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Our Background

Fintech Horizons was founded by veteran journalists. We cover startups in insurtech, payments, alternative lending, capital markets and blockchain/distributed ledger. Our articles highlight company technology, people, competition, and fundraising, while also looking at how a company was founded.

Our journalists get information by directly calling executives, sources and industry professionals and by attending industry events where they conduct in-person interviews. In other words, we get our information “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth."

Our Audience

Our target audience is venture capital, private equity, corporates, and industry dealmakers.

Our Track Record

See a few examples of the many articles that gave readers key details on a company’s corporate strategy months in advance by reading the FHM Predictions document.

How are we unique?

Our coverage of early stage companies is unmatched

Very few news outlets cover companies that have not yet had a series A or even a seed round. This is a speciality of Fintech Horzions. We provide detailed reports on companies from seed to sale, including a look at a company's business model and plans for future growth.

Our reports are concise and actionable

Subscribers receive alerts in real-time that they read on their phone, tablet or computer. The articles are written for busy professionals. They are short, but also are packed with actionable insights.

Our articles are forward looking

Fintech Horizons does not focus on news that has already broke. We provide a forward look and never lead articles with information already in the public domain. Our goal is to report information that may not be disclosed for days, weeks or months. This lets our readers stay ahead of their competition and gives them an inside track on securing potential investment or advisory opportunities.

Our alerts go beyond reporting

Our alerts pair articles with data from our companies database. This provides investors and dealmakers with the context, contact information and metrics needed to explore a company in depth and to take quick action if desired.

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