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BITRUS is a centralized, crypto exchange platform.

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Despite volatility, enthusiasm for virtual assets continues

Although volatility in virtual assets has been a constant since the beginning of this form of value, the enthusiasm in Mexico for these continues and even with a Fintech Law that will give the green light for its operation, there are companies that are next to enter as participants in this market, which is currently about 800,000 users in this country. The decline in value (of virtual assets) is good because it allows people to know what is happening and the outlook looks very positive in 2019, there will be an increase in market capitalization and prices, because transactions in bitcoin and these cryptocurrencies are growing day by day at an international level, "explained Isaac Kohab, general director of operations of Bitrus Exchange, an exchange platform for these assets that will begin operations in Mexico next March.

February 05 2019

Cryptocurrency Festival In Monterrey: Blockchain For The Development Of Mexico.

Isaac Kohat, co-founder of Bitrus Exchange, explained how this exchange will offer profitable options for those who send remittances in Latin America. Remittances are the second most important market worldwide and cryptocurrencies can be a better alternative than Western Union or Money Gram to make international transfers. Isaac gave an excellent talk about the past, present and future of Bitcoin and explained his current status in legal issues; The law that comes out in Mexico (Fintech Law) is great, it is very friendly and very protective of the user, what this law does is regulate financial institutions and thus protect the user, this law is being used as an example in many countries of Latin America, because it is the first in the Latin American continent. (...) Mexico has been doing things much faster and very well. Isaac Kohab, Co-founder of Bitrus Exchange.

November 20 2018
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