Bankex develops a crowdsource PROOF-OF-ASSET protocol of liquidity and an ecosystem built around it. The protocol facilitates digitization, tokenization and exchange of real assets.

Igor Khmel


Is the blockchain digital asset exchange, brokerage, and technology provider for institutional-grade financial market participants, allowing them to increase opportunity, efficiency and transparency.
Is building the platform where the best digital asset companies run their token sales.
Is the decentralized solution for a surveillance-free internet.

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Ex-Soviet State Uzbekistan Considers New Crypto Move

The former Soviet state of Uzbekistan, finally under new leadership after decades of Islam Karimov running the show, has discovered cryptocurrency at a time when no one seems to want it. Companies can raise money the old-fashioned way too, through bond offerings. But STOs are an interesting avenue because it makes some of your state assets more readily accessible to foreign investors,” says Igor Khmel, CEO and founder of BankEx in New York, a fintech company providing STO services. “For the same reason you are using a smartphone instead of a rotary phone, STOs are faster, cheaper and more efficient because of the blockchain-based securitization of assets. They are easier than an initial public offering, easier than venture funding and more accessible than the bond market.

January 17 2019

BANKEX: Secured Blockchain-based Tokenization

Financial industries, from giants to small and medium-sized enterprises, are rapidly adopting blockchain technology. Moreover, blockchain is often seen by most in the traditional banking sector as an adversary. Though there is a breakthrough in finance for innovation, yet, most companies are unwilling to experiment and implement new technologies. BANKEX, a U.S.-based project to break this gridlock was developed. The company relies on providing IT solutions that not only mitigate the challenges of conventional financial projections but also enhance customer experience. BANKEX has attracted a diverse clientele that has been immensely benefited by implementing the firms’ solutions. In the recent deployment, the firm has delivered MediaToken for Instagram influencers.

January 09 2019

Alexis Berthoud


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Co-Founder of the TokenData - the next powerful product to manage your crypto asset with A.I, I am willing to create a robust global network of blockchain enthusiasts. I m also rated expert to ICObench, ICObench is an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts.

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