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Fintech Horizons is staffed by both technologists and journalists and looks to blend together the best parts of each profession to give its readers unrivaled insights on new and emerging areas of Fintech. Its aim is both to make journalism more concrete and to make data more useful for telling stories.


Our audience includes venture capital, private equity, corporates, and dealmakers.


See examples of our forward-looking insights in the Predictions document.


Executive Spotlight

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Grow your Funnel

Fintech Horizons' articles are forward looking, focusing on a company’s plans related to capital raising, partnerships, international expansion and M&A.

Know it First

FHM newsletters summarize all transactions for a category, not just a portion of them. They also contain proprietary articles full of actionable insights not found in other publications.

Go in Depth

Our reports cover both traditional and emerging categories within Fintech, bringing together all of the relevant actionable information from our articles, data sets and company profiles.

Seize the Day

We cover companies of all sizes and stages, many of which are not covered elsewhere. This lets our readers discover opportunites months before their peers.


Fintech Horizons offers insightful content about innovative firms in the industry, allowing us to keep abreast of M&A and capital raises in the US and globally. The platform presents Fintech opportunities that we might not have seen in more traditional news or data sources.

Around half of the companies FHM covers, we didnt' know about.

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