acceso a Servicios Financieros y Medios de Pago de Asobancaria, es el único que aborda estos temas desde un punto de vista estratégico y de negocio, además de mostrar los avances tecnológicos y sus usos aplicados. Powwi patrocinador del 9° Congreso de Acceso a Servicios Financieros y Medios de Pago Asobancaria. 2019-07-12 powwi
WeatherCheck A company that provides detailed information on the risks and damages caused by hail, is the winner of the first Resiliency Innovation Challenge. Monitoring company wins resilience award 2019-09-25 Gavin Souter